Nahuel Molina scores free kick, Ignacio Pussetto scores for Udinese in 2-0 win vs. Torino


Nahuel Molina scored a free kick in the 92nd minute for Udinese as Ignacio Pussetto scored the second goal in a 2-0 win vs. Torino.

Molina is not known for his free kicks but the right back took one and scored for Udinese. With the score at 0-0 and Torino with a red card, Udinese were awarded a free kick.

The Argentine was the one who took it and scored to give Udinese the 1-0 lead. The 23 year old is now on four goals in the league this season.

Ignacio Pussetto also scored late in injury time. Udinese were awarded a penalty kick and the Argentine placed the ball into the top corner of the goal.

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  1. What is going on? I was told that Messi can’t dribble, can’t shoot, can’t run, can’t hold the ball, can’t pass, can’t win international trophies, etc etc. Can someone please explain?

    • Well you can only dribble, shoot , pass, create and score if your below average team mates pass the ball to you. Even today he received significantly less passes and only had two clear opportunities to score , one of them was saved.

  2. Messi at his very best. Little bit of shakiness in defense. PSG needs to rectify it against real. Hoping all the wood work would turn into a rebound goal from here for Messi.🔥🔥🔥

    • Said it before and will say it again, who cares about ESPN pundits or any other pundits for that matter, you (as an avid, football watching fan) know just as much as they do.

    • All these pundit words should be ignored. Coz these comments forcing me to think about our tragedic 2002 wc campaign. 2015 copa 6-1 domination in semis and a loss to follow. 4-0 win in 2016 semis and a loss to follow. Enough of this. Wh need to take one game at a time. It is going well.

      • Yes, the tournament back then was a huge disappointment.
        But let’s be real here, Brazil had a far better squad in 2002 than us as the likes of Ronaldo Fenomenon, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, etc who all ended up as the legends of the game.

        Even tho, we deserved to deep further…but there’s nothing much beneficial when there were little to negligible chances of beating Brazil in that tournament.

        Tip: Negativity doesn’t do anything good, BE OPTIMISTIC.

        & I beg u to not force any negativity, when everything’s is going well.

        • Nop. 2002 wc Brazil team is beatable. Especially for Argentina and how good they performed in the qualifiers. But yes Argentina suffered defeats from the hands of Brazil several times in that decade. They mostly defeated us with 3 goal margins. The most shameful is the one in 2007 copa.😔. But the famous Riquelme long range goal match and the Olympic match were still for Argentina in that decade.

      • Brazil had it easy in 2002 did not really have to beat any team very tough to become champions…….They played Germany in the final true but Im not sure how strong that Germany team was

  3. Messi with an assist and a goal. His thru passes are second to none. Showing a glimpse of form. I have a strong feeling 2022 will be his year for both club and country. 😜

  4. Messi with a goal and hit the post from a free kick. That goal is going to boost his confidence now!! His through balls has been immaculate so far.

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