Antonio Conte states Tottenham Hotspur bought Cristian Romero, praises player


Antonio Conte has stated that Tottenham Hotspur have bought Cristian Romero as he praised the player.

Conte was full of praise for Cristian Romero as the club get ready to play Southampton on Wednesday. Romero joined Tottenham on loan from Atalanta during the summer after being named as the best defender of Serie A last season.

Cristian Romero was part of the Argentina national team which won the Copa America last summer and started the final. Tottenham boss Antonio Conte spoke to the media on Tuesday about Romero. Here is what he had to say:

“We have an obligation to buy… we bought him. Romero is perfect for the Premier League.”

The coach went on to say:

“He’s strong physically, he has the timing to anticipate and good personality to play with the ball. Despite being a young player, he has good experience, he’s strong. I like him. For sure, he has a lot of space for improvement.”


  1. Romero’s strength is to come forward and looks to pressurise the player who is receiving the pass. He wants to involve in that 1 on 1 dual. He won’t make the attacker to go pass him. A great defender.

  2. The complete interview of Conte:

    “I think the club bought him. I think so,” he said. “He’s on loan but we have an obligation to buy. We bought him!”

    Earlier Conte had told that Romero was “an important player for me and the team”, before adding: “He’s strong physically, he has the timing to anticipate, good personality to play with the ball. Despite being a young player he has good experience, he’s strong and I like him. For sure, he has a lot of space for improvement.”

    When asked whether the Argentine was made for a physical competition like the Premier League, the Italian nodded in agreement.

    “Yeah. He is perfect for this league, but if you can play in this league you can play in all the leagues in the world,” he said.

    “The problem is when you stay in another league, you have to ask if you can play in the Premier League. When you play here, you can play in any league in the world, because the intensity, the quality, the physicality that you have here is not present in other leagues. For sure Romero is able to play in this league. This league is a perfect suit for him.”

    Romero returned on Wednesday night from a hamstring injury that has kept him out since November, meaning he has played just one Premier League match for Conte.

    “Romero is a really good defender and is a good signing for the club and he is very good but don’t forget that his injury was on one hand a problem for me, for the team,” said the Spurs boss.

    “On another hand it was a great opportunity to improve, to develop players that maybe if Romero was fit couldn’t play or didn’t play. Tanganga … it was the same for Sanchez, for Davies.

    “In the difficulty of his injury we have found other players that can be good to give us good performances and defensively to be complete as a player but I’m happy about my defenders. Happy because now the players stay here and I can count on them.”

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