Leandro Paredes suffers injury for PSG, could miss Real Madrid match


Leandro Paredse has suffered an injury and could miss PSG’s Champions League match vs. Real Madrid.

Paredes suffered an adductor injury for PSG and is expected to miss PSG’s their league match on the weekend. According to l’Equipe, Paredes has an adductor injury and is a doubt. He took part in PSG’s 5-1 win vs. Lille on Sunday.


    • Well, we will see and if so then there is others as even Lisandro can fill in that spot etc.,.as anything basicly could happen before WC or even tomorrow, but too bad he got himself injured now when he was partnered with Verratti duo combo in the middle etc..
      Hopefully he will play as soon as possible again !

  1. Hey now that sadio mane is probably going to Barca, I have a feeling that Messi will go back to Barca. He specifically asked Barcelona to buy Mane if they wanted him to stay. He said he would even take a pay cut

    • I doubt Messi will ever go back to Barcelona as a player, Messi/his father and agent doesn’t like/trust Laporta ……..he stopped his son from taking a pic with him after winning the Ballon d’Or. Mbappe is leaving next year and that will leave Messi and Neymar and possibly another big name to join the team (hopefully not her majesty). I don’t see where he would go if he leaves PSG next year and the sorry MLS is getting closer.

  2. Spurs-Southampton. Cuti Romero played 90 minutes and was one of the better ones among all players who played really bad. All 3 goals the Spurs conceded were due to defensive errors/poor marking from his teammates: Davies, Emerson Royal (2 times).

    Cuti had an assist to Bergwjin in the 95th minute but it was ruled out offside. For me he deserved a 7 to me and every one of his teammate should get 5 or less. Oh Betancur was pretty good as a sub.

      • Yes, i don’t know about or don’t want to give him any other rating that he was clearly the best from the back 3 and included Emerson too who were with Sanchez again those 2 who deffenetly were responsible and not good enough to play with Cuti ! But, Yes u are right that he had his sort of moments were he kind of Wondered a bit and i think this happened because of Sanchez and Emerson etc…

        Don’t understand what does Conte see in Sanchez as he had mention him too at while interwiew or his words were about Cuti and not Sanchez or someone else as i haven’t seen so far anyone else stepping up from back 3 as only Cuti alone, it’s a bit like Cuti has to cover for all those back 3 right now for me and Conte should do something about that or maybe better for Cuti to leave, but yesterday Guardian was claiming something that Spur’s has to buy now Cuti according to Atalanta as they are demanding this and seeing the situation that things have gone to that point or allready won’t over were Spur’s must buy Cuti, well if this the Case then ktruly hope he stays fit as i don’t think Spurs have anymore Cb’s available to play with Cuti instead of Sanchez, but i hope that they might have someone from their youth’s who could perform at least better than Sanchez etc…

      • Lisandro is not better than Romero. Romero is a beast. Lisandro can dribble more compared to Romero and that skill is not much needed for a CB. Yeah they equals in most defensive skills. But Romero is for me better

    • Yes, Betancur should be a starter according to what he brought in as a sub !
      Cuti was playing pretty much as alone Cb as rest of back 3 and Emerson were ball watching or busy doing nothing ! Wish they could play so done else as Sanchez with partnering Cuti as i don’t see any development in Sanchez even Conte insisted that there is signs from Sanchez developpping and, blah blah blah…

      • The Spurs literally is dejected. They were so sure to get Luis Diaz (a super good player) but then lost to Liverpool in the last second.
        Then they hit the panic button and signed Kulusevski and Betancur.

        Kulu maybe not too bad but Juventus don’t even want him there. Our youngster, Matias Soule who plays in exactly same position as Kulusevski, AMR is 3 years younger than Kulu and much more talented.

        From Luis Diaz to Kulusevski? I don’t know about that. They should have gone for a proven player not a “wonderkid” as they need help now. Look at Countinho. Villa gave him another chance and he shines. The Spurs were close to signing Dembele from Barca too and they rejected. That was a bad decision. Getting Dembele for almost $0 is a no brainer.

        • Ok, i see as i sis not know they were after Luis Diaz who obviously chose Klopp and Liverpool as been case before with same manager in another team or also before same with Liverpool as at 80’s they were Spur’s biggest rivals after Gunners if i remember right and offcourse as young kid watching spurs winning the FA Cup was sensational etc…

          But, i do remember also them suffering since 80’s allready and no wonder it feels like the club is been cursed since then as also i think only after that famous FA Cup victory which is ages ago btw, lol ! They only won league cup with Juande Ramos and clearly since that FA Cup victory ages ago only til’ Pochettino came they climbed up really to the level were they could have at least won the Premier league, but as they been cursed, lol !, well they offcourse lost it to Leicester and even with fully fit squad against Liverpool in the final of Championsleague, well even i do support them as kind of respecting my dad thing, though lately as also as young kid i alkways liked Aston Villa, Westham and Nottingham which was my Grand dad’s favourite team etc…so Yes i have admit and face the reality as Villa having now Dibu and Buendia amongst their ranks and also even comparing Getard to Conte is not really comparable thing yet, ido like somehow Gerard’s approach more as i see him been able to attack, but also able to defend, well Ok they same could be said about Conte too, but in the end i think Conte is too much obvious with his approach as he allways prefers to kind of play with the same style and only looking players who can fit in to that which is no brainer offcourse of that i s what he want’s and how he want’s to play etc…

          So Yes, i’m glad Lo Celso left as there was no future with Conte and Premier league maybe also too much physical for him etc…as i only care in the end of Arg so this was the best thing to hapoen for Lo Celso and what come’s to Cuti, well it is good to see him been able to prove himself allready at Italy and specially with Arg and also now with playing Premierleague with Spur’s cursed team, well it is also good to see him shine in there and at least also Spurs has Still one Arg player amongst their ranks, which not allways been the case offcourse, but Still there been a few at least in the past etc.,. Over all i only care about Arg so not really so seriously watching anything else than how Arg players are playing in their different teams in Europe as yesterday i was able to see Cuti, Lisandro, Dibu and Buendia and also Balerdi who did not had a good night with Sampaoli’s Marseille against Nice as Kluivert’s son knocked them out from the french cup with 2 goals and one great assist as Nice also i belive have Liliam Thuram’s son playing there with the name on the back as Thuram etc.,,from all of theese Arg playe4s iwashoping for Balerdi, but not really for Sampa, lol ! Why ? Because i think Arg Still needs emergency backups if Arg players are looking to get injured seriously as i hope this will not be the case etc..
          So do u maybe know if Balerdi can play also at Rb or more than that as LB as i forgot allready which is his foot side as if he is a left sided or right sided etc..,

          And also about Medina if u know if he can play as LB ?

          As i’m mostly considered for left footed defenders or wingbacks who can defend properly etc.,

          About Dembele, well first of all idont like his mindset as it looks like he is been toyed by his Agent as someone else, but i won’t mention that name or not even want think about him and his evil toying dominanator agent, lol !

          As it is biggest soapopera i have ever witnessed in my life watching football since 1978 or SUPPORTING ARG since then, though i do remember some climpses of Kempes in Valencia before the 1978 WC victory etc…

          Anyway keep on posting and allways intrested to get the latest news about ARG, so thumbs up for Arg and also for u too for your great posting etc,,,

  3. Thiago Almada unveiled as a new Atlanta signing. Velasco is going to Dallas. On the bright side, these are talents in the 10# position, where we have a surplus of young players with Luka Romero being just one example. It is better than losing a young DM or full back which are positions I am concerned about in 5-6 years

      • Yes, if one them get’s injured or at worst both, well what then ?
        That is why it would be important for Scaloni and the crew /cover in state of emergency every spot now as there is Still time to do it !

        Do you might have anyone in mind who could maybe fill in if needed?

        As this is my only concern and priority to have every single spot in Arg team also covered for state of emergency ! As i pray every single day that there won’t be any state of emergency’s etc…!

  4. WC 2022!

    After host country citizens…it’s from Argentina…most people booked for tickets. I think Copa win really excited the Argentines..! Most probably, it’s the time to lift third WC.

    • Argentina deserved this WC more than anyone. Yeah the time should get favourable. The day has to be favourable. Luck is a factor. Go Argentina🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

      • Sounds like perfect music to all of Arg’s fan’s ! Would be so nice to be in middle all of them when Arg is playing at WC at Qatar nevermind the opponent ! Well, watching from distance with my kids too won’t be that bad too as it kind of tradition in our family and brings back all the good memory’s since 1978…of our beloved Albiceleste !

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