Manchester City monitoring Argentines Exequiel Zeballos, Valentín Barco of Boca Juniors


Manchester City are monitoring both Exequiel Zeballos and Valentín Barco, two Argentines from Boca Juniors.

After signing Julian Alvarez from River Plate, Manchester City are keeping an eye out on the two youngsters. According to Ekrem Konur, 19 year old winger Zeballos and 17 year old left back Barco are on their radar.


  1. Good for the development of the youths for the Arg football club. They will earn and used the fund to develop the youngster and bring good players, which must be continually improved.
    Arg players are so much under rated and overlook by elite clubs. Although we have a long list talented players at their early introduction but failed to deliver when joining the big club.

    Stay on your feet, work hard and be humble. Process to progress

  2. Valentín Barco technically gifted player great talent.. only needs grids of fitness work, strength and pace in the play. a good discipline manager can turn him into a beast just looking into improving his fitness. he just lacks strength and pace which can be easily improve if his fitness taken into serious matter.. he should avoid injury take his fitness serious prospect

  3. Eh, they will only end up in the u23 or loaned back to Boca. Barco has only played like 3-4 games for the Boca first team. Even Alvarez who is several years older may take a while to adapt. Better for them to stay at Boca for 3 years.

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