Argentina climbs up one spot in FIFA rankings, close to World Cup seed


Argentina moved up on spot and are now in fourth place in the FIFA rankings.

Lionel Scaloni’s team remain undefeated and a win in January followed by a win in February has them in fourth place. The team won 2-1 vs. Chile and 1-0 vs. Colombia as they move one spot ahead of England and are now in fourth.

A spot in the top seven would mean that Argentina would not be drawn in the same groups as hosts Qatar and the other top six teams ranked teams for the World Cup.


  1. Stevie nicol and ESPN retards talking shit about Romero again.. that shit never changes shows generic as shit. 1. Kiss liverpools ass 2. Kiss French and English players ass 3. Every other player and league are below average 4. Messi is garbage and didn’t deserve balón dor 5. Lick the shit out of haalands ass for the on millionth time.
    That is all what ESPN fc is don’t waste ur time watching or listening to that shit bro save your ears and eyes 👍

  2. seeded or not nobody will be happy to be in our group. not Germans not Dutch nobody.
    the important for me in draw will be the crossings of groups in second round. with one way or other we will pass group phase. it is better to be in a “group of death” than have one easy group and cross in second round with teams qualify from a “group of death”.

    just please God one favor. NO MORE NIGERIA !!!

  3. My rankings with or defenders: defending skills 1 Romero 2 Lisandro 3 Ota 4 Pez 5 LMQ, passing 1 Lisandro 2 LMQ 3 Ota 4 Romero 5 Pezzella, leadership 1 Ota 2 Romero 3 Pezzella 4 Lisandro 5 LMQ….too much agression, undiscipline habbits 1 Romero (world recorder in collecting cards for sure) 2 Otamendi 3 LMQ 4. Pezzella 5 Lisandro but the last two quasi the same in this

    • Very interesting what Paolo Maldini said when a defender has to make a tackle he made a mistake beforehand which need to correct. He made under 1 tackle per game…from this point of view Otamendi and Romero are not world class defenders and not intercept and read the game well enough. But theres too types of CBs the cat (calm disciplined defender) and the dog (agressive, proactive CB with lot of fouls Cristian Romero, Sergio Ramos etc.) The ideal duo is one cat and one dog type in pair, but we have two dogs Otamendi and Romero. Lisandro imo half dog and half cat, maybe the best combo, very rare in one guy.

  4. Sorry guys but i have to say Quarta is simply bad defender on the highest level, unbelievable mistakes over and over again, look at Boga goal, Benny Hill, this is not defending, than the red card which will cost Fiorentina. Same mistakes in his last Serie A match. Great passer, bad defender. Forget him. And we can use Nico Gonzalez in our good well oiled system, but the guy is bang average without end product. But his pressing, speed and off the ball movements still make him useful for us.

    • And so irritating that Nico is more on the field than on foot, he is dying in every foul, De Paul and Di Maria have the same habbits. Lucky LMQ at the end.

      • I hate this crybaby attitude, Neymar the king in it, Otamendi has the same habits too, real warriors like Ota, De Paul, Nico and Di Maria even Paredes turn into pussies when get fouled, irritating. I hate english players with my whole heart but they neirly never do this. Messi try to run after countless fouls and fight, the Nicos cries and simulates after the little ones too.

  5. I think being one of the top seeded teams doesn’t mean a lot, especially when you have unseeded teams like Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland etc. One of these teams can be in the same group as Argentina. Add to this a tricky african team and you essentially have a group of death.

    • Good point, I’ve been also thinking about that. We could totally get a group like this:


      On the other hand, nobody wants to get us in their group, no doubt about that.

      Whether we are seeded or not is not super significant at the end of the day.

      • Ohps, that is a kind killer group, but this time i’m confident and no opponent can be an obstacle for ARG’s Seleccion ! As every player needed offcourse on their best and as fit as possible and hopefully also they will kerp staying sharp and mostly fit as they been allready for quite a while, so Yes u are absolutly right about no one wanting to face ARG’s Seleccion specially if we are talking aboutcurrent form and results which been just more than awesome !

  6. This Argentina team is extremely hard to beat. Super strong defensively and improving offensively day by day. If the World Cup starts today, we are at least as strong as we were in the beginning of the WC 2014.

  7. Only the top 7 qualify as top seeds as the host Qatar is one of the 8 #1 seeds. Which means we can’t fall to #8 ranked FIFA team. We are 106 points clear of the 8th team so it is numerical impossible for us to fall that much with just two games left for us and two games for Portugal. Worst case we lose 17 points from two loses and they gain 17 points with two wins. Our goal always is the semifinal (getting past the dreaded quarters) and then take it a game at a time from there.
    I just applied for tickets to Qatar!!! Vamos Argentina

    • Yes, correcto ! No worries about seeding ! So long Tony and have a hopefully a good trip to Qatar and, please bring that trophy with our beloved Albiceleste on your way back ! All the best !

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