Alejandro Papu Gómez scores for Sevilla in 2-0 win vs. Elche


Alejandro Papu Gómez scored for Sevilla in their 2-0 win vs. Elche

Papu Gómez continues his good form as he scored another goal for Sevilla. The Argentine would receive the ball on the left wing as he would cut inside and take a shot. His short would deflect off the defender and go in as he would give Sevilla the 1-0 lead.

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    • Well, he equalled Brighton’s all time top scorer Glenn Murray today and was very confident in his interwiew after the game and with his stunning goal that he could break that record allready against ManU in the next game, not fully sure though what is his best posession if he is a pure striker/forward or more of and second striker etc…

      If he is a pure no.9, well then i hope he might be considered for call up by Scaloni’s Crew as Arg deffenetly needs an back up as pure no.9 or at least more of an similar kind of Striker/forward as Toro is for Arg !

      • Rulli is a good option for third Goalie ! Nothing against anyone, but as it seems that Benitez will never wear Arg Jersey, well then personally prefer Rulli over Andrada and Armani ! Why ? Because i’m affraid that both Dibu and Musso will get injured and also Rulli is quite good with penalties i belive in nowdays football u never know what will happen and who will be injured, carded or somehow not able to play etc… Arg must be prepared for everything and i mean everything with all the worst scenarios with our current come of players and that is why it is very important at least try to have 3 players for every spot who can fill in in case of emergency, offcourse naturally that many players will not be allowed to WC, but also in WC if someone get’s injured at least in group stage i think everybteam is right to have an option for calling or registering new player for that one who’s been injured as heavily as he won’t be able tonplay anymore in the tournament etc..thoughbi might be wrong about this rule as i’m not fully certain…anyhow it is Still importanrvto try at least to have 3 options for every single spot on team and decide the squad at latest as possible as injuries sometimes ocvurs in training or even warmup’s before the game as what happened to Ocampos today if i belive i heard the commentator right etc..,though don’t know what happened exactly with him, but i assume if it happened during the warm up before the game, then it might have something to due eåwith his previous injuries that he was carrying also with Arg last time in WCQ’s etc..,if this is the case i hope Sevilla will give him proper rest and not hurry him back to soon fot this to happen again…

  1. Lo Celso playing as a second striker in a 4-4-2, somewhat similar to his Betis days. I was thinking that if Emery persists with 4-4-2 then Lo Celso could play nominally as one two attackers, but really drifting in and out of the box and even dropping deeper to get the ball.

    • Yes, think this was Emery’s aproach at least on the first half as it seemed to work out very well and i heard the commentator mentioning that even Emery would perhaps like tonplay 4-3-3 Still that has not been the case yet at least this current season so, Yes first half looked very promising as Real was seriously suffering against Villarreal and Lo Celso, Foyth and Rulli were all fully aware in the game and doing great, bit i don’t know exactly what happened when the second half started as Villarreal dropped so deep on their own half and let Real on top of the game, but Rulli MOM kept them in the game until Emery finalky started sub players and then Villarreal started to slowly gain monentum again, though it did not reach at level of the first half, Still they were again more competive during towards the end of the came. Mostly because of Emery’s sub’s etc. Overall a draw was satisfying, though i would have love them to win against Real!

      I hope Lo Celso can continue his path with Villarreal and gain back his Betis days form as i don’t think he is that far away from that as i think it os more of an lack of confidence as with slightly Still away from also his top physical form, but i’m pretty confident if Emery kerp’s playing like this and he hill also gain more confidence, then i think we will be able to see Lo Celso at his best Betis form and also when he is been phenomenal for Arg, maybe not alkways on his best, but sometimes he has played amazing games for Arg and that make’s me confident that he will and can keep on being an important player for Arg and hopefully also for Villarreal too, but Arg is all that matters innthe end !

  2. Villareal vs Madrid half time analysis.

    Emiry has made his intention clear about Locelso, Villareal will make Locelso centre of their attack. He is playing higher up, close to the box. So far he doesn’t look like he is a new signing.

    V.Juniors wings are clipped by Foyth and he hasn’t given him any room whatsoever. Rulli made a crucial save against Bale, which was sure shot goal.

    Madrid is sitting back and attacking on counters and it looks like they are going to expose PSG’s vulnerability against counter attack. However if Poch defend deep like Villareal is doing today this Madrid team can easily be beaten. They are not in the same form they were couple months ago.

    • Rulli has been awarded MOTM. He was able to stop all most every Real Madrid’s attempts. With Benzema injured, this Real Madrid team looks very depleted. If Pochettino is able to persuade the PSG’s CM’s and DM to stay back and anticipate and defend the counters and not run forward like they are a attacking mids or strikers in disguise and most importantly keep passing to Messi the the GOAT will create tons of chances against Madrid and ego-centric Mbappe should atleast manage to score one out of those chances. If Messi receives the back passes from the narcissistic Mbappe which Madrid players will not be anticipating much from him, Leo should get few chances to score too!!

    • Ruili does a good 1 on 1save against bale. Foyth matching vinicius well. Locelso had a couple of good final passes. Even at betis he used to play higher up. But from an Nt standpoint, would want to him to play slightly below long term.
      Vinicius is a total crybaby like neymar. Interesting first half

  3. Waiting for a lo celso masterclass against real Madrid. But is a doubt to start. Whatever it is, this is a chance for him to prove his playmaking ability against a tough opponent.

    • I also think he is not starting😳
      But I hope too he’s having a great performance against Real…
      I think GLC is gonna shine in Villareal.. La Liga suits him well

      • For Argentina to win the cup our mid field trio must play as if it is their prime. For that both lo celso and Paredes must show case their full potential to help our hard working enginge- de Paul.

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