Richarlison of Brazil, Everton comments on Argentina, Lionel Messi


Richarlison of Brazil and Everton spoke about the Argentina national team and Lionel Messi.

The Brazilian was part of the team which lost the Copa America against Argentina at home. After the loss, he, along with a few Argentine players would post jokes and comments on social media as he would go on to win gold with Brazil at the Olympics. He spoke to ESPN about Lionel Messi and Argentina winning the Copa America. Here is what he had to say:

“Leo is the best in the world. He is from another planet and I would like to play next to
him. He deserved it and it was clear when they all hugged him as soon as the match ended.

“I cried a lot, it hurt and I didn’t want to leave my room.”

In regards to the jokes between he and the Argentina players:

“The jokes stay on the pitch. It’s part of football folklore. They defend their Argentina shirt and we defend the Brazilian shirt. I’m friends with Roberto Pereyra.”

He was also asked about Argentina at the World Cup:

“We have never been eliminated in the first round and we have five wins. They gained confidence and are much stronger after the Copa America. Also, they are undefeated in many matches. I think they will get to the World Cup very good.”

Regarding Argentine players:

“I have always liked Aguero. I saw him as a kid and I got to play against him. He scored an incredible goal to win the Premier League.”


  1. Messi gets no service or support and has to fight to get a damn pass! and Mbappe plays for himself and Messi finds him for the goal just like the one that was called back.

  2. Before Neymar’s injury Mbappe was willing to pass to Messi as he clearly wanted Neymar to not shine and play a subordinate role to him but now after Neymar is out injured he is doing the same thing to Messi.

    • And people have nerve to complain Messi doesn’t score in ligue 1. This PSG doesn’t know how to move the ball forward and every time, Messi has drop to midfield.
      I wished Messi going to city or even Liverpool atleast they have an identity.

  3. Brazil is brazil.Argentina fans are so shameless. They can’t see their team won wc since their birth and they go after brazil.

  4. “We have never been eliminated in the first round and we have five wins.”

    Dude, read more about basic history, Pele and his team out at group stage in 1966.

    Also, last time Brazil even reach the final was 2 decades ago. The record of biggest defeat in WC semi belongs to Brazil.

    Latest Copa clash between Argentina & Brazil, Argentina won. Latest WC clash between the two, Argentina won.

  5. I think PSG wanted to buy him during the last summer if Mbappe left for Real. I think that was a good idea even though he is less talented and less efficient than Mbappe. As demonstrated at selection, you put 2 horses of the same profile like Lautaro and Nico Gonzalez or Joaquin Correa or Ocampos next to Messi, he can still make you win titles. But if you put an Icardi and Neymar next to him like what Pochettino did, it’s very hard for him at his age.

  6. The yellow players deep in their heart admit and admire Arg players; after all it’s football game not an eternal rivalry. Main target and obsession is now on WC not Copa or ranking in South American. It’s has been a long time SA team never won the WC. I do hope this Qatar will replicate Japan-Korea venue, another winner from SA country, and this time is Argentina. Vamos Sky Blue !

      • People used to say Brazil is the only team that win WC outside their own continent, but Spain had achieved that now. People used to say no European team ever win WC in America continent, then Germany did it.

        Brazil always win Copa when they host it, then Argentina destroyed the myth.

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