Gio Lo Celso, Geronimo Rulli, Juan Foyth shine for Villarreal in 0-0 draw vs. Real Madrid


Gio Lo Celso and Geronimo Rulli were two of Villarreal’s their 0-0 draw vs. Real Madrid.

Rulli was awarded the Man of the Match as he has now reached 11 clean sheets in La Liga this season, as he is joint in the Zamora race. Against Madrid, the Argentine made five saves, four of them inside the penalty area as he has yet to allow a goal in the last three league matches.

Lo Celso was the Villarreal player who created the most chances with two. He also won the most duels with eight and was the second player with the most passes made in Real Madrid’s half with 34 of them. Lo Celso played 87 minutes before being substituted off.

Juan Foyth also started for Villarreal and was the Villarreal player with the most tackles in the match with four tackles. He played a great match, shutting down Vinicius as the team got a clean sheet.


  1. RDP at least with 2 great long passes/crosses for Felix which from the last one ATM capitalized and won the game! Well done A.Correa and RDP who did not have that many minutes against Getafe..,

  2. Rulli should be our back up keeper.. I know he has some of days but he is consitant most of the time.. I mean comparing to Armani and andrada… rulli deserves to be in the squad..

    • Completly agreed on everything u wrote on your post!
      Also this 2 A.Correa WILL GOALS show that he imust included to WC squad if he will be fit ! I think he Still very underated player in general oppinion, maybe not here on Mundo though, but not only is WILL GOALS from today, but his overall play against Getafe and that pass which he passed to Llorente where he was able to send it box and end it up by with help of luck to Cunha and ended up in goal was all about A.Correa and offcourse his prize for player of month and that allready now he has same amount of goals than last year scored in La Liga, though Simeone Athelitico constantly in serious trouble etc.., All this indicates even more how important player A.Correa is ATM and Simeone, though offcourse now he subbed him of to Felix, lol!
      Well, at least RDP finally came on !

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