Ángel Correa scores twice for Atletico Madrid in 4-3 win vs. Getafe


Ángel Correa scored twice for Atletico Madrid in their 4-3 win vs. Getafe.

Correa continues to lead Atletico Madrid in goals as he has scored 10 times in La Liga this season. Atletico’s January Player of the Month opened the scoring as he got on to the end of a loose ball inside the penalty area.

The Argentine made it 3-3 as once more the ball was crossed into the penalty area but this time Correa headed it to draw Atletico level. He would play 74 minutes before being substituted out.

Rodrigo De Paul was also brought on as a substitute as he took part in the last 16 minutes of the match.

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@mundoalbiceleste Áne Correa scores for Atletico Madrid! #AngelCorrea #Correa #atleticodemadrid #AtleticoMadrid #Madrid #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ Atlético de Madrid – Sevilla FC FanChants & Canciones del Sevilla Fútbol Club


  1. Folks watching Local league , howz Federico Girotti doing at Talleres ? Seems to have had a decent match as per sofascore. I thought he will bloom under Gallardo. But guess he is shipped to Talleres for more minutes. With Gaich seems lost & Icardi buried, any possibility he can emerge as a CF candidate for NT in a couple of years ?

  2. Oh I accidentally saw a match between Argentina and Brazil which Argentina had won 2-0. It’s the first time I saw that match. Its a match in 1999. Woww what a domination from the Argentine against a fierce brazilian side. How come that Argentina team doesn’t even win a cup ? A class mid fielder redendo who destroyed Brazil in that match. Many such talented who failed to give their full potentials to the NT due to many reasons😔

      • Yes defeating Brazil in their own backyard is a tough thing. That’s why this copa is special indeed. This one copa victory covers our lost copas against chile. Yes but the big one is remaining.

  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10493839/How-does-Tottenhams-Cristian-Romero-compare-Man-City-Liverpool-Chelsea-counterparts.html

    If you guys think that Cuti Romero is worse than Licha Martinez (I think he is a good defender though), think twice.

    Because according to the stats above, he is better, I mean way better than 3 of the best CB of the premier league: Ruben Dias, Rudiger, and Van Dijk.

    Guess what? Cuti is still adapting to the EPL, he is not yet at his top form, but he is already that scary.

    • Tackling per 90 minutes:
      1. Cuti 2.74
      2. Rudiger 1.17
      3. Dias 1.11
      4. Van Dijk 0.5

      Possession won per 90 minutes:
      1. Cuti 7.36
      2. Van Dijk 6.5
      3. Rudiger 4.95
      4. Dias 4.01

      Interceptions per 90 minutes:
      1. Cuti 2.02
      2. Rudiger 1
      3. Dias 0.92
      4. Van Dijk 0.8

      Blocks per 90 minutes:
      1. Cuti 1.44
      2. Van Dijk 0.6
      3. Dias 0.58
      4. Rudiger 0.22

      Clearances per 90 minutes:
      1. Van Dijk 3.45
      2. Cuti 3.32
      3. Rudiger 2.65
      4. Dias 2.22

      Duels won per 90 minutes:
      1. Cuti 6.92
      2. Van Dijk 4.35
      3. Rudiger 3.65
      4. Dias 3.04

      Aerial won per 90 minutes:
      1. Van Dijk 3.45
      2. Cuti 3.03
      3. Rudiger 1.96
      4. Dias 1.55

      Not even close….

      Others like Clean sheets, goals, others are better ONLY because their teams are stronger and Cuti only played less than 7 EPL games compare to them who have played 20+ games.

      • I agree that Romero is incredible and for me he is one of the best in the world but I don’t think it’s a good representation to compare him to center backs from ball dominant teams. For example bottom placed Burnley’s center backs each have more tackles, interceptions, aerial duels won, and clearances per game than the other three players you mentioned. In fact Emerson Royal has more tackles per game than Romero. City, Liverpool, and Chelsea each are in the top 3 for possession in the league and defenders that play in those teams usually have lower tackle/interception rates, if he were to go to those clubs his numbers would go down. I don’t think he is significantly better than Dias, Rudiger, or Van Dijk but again he is much closer to that level than many may think. I don’t know all the statistical specifics about Tottenham but I am sure other teams attack them more and get into more attacking areas against them than they do against the top 3

        • Hmm it makes sense what you’re saying but I don’t have the exact numbers, but when playing for Argentina (also a dominant team), I am sure Cuti’s numbers in all those categories also much higher than Netherlands Van Dijk, German Rudiger or Portugal Dias.

  4. Watch Wolves-Spurs. Again, everyone else was shitty but Cuti Romero and Bentancur. They lost 0-2 but Cuti was the only who was shining. Both of the goals they conceded had nothing to do with him. It was Lloris and Davies mistake again.
    Cuti almost scored in the dying minute.

    Thing get tougher for them as next week they face Man City away.

    Dont watch Aston Villa as they played the game at the same time as the Spurs.

  5. The truth is Correa is the most consistent player of this team since 2021. To me, Benzema and him are the best strikers of this Liga. He can play with all type of players in various positions. And I have feeling that he got the best of all senior strikers around him over the years. For example, his way to move between lines and how he looks for 1 touch reminds me of Griezmann, his dribbling style and his passing very similar to Suarez, he has that grinta of Diego Costa. even when his team or himself play badly, he can still deliver actions or assist or goals. A top player.

  6. We need Nico Gonzalez’s speed no matter what….the guyz who think he is useless should stop watching football and should watch any other sport since they are not cut out for football.

    • Nico can be good against African teams and asian teams. Coz they can make mistakes and thus with his top speed he can counter on it. Also he can press the defenders there. But with elite European teams we need a proper winger who can take 1 on 1 with defender and good 1st touch. No 2nd chance will be available there. With Messi and maria these things are possible. Another one is dybala. Angel correa is also good in it.

  7. Rulli was massive, really impressive in his decision making, I think this experience in L1 really helped him to grow. otherwise, it’s not a bad match for Lo Celso for his first start. Villareal didn’t have the ball coz they played against Real but he played well whenever he received the ball.

  8. Out of context, but remembering how we lacked a decent GK 2-3 years back, who used to be a 1st choice GK for his respective European club. And this loophole really haunted us bad at the 2018 World cup.

    But now the stars are favoring us & we have the luxury to have 2-3 GKs who has been featuring brilliantly for their European club & doing exactly an excellent job. And also very fortunate to have World class set of defenders (especially Cuti & Lisandro, also Otamendi who rejuvenated himself & deserves the praise) available for the La selección.

    We should be really thanking the GOD. May GOD continue to bless us till we lift the Biggest Footballing Trophy at Qatar. Argentines, Global Albicelste fans & Messi fans really deserve to feel the delightment for being World champions. History will repeat & we will witness the glory of 1986 World cup again.
    Vamos Albiceleste.

  9. Nico Gonzalez is not a good option in a stage like wc. He would only be good as a sub for last 10 min with regards to his bursting speed to pressurise the tired defenders of an average team. With the available options we could have j.correa. He can replace maria in the left wing in group stages against small to medium teams. Against big teams Joaquin correa would be a liability. That’s for sure. We need lautaro to be fit or a perfect 9 like alario needed against big teams. Papu can play in left wing. Buendia should get chance in the remaining friendlies. Ocampos is bang average in NT. I think maria/ j. Correa or buendia in left wing. Lautaro/ alario or A.Correa as no 9. Messi / dybala in the right wing.

      • Nico is a large reason we got to the Copa Final. His work rate, sacrifice, speed, etc. He BALANCES our attack by being a true left wing. The only way we benefit with him out is if we push Acuña way upfield, who is the only other player we have which truly has shown proficiency in that role. Papu, Locelso, angel, etc are all great but not wingers, they are central players. Our attack is heavily biased on the right (Messi, Dimaria), we need someone on the left who is young, a hustler and naturally a wide player. Ocampos maybe.. but Nico has delivered more consistently.

        • Did you Nick Gonzalez was reason Argentina reached Copa Final? That’s bullshit. Should messi have not scored that free kick against Chile we would have lost. Messi was key man. However I have to commend Nico Gonzalez for good job he did on the left flank however teamwork is what contributed to the team’s success. However Messi was at the heart of every goal although in the final other players like depaul, paredes and Dimaria stepped up where Messi was heavily marked.

  10. Angel Correa despite being a rotation player of Atletico only, has scored 10 goals so far, the most among all Atletico. Safe to say that he has been their best player. Not to mention that Simeone still plays him out of his best position most of the time as MR. It is a crime to not trust him more.

    For me he deserves to be higher among Scaloni’s sub pecking order. If Papu Gomez is currently the first player in substitution pecking order among the midfielders. Angel Correa should be the first in pecking order among the forwards (for example replacing Di Maria in the second half) ahead of Nico Gonzales, Dybala, or Scaloni’s favorite Joaquin Correa.

    • yes, papu will be there or may even be in the 11 because even at his age I find no argentina player can compare to him

      However in attack, it looks very competitive. I know Angel Correa is a top player but Nico Gonzalez profile is interesting for the team despite his poor stats. Di Maria’s experience is valuable, especially in big games under pressure, Julian Alvarez’s biggest edge is about this capacity of holding the ball like a midfielder and his efficiency. seems that Angel correa will only be the 6th in hierarchy behind messi, lautaro and the 3 players just mentioned

  11. Mac Allister is better than Palacios even Mac Alister seems better than Buendia.Mac Alister is good substitute for De Paul. Buendia and Mac Alister should be in squad.
    Mac Allister,Emi Buendia and Lanzini seems to be best for midfield.

    • Dude I repeat MacAllister is the worst player I have ever seen in 40 years wearing Argentina number 10. I repeat the worst. The only so so team about him is his set pieces which is 6/10. Others like dribbling, ball control, vision, speed, pace, etc is 4 or below. He is that bad.

      Final verdict: Stay away from the seleccion. We don’t need to create a new Meza.

  12. If the WC team size remains to 23 – its going to be such a tight race upfront. A squad of 23 will have 6 in attack. Unless any injury – Messi, DiMaria , Lautaro are guaranteed . That leaves 3 spots between 6 top players – NicoG, ACorrea , J Correa , Dybala , Alvarez , Ocampos . For now the person who looks out maybe Ocampos. Any of the other 5 can make it . For a moment ignoring wild card entries like Gio Simeone or Icardi.
    I think Scaloni believes Alvarez, JCorrea can end up being the Lautaro backup. So that gives them some advantage. Nico G brings speed & pressing which is a good variation & neutralizes his inaccuracy infront of goal. I dont see Scaloni droppin him
    Needless to say will be unfair to Angel Correa if he dosent make it if this red hot form continues. Hoping he & Dybala gets some good minutes in March WCQ games which can help them establish their NT spot.
    Maybe this is how it ends up for the OTHER 3 – NicoG , one of Alvarez /JCorrea ( as Lautaro backup ) & one of Angel C / Dybala. There is bound to be heartburns unless the squad strength is increased from 23.

    • Joaquin correa should be nowhere near that lineup. You know both dybala and correa play as second strikers. J.Correa is another Rodrigo palacios, and should Scaloni drop Dybala coz of him will be the biggest travesty. Messi, Dybala, Lautaro, Dimaria should be untouchable. A.Correa, N.Gonzalez and Papu Gomez should fill remaining slot.

      • i agree with you on J Correa. I am just spelling out what i think is Scaloni’s choices. He has played J Correa multiple times as a sub for Lautaro. But post Copa win, i would trust Scaloni’s instinct as he finally is getting a winning team.

    • Ocampos’s situation is a shame. In the 19-20 season, he was absolutely brilliant for Sevilla and played quite well for us whenever he got a chance. I thought he would go on to be our second-choice RW, but his form fell off dramatically last season and even in this season has only been decent. With Di Maria’s resurgence in form, I think he will sadly miss another tournament for Argentina.
      But maybe once Di Maria/Messi retires from international football, he could be our best option down the right wing.

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