Neal Maupay of Brighton wants to play for Argentina national team


Neal Maupay of Brighton has stated that he would like to play for the Argentina national team.

Maupay has already represented France at youth level but the Brighton striker wants to play for Argentina. The 25 year old’s mother is from Argentina as he has French and Argentine citizenship.

He was the player who injured Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno which opened the door for Emiliano Martínez to play for the club and get selected for the Argentina team for the Copa America. Speaking in an interview with Deportes LN, here is what he had to say:

“In the last call up, I told Alexis Mac Allister to talk to the coach about me. To tell him that there is a Frenchman who is a nationalized Argentine who wants to play. I feel a great love for the country.”

With Brighton, he has scored eight goals in 21 matches this season.


    • haha yes indeed, I like to see people are considering it since he is having a good season. I am still pretty curious about the situation, does he speak spanish, has he ever been to Argentina, etc? I don’t want to get ahead of myself even though I clearly am, but it would be pretty funny to see Maupay scoring in a knockout WC game for us

  1. The selection of the attacking six in a tentative 23-man World Cup squad has been a hot topic of discussion. Besides, Messi, DeMaria, Lautaro, who will get selected for the three remaining spots from J. and A. Correas, Nico Gonzales, Dybala, Ocampos, and Alvarez? Here are my thoughts.

    1. I think Ocampos and J Correa will not be selected. One can say that J Correa is Scaloni’s favorite as he played him on multiple occasions. Did you guys forget about Roberto Pereira? Scaloni also played him on multiple occasions before discarding him for good. What about playing Meza in the last qualifier as the first sub? Scaloni is a very conservative coach when it comes to player selection and omission. Especially, if he calls someone to test, then he tends to give the player multiple chances before making sure that this isn’t the type of player the team needs. J. Correa will less likely be selected, as he didn’t do anything to impress so far. As for Ocampos, he virtually lost his place to Nico Gonzales.

    2. As for Alvarez, unless he does something special with the National team in the upcoming matches and if Dybala keeps up his form and stays fit, it’s Dybala. Yes, I think they two will compete for one spot.

    3. If A. Correa keeps up his current form or no other potential number 9s come out as a savior, it will be Angel.

    So, it’s Angel Correa, Dybala and Nico Gonzales who are likely to join Messi, DeMaria, and Lautaro.

    • I agree with you that Scaloni being very fair when it comes to seleccion. Joaquin Correa has an injury issue for Inter, and I think he lost his place to Dzeko. I remember Scaloni was also a fan of Alario, but then when he found out that Alario is a bench player for Leverkusen, he dropped him. I think the same case might apply to J Correa.

      I am OK with J Correa, but I think his pecking order is too high in Scaloni’s list. A Correa, Papu, even Nico always performed better than him when given a chance.

      The good thing is Lo Celso moves to Villarreal, otherwise he could have been dropped too.

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