Guido Rodriguez scores for Real Betis in 3-2 win vs. Zenit in Europa League


Guido Rodriguez scored his first goal for Real Betis in the Europa League in their 3-2 win vs. Zenit.

Rodriguez scored the first goal of the match to give Real Betis the 1-0 lead. It was a free kick sent into the penalty area which found the Argentine as he headed it in.

Germán Pezzella also started the match and played the entire 90 minutes.

@mundoalbiceleste Guido Rodríguez scores for Real Betis! #guidorodriguez #Guido #RealBetis #Betis #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ Himno Oficial de Real Betis Balompié – Nueva Versión – Cantores de Hispalis


  1. It is a common and a frustrating thing that these so called european pundits would always intentionally forget the Argentine players. If it is Aston villa it would be Coutinho not buendia. If the match is of Leverkusen the topic would be Schick and no alario. If it is Fiorentina then it’s not Nico, Same like when lo celso played for spurs, topic would be alli or ndombele. Even now we have only Messi (35) who is the only hot topic inpe .

    • that just isn’t true…to name a few – aguero, higuain, messi, di maria, otamendi, a correa, masche, toro, emi, dybala, icardi (inter) are/were always in the news.

  2. I like Guido more when scaloni told about his eagerness and awareness about the NT. Guido always make close contact with the team and scaloni impressed with his attitude towards the NT. May be he is less talented than Paredes, but his dedication is top notch.

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