World Cup draw on April 1, FIFA could allow teams to take 26 players


The draw for the FIFA World Cup will take place on April 1 as FIFA are considering expanding the number of players allowed at the World Cup to 26 players.

Argentina will know which group they will be drawn in on April 1 as the draw will be taking place on that day. According to Globoesporte, At the draw, an announcement could be made which would state that teams would be allowed to take 26 players and not 23 to Qatar.

At the Copa America, teams were allowed to take 28 players to Brazil while teams were allowed to select 26 players for the Euro’s.


  1. This has been our discussion for months. How many players are allowed? 26 is good news for the team. Agree with Csabalala. If there is no injury then 26 realistically should be:
    GK: Emi Martinez, Musso, Armani
    DF: Molina, Otamendi, Cuti, Acuna, Montiel, Lisandro, Pezzella, Tagliafico.
    MF: Paredes, Lo Celso, De Paul, Guido, Palacios, Papu.
    F: Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro, A. Correa, Nico Gonzales, J. Alvarez

    The extra 3 should be:
    1. Dybala
    2. Nico Dominguez
    3. J Correa ( I put him here because if loses his spot to Dzeko in Inter then he is not that secured anymore).

    Then the back ups with the best chance should be: LM Quarta and Ocampos.

    I hope Scaloni will not waste a spot by calling the 4th goalie.

    NOTE: Aguero said he would likely join the World Cup team NOT as player, as part of the coaching staff. That is a huge boost.

  2. With Scaloni head if the WC would be today: Emi Armani Musso Taglia Acuna Montiel Molina Ota Cuti Martinez Pezella Paredes Guido De Paul Lo Celso Papu Nico Dominguez Palacios Messi Dybala Di Maria Nico G Angel Correa Lautaro Julian Alvarez and 26th J Correa or Ocampos. No 4th goalkeeper please waste of spot.

  3. Keepers should be Emi, Musso & Rulli…
    But definitely there will be a ‘Armani Quota’!
    I miss Romance King’s ‘Bed-mate’ theory really!!
    Anyway, all the best as always..

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