Jamie Carragher on Cristian Romero: “I think Spurs have got a really top defender.”


Jamie Carragher had nothing but good things to say about Cristian Romero following Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-2 win vs. Manchester City.

Carragher was impressed by the Argentine as the former Liverpool defender spoke highly of the Tottenham Hotspur defender. As we reported on Monday, Romero had a great performance for his club in their 3-2 win vs. Manchester City which was reflected in the numbers. Speaking with Sky Sports, here is what Carragher had to say about him:

“He really impresses me, this fella I think Spurs have got a really top defender.

“I do think the three centre backs, mainly Eric Dier and Romero, have been excellent for Tottenham. Every time a ball has come into the box, more often than not it’s been their head on it.

“That man Romero has been as good anybody on this pitch.”


  1. Cris is one of the TOP 3 Defenders on Planet since few Months ( not becuz he is argentino ). maquire was 80 Mil !!! thats a joke . I wanted cuti for city or liverpool with virgil , new are with barca and de light maybe … like this. As long as he play every match and he get no injury. in 1-2 yrs everyone will see it – how strong and inteligent he is. Carra saw it but i think very late 🙂

  2. Yes everyone is entitled to thier opinion but you have to be realistic at the same time the chance lich martinez going to spurs is zero, he isn’t kind type player Fabio Paratici / Antonio conte will go for it. As lo celso is good player at times becomes decent couse of his inconsistency. I really believe if pochettino had stayed at spurs lo celso would have been big success at White Hart Lane , too bad the man who signed him got Sacked with in three months after he joined the club. I Also heard lo celso himself had attitude that is one of the reasons conte get ride of him rather than his football abilities.

        • I am a fan of Argentina. Everyone who has been here since 2012 or so knows me. If it bothers u that much that I wrote a valid report about Cuti then dont read my posts. As simple as that.

          My favorite player was Maradona, then Redondo, then Bati, then Lamela, now Cuti. So what? is there anything wrong to that?

          For me posting the valid report about Cuti developments in Spurs is much more valuable then posting rubbish posts about how much the likes of Meza Benedetto or Gonzalo Pity Martinez or MacAllister deserve to start for Argentina. Because that kinda posts WERE here.

          • Listen I ask you simple question and I never said I have problem with your post it seems to me You don’t like me personally which is fine but have to remember this blog it’s for Argentina fans no one give f…k mediocre club like spurs, a righ mind Argentina support will never want another arg promising player like lich go to Tottenham after recent history with our players at that club. just you know spurs it’s sting club can’t afford to buy top players like lich martinez just they were lucky to have cuti because of Fabio Paratici otherwise they will never ever dream of it
            plus you can say sh…t as much as you want to any Argentina player It won’t bother me at all.
            I’m glad I can cross my opinion with open mind
            Don’t think about who will like or not
            Are you still hurts what I used about di maria?
            Listen I’m Argentina fan I have right to critisise our players when they play sh..t like any other fan Will do and no exception for di maria, if you think Argentina won copa couse of di maria you re wrong. Argentina won copa couse of following players De pual, cuti , emi martinez, Lautaro and paredes.

          • My favourite players were also, El Diego, Redondo, Batigol and also Riquelme as obviously many many more like Kempes once in Valencia and then aprox. 25 year’s later Valencia with Ayala, Pellegrini, Kily Gonzales, Claudio Lopez, Aimar etc…

            So i quess i could say that for me personally only looking at Argentine players in Europe and their teams where they used to play at most, well i would mostly perhaps say them in this order as Valencia, Spurs, Napoli, Inter and ofcourse Messi’s Barca, but if Messi or Diego would have not played never in Barca, well then i’m not that sure about Barca as i remember even Villarreal treating Riquelme and Sorin way better than Barca, though offcourse Saviola played with Barca too, but in historywise and as respect towards Argentine players Valencia, Spurs, Napoli and Inter are the one’s for me from the past and offcourse now Sevilla and until Messi plays i kind of have to SUPORT his team too, but Yes, mostly i’m intrested about Argentina NT ! And, offcourse every team that has an Argentine player make’s it allways intresting than non Argentine player teams etc…

        • and to answer your question, I am a San Antonio Spurs fan. Not Totenham Hotspur fan. My favorite club has always been Napoli coz or Maradona; but they never buy any quality Argentines for a long time. Thats why unlike all of u I would never be able to be a fan of Inter, Milan, or Juventus as those 3 were Napoli nemesis during Maradona era.

          • I also have the right to defend players. If you want to know, the original founder of this site is Sebastian Garcia. He was never a fan of Di Maria. 99% of people here criticized Di Maria since 2010, that is right 2010. Sebastian Garcia one time even preferred Jose Sosa than Di Maria at one point.

            I was the only one defending Di Maria since 2010-2021. Not because I like Di Maria that much, but thats because I always see him as a special player, NOT “headless chicken” as he is famous for here. When you were only the minority and 99% of them disagree with you, the result was easy to guess: everyone attacked me.

            Guess what? Who cares? I am not afraid to have different opinions from the majority. I know from day one he is special. He is not shitty like Sosa or Nico Gaitan for example or Julio Cruz. I know who I defend.

            11 years later, 2021, he became the legend. Just to remind you that. The whole Argentines including this site crucified him, only Maradona defended him from day one… and a fan like me.

            Now he earns the respect from the whole country.

            The Copa America 2021 victory was a team effort. Everyone did their role perfectly. From Scaloni as the manager to Messi as their leader, to Cuti and Emi Martinez as the 2 new revelations, to De Paul as the engine of the team, and finally Di Maria as the secret weapon give us the trophy we deserve.

          • Napoli was also once my favourire Club back in the days of El Diego and, though i Still like them a lot i can’t remember them really having any Argentine player since Diego left, but if u remember one, please can u perhaps refresh my memory as for since Zanetti joined Inter at 1995 with Cholo arriving a year later at 1996 i kind of switched to more of an Inter because Inter starting to have more an more Argentine players there and i mean much more than now as Lautaro and J.Correa who i quess must be Still injured, right ? Though Antonio Angelillo midfielder played a 128 games and scored 80 goals during 01.07.1957-01.07.1961 and Attilio Demaría midfielder played an 295 games and scored 86 goals even before that during 01.07.1931-01.07.1936 etc. As also Passarella was there from 86-88 with 73 games and 15 goals and Ramon Diaz from 88-89 with 43 games and also 15 goals and even Batigol managed 2 goals at 12 games at beginning of 2003, LoL ! Crespo played 116 games with 45 goals and Julio Cruz 197 games with 75 goals and Cambiasso scored 51 in 431 games and Samuel 17 goals at 236 games+Diego Milito 75 goals at 171 games etc…

            But, with Zanetti,Cholo, Samuel, Cambiasso, Diego Milito, Banega and even Julio Cruz and i’ve allready lost acount or can’t remember every Argentine player who have played at least a game for Inter as i belive in total must be close all in all to 44 Argentine’s during Inter’s history til’ now…anyone is most welcome to correct the numbers presented as obviously there could be errors in such amount of Numbers provided by Argentine’s for Inter etc. As there have been also names like Nelson Vivas, Andrés Guglielminpietro, Matias Almeyda, Burdisso, Veron, Kily Gonzales, Solari, Mariano Gonzales, Alvarez, Zarete, Palacio, Carrizo, Silvestre, Campangnaro, Botta, Ansaldi and Banega etc. And one Cursed name on this site and also with my beloved Albiceleste i purpously did not mention for his and his managers actions or their soap opera what so ever notvintrested story for me personallyi obviously etc.

            From intrestingly all of theese 44 Argentine’s playing at least a game for Inter only 2 been at Napoli as Antonio Ferrara who played for Inter during 01.07.1937-01.07.1938 and Campagnaro seemed to play for Napoli before moving to Inter for 05.07.2013 -01.07.2015.

            But, Still El Diego’s Napoli was the best Serie A team with Argentine player that i have seen in my life til’ now ! R.I.P EL DIEGO !

      • Lisandro is the only reason why i like Ajax, though ok Tagliafigo is there stil too, so Ok 2 reasons, but if they get more Argentine players , well then more the better as allways with any European team having Arg players, but Lisandro and Cuti are 2 very unique players as both are Still quite young, but allready the best for me ! All the respect to Otamendi and nothing against him, but i think Cuti and Licha should be Arg’s CB pair perhaps or otherwise Arg should try to play with 3 cb’s or at least consider it as option against some teams, perhaps or if not apploying Lisandro as Cb then let him play as DM as i think he is just too good to drop from starting eleven, but this is only my personal view and Scaloni obviously make’s the call so just wondering how to intergrate all the beat players from Arg on to starting eleven as there are obviously different options, but also it is important to try field the most equipped players and offcourse they must be in form first of all and i do understand that balance and chemistry are very important game factors as now Lautaro dropping a bit of form or should i say not scoring so many for Inter lately as i dont think he played so badly to get subbed to blody Sanchez against Real, but anyhow as before the defence and specially middfield were my most concerns in the last WC, well suddenly now i find out myself wondering about striking options up front and that where would the goals come from etc. Offcourse Messi, Di Maria and any forward playing positioning player can score as even Paredes or Cuti or Ota from setpieces, but if not counting setpieces which in nowdays football do actually provide quite many goals etc…Still i’m thinking and hoping that, maybe alvarez would be that lethal as he is for River if Lautaro is having hard times to Score or injured etc…also A.Correa i belive could be usefull for scoring goals if given playing time by Scaloni, but Still it is quite long way to Qatar so i quess i just must remain calm as i can, lol!

  3. Emi Martinez
    Molina – Romero – Lisandro martinez – acuna
    De paul – paredes – lo celso
    Messi – lautaro – dimaria

    This should be Argentina 2022 squad

  4. Current Argentina team is better than 2014 team in every aspect, may be individual player to player comparison 2014 had more world class players but this team as a whole is a complete package!

  5. I guess it’s easy for everyone here in mundo are now talking about cuti Romero, praising him highly and righ so,But I was one of the few guys were saying this guy nt material since I saw him playing Genoa in Seria A .
    Cuti Romero it’s one the reasons arg won copa and we have 70 chance to win world Cup as long as he stays fit the guy is beast. Now it’s up to scaloni to make righ decisions to partner him with lich martinez who I believe he is same level As cuti. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity cause arg haven’t had this kind cbs in long time I mean cuti and lich.

    • I remember him watching in 2017 u20 squad. That squad was blessed with high potential defenders like foyth, romero, montiel, lisandro.
      Anyway my evaluation of then Romero was that he was reckless player while I thought Foyth would be future top class defender ( a ball playing centre-back like Pique)

    • I know some of u would hate me for saying this but the Spurs number one priority this summer is buying a left footed center back to replace Ben Davies in the starting line up, and I can not think a better name than Lisandro Martinez.

      Not only he is a quality, in real life, he is a good friend of Cuti too. I hope the Spurs would go for him this summer. He won’t need to compete with anyone, he would straight go to the Conte’s starting line up as Ben Davies competition is nothing.

      • Seriously? You want Argentina’s 2 best defensive prospects in the hands of one of the worst, most underachieving clubs in England?! If you were a first time poster here I would’ve thought that you’re trolling.
        I mean seriously look at Lamela, Foyth and Celso, 3 of Argentina’s best prospects got ruined at that club. Lamela was one of the best young players in Italy/world and then he went to that s*** club and was benched for no reason in his first season and then he couldn’t stop getting injured.
        Foyth was also constantly injured and constantly made silly mistakes, then he went to Villareal and his injuries were reduced dramatically and defensively he looks like a beast.
        Celso was one of the best midfielders in Spain, then the no growth spurs bought him and it’s been one injury after another and now he has to rebuild his career and his confidence again (hope he will).
        Ajax, Sevilla, Barca or maybe one of the Italian clubs (Milan, Inter, Napoli) is a good destination for some of our boys, because these clubs have good coaches, good strategies or are (in the case of Barca) in the stage of rebuilding and a talented, hard working player can make an impact.

        • I agree with both you Mamoun. Now El Principe, I too would love to see Cuti and Licha form a partnership at a club, I would go crazy for it. But NOT at Tottenham. From a Tottenham point of view getting Licha would be great but as Mamoun said past experience (various examples) prove that it may be disastrous. Even if it isn’t a disaster and Licha stays fit, plays regularly, and they form a star partnership, Tottenham still won’t win anything or most likely won’t get champions league football and they could play at a significantly better club easily which they deserve. I would love to see them form a partnership at Barcelona, Licha was already linked there and I think Cuti said he would like to play there as well. Real Madrid too would be interesting. I know it sounds contradictory since Barcelona are also in a bad moment but they are too big of a club to not bounce back eventually and their results have picked up recently as well. Imagine Romero and Licha playing behind Gavi and Pedri in a few years, sounds exciting.

          Another interesting thing is that Romero and Martinez are close friends and have taken pictures together when their teams have played each other (from pictures in Argentina all the way to the CL). This may increase the chances that they would seek to play in the same club in the future, I just hope it isn’t spurs. Having a partnership like that for us will be incredibly beneficial, it could hold up for 8 years or longer

          • Those who failed in the Spurs are tier 2 players mostly like Foyth, Lamela, Fazio. Lo Celso is a different case, not a superstar but not really tier 1 players. He needs a coach who really trusts him.

            If a really good player comes to the Spurs then he can shine and be a superstar. Look at Cuti now.

            Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion right? This is my opinion: I want the Spurs to go after Lisandro Martinez and partner him with Cuti. Period.

            I am not afraid to have different opinion from the majority of people.

          • Lamela and Foyth are 2nd tier players? OK what ever you say. Lamela was serie A’s best young player when Spurs broke the bank to bring him in and then their coach at the time didn’t fancy him so he benched him for no reason. Only a s***y club like Spurs would break a record on a player then bench him. Lamela might not have been a world beater but he was showing world class potential at serie A until he went to Spurs.
            Foyth, like Lamela, isn’t a world beater but he sure as hell ain’t tier 2 player, otherwise he wouldn’t have pocketed the likes of Bruno Fenrnandez, Sancho and CR7. Notice how when Foyth left spurs, he went to a club where he won the europa league and is now playing in the 2nd round of the CL while s**tspurs couldn’t even hack it in the conference league.
            Celso, when he came into that no good club from Spain was one of the best midfielders in world football, hence why Levi spent over 50 mill euros on him.

            {If a really good player comes to the Spurs then he can shine and be a superstar. Look at Cuti now.}

            You say that, but Cuti has hardly shun in this club, sure he’s done well in the last 3 games but he’s no where near his level at Atalanta, where he was MVP defender of the season. He has had a stop/start season thus far and alot of those so called ‘fans’ at Tottenham were bitching about how often he’s getting injured but now are changing their tune.
            When I watch Cuti, all I can see is a world class defender who lost a step and if he stays at this club he’ll end like Garay i.e. a legit talent who never realized his full potential because of an ass-hat club (Real Madrid).

            At the end of the day, yes, you’re entitled to your own opinion but that doesn’t mean you get to ignore the fact that history clearly indicates that young Argentine players who go to that s**t club end up wasting their potential, so I hope to dear god that more Argentines do what Dybala did and reject that that sack of s**t of a club.

        • As for Lamela, if you remember well I was a huge fan of him. But the dude has all the skills but not the mentality. He just does not have the mentality to be one of the best. That’s why the 21 year old Lamela looked even better than the supposed to be prime Lamela at 27-28.

          I mean his weakness has always been the finishing but he never works on it. Look at CR7 or Messi for example, when they were younger they would add a lot of stuff to their game until they become the best. Lamela was projected to be one of the world best since teenagers but his “mediocre” mentality ruined his own career, similar to Pastore.

          They both very similar. Superstar at Roma and Palermo then end up being mediocre. As much as we would like to blame their clubs: Spurs and PSG for their stalled developments, I would be more direct. Any player can improve especially if you are just 21 or so, it all depends on your work ethic and mentality and ambition. It is your choice.

          • Yes everyone is entitled to thier opinion but you have to be realistic at the same time the chance lich martinez going to spurs is zero, he isn’t kind type player Fabio Paratici / Antonio conte will go for it. As lo celso is good player at times becomes decent couse of his inconsistency. I really believe if pochettino had stayed at spurs lo celso would have been big success at White Hart Lane , too bad the man who signed him got Sacked with in three months after he joined the club. I Also heard lo celso himself had attitude that is one of the reasons conte get ride of him rather than his football abilities.

        • I disagree if u say a certain club has anything to do with Argentina players, so let’s black list such club. Sorry I disagree with that.

          Just because Lo Celso, Foyth, Lamela, and Fazio all ended up below expectation there does not mean that all Argentina players will always be shitty when playing for the Spurs. Remember Ardilles. Cuti has just gotten started (against City was only his 4th games playing under Conte) but to perform amazing against the league leader, City in the toughest league in the world, EPL deserve the world recognition. It is much more precious than for example Cuti had stayed at Atalanta and had performed that good against Inter or Juventus.

          A good example is Barca. Saviola and Riquelme were wasted there. Also Sorin and Maxi Lopez. So what? we believe Barca is just not the right place for Argentines? Yeah right, Barca is destined only for Brazilians right?

          Here came Messi. Then Mascherano. They both made history for Barca. So the theory of just because a couple of talented players failed does not mean the club is black listed forever for a certain nation.

          I am not a fan of Coutinho, but Coutinho was arguably the best winger in the world when playing for Liverpool. Then he moved to Barca, a club that has traditional to blossom Brazilian players to the highest level like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, etc. Look at what happen to Coutinho? He was lucky that Villa was willing to restore his career, or else his career would have been over.

          As for the Spurs, you are convinced that they are the cursed clubs for all Argentines. I disagree with that. For me it depends on who the players are. I am glad Paredes did not come to the Spurs last month because I am sure Paredes wouldnt have been good for the Spurs. There is just too much competition in midfield. Even Lo Celso could not win the starting spot.

          But if the Spurs really are going after Licha Martinez next summer, I would not be surprised. And his case is different from Paredes. They badly need a left center back as it is reported on their famous site:

          Below is a list of a few players he has worked with previously who might be good additions to the Tottenham squad if he was appointed.

          Lisandro Martinez

          A left sided Centre Back is something that Tottenham are crying out for. The Argentine was regularly used in the last season, making 42 appearances in all competitions, chipping in with 3 goals and one assist (Transfermarkt). At 23 years of age, he has time on his side to get better with age. Estimated value £19.8m (Transfermarkt).

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