Sergio Agüero: “The Copa America with Argentina was my last joy”


Sergio Agüero was forced to retire from football in December 2021 but there were reports, including a statement from the former player himself that he would join Argentina for the World Cup.

Agüero gave an interview on Monday where he spoke about a number of topics. One of which was the Copa America itself but he did give an answer regarding him joining the Argentina national team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Speaking with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say:

“I’m going to Qatar and we will see after in what role. It was a nice chat. Chiqui has acted very well with us and he was the one that asked us to meet. In the next days we will continue to talk and see in what role I will go and see if we will go to the World Cup draw. Now, this week, we will resolve everything. What Chiqui has always stated is that I will be with the boys, I will be there. It’s to be next to them.

“I want to look for a role with Argentina. What happened to me is very recent and I got offers from different places but I want to enjoy it and to be calm, not like when I wasn’t able to when I was playing football.

“For example, it’s the first birthday I was able to spend with my son in Argentina with his and my family, all of us together. That for me was good and as a player I couldn’t do that.”

Regarding winning the Copa America with the Argentina national team:

“After what happened to me, I thought at least I won a title with the Argentina national team. It was something that with all of my team mates we were waiting and dreaming of and the truth is that I am left with the month we were there for the Copa America. It was my last joy. Today I look at photos and it makes me smile.”


  1. So happy that Kun is going to the WC. He really deserves it and will alleviate the team in moments of tension and stress, not to mention Messi would otherwise be without his roommate lol. But to the people who act like this is useless or even those who think it is bad for the team and will bring us down, please give me an explanation. It’s not like we are bringing the entire 2014 squad and Maradona’s coffin to Qatar. It’s one guy that could have very conceivably come to the WC anyway and will help keep morale in the squad. He was a member of the Copa America team and also has experienced the mental stress and pressure of a World Cup before, unlike a huge portion of our squad including most of our key players (De Paul, Lautaro, Paredes, Romero, Montiel, Dibu Martinez, Gonzalez, Papu, Guido Rodriguez, Lo Celso who didn’t play, etc, etc, etc).

    • Anything that could improve the atmosphere in the locker room should be welcomed and the opposite, all the toxic influences should be kept away (aka Icardi).

      One of the key strengths of this Argentina team is unity, amongst the players and coaching staff. It’s absolutely precious and must be protected at all costs.

      If Kun’s presence adds to that then we should welcome that.

      • Agreed. The mental and social part of the sport is just as important as the on the pitch / player ability part of it. It’s just that most fans only see the team on the pitch and assume that’s all there is too it. A lot goes through player’s minds.

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