Lisandro Martinez talks about Argentina at the World Cup, Cristian Romero, Ajax


Lisandro Martinez spoke about Argentina at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Cristian Romero of Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax.

Martinez has been one of the best young defenders in the world. Part of the Argentina national team which won the Copa America, Martinez spoke with TyC Sports about Argentina and the World Cup. Here is what he had to say:

“We are very good, we are a lot better as a team. We are not thinking much about the future but rather about working, enjoying being there, which is sometimes difficult to enjoy. With humility, simplicity, a lot of work.

“Taking things easy, nothing about us being the favorites or reading the stories that we are going to win because that is where we are going to make mistakes. I think we are on the right track and we have to continue this way.”

Regarding his Argentina team mate Cristian Romero:

“I am very good friends with Cuti since the U20 team. Since we are from the outskirts (not from Buenos Aires), he was from Cordoba, I Was living in Rosario because I was playing at Newell’s. We had to stay three days at the training camp and we formed a nice friendship.

“He is an animal, a very mature player, calm, he takes very good decisions and in the duels, he goes and he kills you. He is a phenomenon and his current form makes me very happy, he still doesn’t have a ceiling.”

In regards to where he plays on the pitch:

“Although at Defensa y Justicia I was playing as a center back, I came to Ajax and I was already a versatile player and played as a full back, midfielder or central midfielder. I could do it because I had the knowledge.

“At Ajax, there were many matches in midfield but they tried me as a full back and as a center back, I was able to stand out as a center back. With more matches, one gains more confidence and more experience.

“They are different systems. At Ajax we train every day and with the national team, at times, we just have enough time. But when we are there, we try to do things as quickly as possible. We don’t have much time and we have to do what the coach asks of us, which is to play simple.”


  1. Messi is 35 yrs and understandably lost a lot of pace but Neymar looked even slower and toothless and is 5 yrs younger!! However, the worst performer was Pochettino. If he fails to advance to CL quarters on Wednesday then he is done at PSG and he is not going to land a job at any high profile club as United is pursuing Ajax coach now.

    • This team is made for mbappe
      Defending deep and then putting long balls in behind.

      Yes Messi has lost a yard of pace and I have no idea what happened to Neymar.

      PSG’s main problem is breaking the lines, in the last match there were a couple of moments where Messi wanted the ball to be played quickly but PSG players took the safe option every time. Without verrati this midfield is average at best

      • Neymar is busy partying all night while Dybala is busy doing a fashion show in Milan instead of adding some muscle in the gym.

        We all know most Brazillian stars decline in late 20s, some in mid 20s due to partying lifestyle. Ronnie & Robinho for intense.

        • Yeah it seems to be a common pattern amongst Brazilian players. Not to mention some that declined in their early 20’s who had great futures like Alexandre Pato due to partying.

  2. It will be a crime if Benitez gets called up by France. I mean the best defense in France and the most clean sheet, number 2 just behind PSG. What else he needs to do? Move to River Plate or Boca?

    It is strange coz usually Scaloni is very fair when it comes to giving a chance to new players. Why not Benitez? I understand he would never be able to be ahead of one of the world best, Emi Martinez in pecking order, but he is BETTER than all others we have. I like Musso but he is NOT better than Benitez.

    Argentina learn from your lesson, stop giving away talents especially to the giant futbol countries. We gave away Trezeguet and Camoranesi. Both ended up super good.

    • Yeah, he has been in the top 3 of L1 for many years. It’s hard to explain why he wasn’t chosen, definitely not because of his style which is very similar to Emi Martinez and Armani.

    • Its tradition that the national team have obligation to take certain veteran from domestic league. Its not a myth, its a fact.

      I mean why on Earth we got to see dinosaur like Palermo? even Palacio played in multiple WC.

    • You’re preaching to the converted, alot of us here have been calling for Benitez since 2018 but for some inexplicable reason Scaloni doesn’t even acknowledge his existance.

      • True. Benitez has been a lost cause for lot of us here. Every argentine fan is convinced with him. I think the issue is twofold. 1) benitez left argentine league very early & dosent have too much of local standing which is playing its part 2) he made some strong statements earlier like he will go with france if his citizenship works out. This was before emi started doing very well for arsenal. I dont think AFA bosses & coach would not have liked it one bit.

  3. A front 3 of Neymar – Messi – ADM will never work.
    Because all 3 of them like to have the ball at their feet and none of them are willing to make runs in behind like mbappe does.
    Messi has always been better playing with someone who can either hold the ball or make those runs in behind.

    Today when icardi came on, Messi started to look more influential and he even delivered a great outside of the boot pass to icardi. Idk why poch took so long to put a striker on.

    • $ pressure. The fans and agents and players all want to see their milliondollar toys on the field. Who knows what backroom talks Pochettino has with his bosses. But ya, i dont like him as a coach..

  4. I love to see play Messi all the time, but I also happy to win Nice against PSG only bcz of Walter Benitez. He shows his consistency everytime and he keeps his performance agaist trash attacker like Messi, Naymer and Mbappe. I’m also happy Nice is number 2 in point table, if they keep it end of the season hope they will qualify for Champions league which is more helpful for Walter. Stong backup bench lineup make a team more stronger and give boost to frontline fighter.

  5. So.psg lost today…and real fans saying they gonna murder them on Wednesday… but this season psg play better in champions league.. like they are trying to save their best for the big trophy.

    • Hopefully PSG is saving the energy for Madrid clash; but frankly PSG can’t win against NICE, is a question mark. Everybody is blaming Poche; for me as long as he can control the dressing room with all the superstar players, it is fine. Although he seems to lose the power to substitute Messi, Mbappe and Neymar when they are not having their best day…the game plan is just one dimension; put the best players in front, let them do the job. Simple and no risks.
      Win or lose is optional not an obsessions

      • Liverpool didnt win league title when they won CL in 2018 and 2005. Real Madrid won CL even when they finished 3rd in the league. Chelsea ranked 6th in EPL when they won CL in 2012 lol

        Real Madrid rarely face PSG , so it would be hard to predict. I believe the tie is still 50:50.

      • Yup. Dybala is not a power forward, he is a talented supportive sticker. He cant fill Lautaros \ simeones shoes, especially in our NT system where the delicate magic rest on Messi and Dimaria. He is a sub for those two veterans.

        • Yea, and in national team his best position has been occupied by Messi. Dybala cant act as goalpoacher like Lautaro / Simeone, neither he could press and hassle like those two. He’s more technical and creative but lack physical strength/stamina.

          Scaloni is modern coach and he loves player who could do multiple tasks. He usually pick players who’s willing to press off the ball, which is why you’d always see Nico and Tucu getting more playing time than Dybala.

          Dybala did press and get an assist when we beat Uruguay but then he’s out at halftime due to injury lol

  6. Anyway, Lautaro really needs to improve his shooting power. Like Messi and Aguero, they all like to shoot to the corner instead of blasting it with power, but Messi and Aguero shots have power in theirs, unlike Lautaro’s.

    I remember Ariel Ortega also did not have power in his shots earlier in his career but he added power to it and he could shoot with power later in his career.

    • Ortega what a player! if he were born 20y later, could have a total different career. He could play as that kind of inner offensive midfielder like David Silva

    • 1-2 months ago he played around 3 good games, but that is not enough to convince Gerrard that he is good enough.

      I have been watching the Spurs and Villa this season. Buendia is not that consistent yet to start for Villa. I already knew it when they got Coutinho, Buendia would lose his starting spot.

      Yes he won it for a while against Ings, which means starting a winger like Watkins as number 9, but now he lost it to Ings again so Ings would play 9. Watkins and Coutinho on both flanks.

      Unless Buendia suddenly gets back his starting spot, we as Argentina fan should not have too high expectation on him to replace any of Lo Celso/De Paul/Di Maria as it won’t happen. For me I am happy enough that Papu, Palacios, and Nico Gonzales/Correa backing up Lo Celso/De Paul/Di Maria. Buendia still has a long way to go.

      Villa played really good without Buendia starting and I don’t think they would want to change their winning team anytime soon as they won 2 games in a row without Buendia.

    • Yes as I said before he can’t score to save his life… and members here bash me and said he is in the squad not as a finisher ..

    • Exactly…wtf emry is doing as a coach for locelso?….he is a midfielder, playmaker not a forward…Is Emry out of his mind or what?…why don’t he make locelso play at his natural position…by doing this I’m scared he will ruin his form

    • Celso wasn’t bad at all, but his strength is to carry the ball from the deep and driving it foward, honestly, it’s like those coaches (conte, Nuno and now Emery) don’t do their homework, they play Celso in every position (DM, RW and FW) EXCEPT the one that he excels at. Emery especially, should know better because he’s supposed to know Celso well.
      I guess the one good thing to come out of all this is that Celso is not playing for a s**t club like Spurs anymore and he’s playing regular football and is playing well even if he’s lacking the end product.

  7. Good evening from Kathmandu Nepal..I agree with rattlehead..
    Argentina should drop Franco Armani.. needs back ups for de Paul lautaro Martinez..
    Saw 2006 world cup..we need to have red hot maxi Rodriguez ( in 2006 world cup )like player now..
    But to be honest I don’t think we have one like that currently although as a team Argentina are playing very much well..

  8. Forget Alario, his coach doesnt rate him to start in a big match without Schick, Palacios countless injuries ruined his career so far, Buendia lost his starting place. Bad news.

        • Here it can be toxic sometimes. Remember how English media hailed their Owen, Walcott, McManaman, Rooney, and now Greenwood, Foden, Sancho, Mount and so on like the next big things? Here people do the same.

          If someone just follows this site only and never read other news, we would think that Argentina have at least 30 “world class” players and 30 wonderkids. Here people make their own definition of world class, similar to that of English press… Sadly.

  9. Licha should partner with cuti at Argentina World cup 2022.

    It will be a very boost backline
    Please scaloni.. make otamendi as a sub. Too old and ageiing.. sometime otamendi makes blunder

    • Every great players also makes blunder occasionally. Materazzi, Ramos, Pepe all win major thropies despite producing tons of red cards in their career.

      Otamendi played in last 3 major tournament finals for Argentina (2015, 2016,2021), Argentina conceided zero in those 3 finals.

      Otamendi was picked because of his tough mentallity , even if he’s not as talented as Cuti or Licha. He’s old school type of defensive player like Gatusso, Ramos, Materazzi , they knows how to gets under oppenent’s skin. The way he handled Neymar was perfect.

      In WC 2018, the whole team was a mess not just Otamendi.

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