Ángel Di María rumored to leave PSG, returning to Benfica


Ángel Di María is rumored to leave PSG with a possible return to Benfica.

Di María could be returning to Benfica when his PSG contract runs out. The Argentine has been at the club since 2015 where he joined them from Manchester United. According to AS, Di María is frustrated with his situation at the club.

He was overlooked for PSG in their starting eleven against Real Madrid last week in the Champions League where he was a substitute. There were reports that PSG would not want to renew his contract which ends at the end of the season.


  1. We talked about all the kids called from Europe, who were called. There were 2 more called up but these 2 were called by Mascherano for the u 20’s.
    Federico Oliva. 17 yrs old highly rated forward, who plays for the Atletico Madrid Juveniles. What is the reason to rush his call up. He is already an US U15 and U16 player, having born in the USA to Argentine parents. There could be a tug of war and Argentina have made their move.
    Tomas Fretes, 17 yr old defensive mid, who plays in Brazil with the Corinthians Juveniles.

  2. We’ve all been down after seeing Messi getting booed and disrespected by imbeciles and I don’t care what their reasons……and I cant wait for the qualifiers to commence and watch that BIG smile on Messi’s face and everybody on that team…CHEER UP.

    On a funny note and I laugh every time I think about it and If you don’t live in the States you wont know who this guy is but you can google him. Tom Brady watching Christina play on Saturday and then meeting her highness on the pitch with his son, I’m laughing as I’m typing this LOL Brady BOY AKA Pretty boy(my nickname for him) is the American Version of Penaldo, tall handsome, arrogant, conceited and considered by many as the GOAT of the NFL and OH YEAH, married to a Brazilian super model LMAO I couldn’t make it up even if I tried heheheheheheh

  3. PSG is like a sinking boat now, everybody wants to rescue himself. The board, management, coach and the players need to be reformed and revitalized. Afer all PSG is playing in “one domesic Leque” no proper competition and all are in luxury.

    Messi surely are looking for another club. Joining Barca back ? Not sure if it will be right decision for him. Joining MLS is too early and going back to Rasario will missed his peak and prime time. He have still lots to offer

    Wish ADM a best of luck at his new adventure

  4. Personally I would prefer a top club in Italy but Portugal would not be a bad destination at all. He would make up a sliver of the old guard with Otamendi there

  5. Would be fun if he joins Rosario Central and Messi joins Newells. Would give the local derby international attention and get out the shadows of the superclasico and Racing vs Independiente.

  6. Anywhere in Spain, Italy or Portugal will be perfect for him.
    Or he can come back home if he desires.
    River plate have open doors always for a player like him.

  7. Good move for him, before the WC starts.
    He would get enough game time, Benfica plays a good brand of football, no pressure on him.
    And hopefully he can keep himself fit and healthy.

    What do u guys think about Licha moving to man City?
    I mean he is far better than laporte, stones, ake and him + dias can make a deadly partnership. Pep can definitely help him mature despite of his height just like he did with mascherano

  8. if he leaves, psg need to make sure he can receive huge ovation from the fans in his last gsme. He deserves at least that. if this club wants to grow, they need to educate their fans about values.

    I think ac milan would be a good spot for him, he can still be competitive for 1-2 years

  9. He was there before..and he can do well…but I would prefer him go to Spain or Italy..He has some years left on him….
    Or he can stay at PSG..of Zidane coming..

    Anyway, Otamendi doing well there…in Portugal…

  10. Portugal a new destination for over 30 players? I personally don’t mind, seems to be a decent league where our players usually do well, whether it’s youngsters or older ones. Plus, a beautiful country, great climate and a culture that is not dissimilar.

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