Roberto Ayala speaks on Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona


Roberto Ayala spoke about the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.

Ayala is part of the Argentina national team staff and was part of the staff which won the 2021 Copa America. Speaking with Radio La Red, he commented on the possibility of playing European teams and he also spoke about the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona. In regards to the list of players for the World Cup possibly being more than 23, here is what he had to say:

“There is talk of it being 26, we still don’t know. You know that it will be unfair to some people, you work with an important group of players and not all of them are going to be fortunate enough to go. If there’s more places, it will be good. You will have more solutions and less long faces.”

In regards to having more players in midfield:

“It’s a place where we would like to look at. I would say from there to the front. They are different characteristics.”

He also spoke about Lionel Messi and stated that “Here, he disconnects” from the atmosphere in Paris.

“A very nice group has been created. They’re enjoying it. The trainings come out the way we want them to. It becomes easy because they make it easy for us. There are no long faces. They are always anxious to be there.

“For many, he is the idol and he is by their side. He wants to be treated like another one of the boys. Here, things go well. He is well, he’s enjoying it. I see him as a leader, not just on the pitch but with small gestures. That means a lot to us.”

The Argentine also spoke about Diego Maradona:

“Every time I have to talk about Diego, I get a lump in my throat. For us, he was a benchmark. What I wouldn’t give for him to give the talk prior to the start of the World Cup in Qatar.

“Maradona could criticize you the day before but you would sit next to him and you would still be stunned. Talking about Diego always excites you.”


  1. PSG fools booing Messi should be the last straw. Ever since Messi joined that pathetic club his team’s treated him like a social outcast most likely because of his refusal to put any defensive work and getting substituted. When he joined them , he wasn’t 100% fit as he was still recovering from that horrific tackle from Venezuelan, that is why he abstained from putting any defensive work but after he regained his fitness he is dropping deep to move ball forward. PSG has made so many unnecessary singings that Messi playing full 90mins every match has pissed off his team-mates. Barca president stabbed him in the back after using him to win the election and now not only his team mates but the supporters are also against him. He should have signed the contract when Bartomeu was president instead he decided to take him down. New Barca administration did the calculation and came to conclusion that keeping aging Messi would be bad for both financial and footballing reasons. He has to get the fcuk outta there and National team should do everything they can to bring his confidence and form back. We need a happy confident and inform Messi heading into the world cup.

    • PSG fans dont care but also there is large section of media who hates Messi. Media put up the fire and fans lapped it. Remember this PSG team lost to United couple of years ago despite 2-0 up in first away leg.

  2. I just notice that J Correa has recovered but is not called up by Scaloni. Usually Scaloni is a huge fan of J Correa. Is it a sign that he is out?

    Usually with Scaloni he might like a player or 2 but if they barely start for their clubs, they are usually out of consideration for example: Alario and Icardi.

    J Correa will barely get minutes now at Inter as Lautaro and Dzeko are the first choice. Then there is still Alexis Sanchez as back up.

    • shame, I didn’t watch much Inter’s game this season but I remember in one game, Lautaro and him pressed so hard on the opponents that the defenders couldn’t do anything with the ball and the match was totally dominated by Inter because of their pressing.

  3. Alejandro Garnacho seems better than N. Gonzalez,he is best for Argentina left wing he is only eighteen but looks good. He is good dribbler, tracks back, chance creator,has speed, quick twist and turns He is perfect for Left Wing.

  4. It seems that Messi will return to Barca, his home. It will be good for all
    Messi is a system player like what Fergie said; difficult for him to adapt and adjust with new atmosphere and selfish players like Mbappe and Neymar; he is the playmaker and need to touch the ball not just a water carrier.

  5. PSG “fans” booing Messi just shows that they are just as much of football fans as PSG is a football club. Fake, conceited, and not involved for the football. Did they even watch the Real Madrid game to begin with? I understand that they are angry about the result but if they want to show their opinion why do it to Messi who was not the reason they lost? What about booing the PSG backline instead? It’s like they have no mental comprehension and just boo the most high profile player because that’s the only player they know by name or something. Messi is bigger than their entire club by multiple metrics. PSG “fans” have bigger problems anyway, imagine being a fan of a club that has no history or culture and not noticing that the purpose of the club is solely to sell to you instead of to provide you with good football. They are all being sold into a lie and it’s hilarious. Hope they don’t win a champions league for another ten years.

    • very disrespectful, abused. To be fair, they should have boo other players as well, not just Neymar and Messi. But I think if you are not happy with the players, you can just stay silent, refused to applause but no need to boo in any case. They made mistakes on the targets which should be the management team not just the players. They signed those super star with no plan.

    • my friend don t take it so deep. fans are have deep feelings for their team and sometimes they don t be fair because of sadness. it is normal and if you are a fan you can understand the reason.Personally i understand them just i don t agree with them. the failure of psg goes to superstars. a fan fair or not can not blame the most low rank player. he will blame the superstar because he have the bigger expectations from them than the rest players. Personally i have done worse things than booo in my youngness and i am the last should speak. just i am saying the psychological aspect of that thing to understand.
      for example Tevez and Riquelme receive worse than booo behave from me (and many others) when they was enter games in Monumental with Boca. (only national team unite us) and most important example of sadness and bad behaviour was the game against Belgrano the evening we was relegated to B. the fights was so big and somebody could have die. it was good luck that nobody die that evening.Imagine that our players became main target too and for security reasons they was waiting police empty the chants in middle of pitch for more than half hour !!! stones, knifes, broken silver bars, glass bottles and other dangerous for life things was throw with target the players of River from River fans. imagine.
      ANYWAY. what i want to say is that sadness make fans react strange and not fair sometimes. so Messi and Neymar booo is not something i find not normal in psg sircumstances.

      • Yes I understand your points, you are right to point out that there have been instances where fans have behaved much worse. Also Gallardo pointed out yesterday that we as Argentinians should not suddenly pretend to be patriots because there were many of us that criticized Messi. I even saw videos of horrible things being said to Di Maria by Argentina fans as he went up to take a corner kick (before this year obviously). Personally I don’t like to be rude to players of my own team that I know are good, because I know it is only a matter of time for them to show it even if it takes years. I just think the PSG criticism is very counterproductive because if anything it will make Messi less confident and it is not his fault they got knocked out. I think there are some players you just should not boo at, even if they play badly. Of course my morals do not apply to the masses of football fans there are out there

  6. I didn’t like what cuti Romero did to Harry Maguire after his own goal he shouted on his face that isn’t sportsmanship. As for messi no matter how bad he plays the guy deserves respect from football lovers not only his fans and arg fans but the whole football audience Messi gave football lovers too much joy but nothing last forever, to me messi is bigger than psg . Some may knowledge now how good leo paredes is, in my opinion there is not better deep laying playmaker than paredes, I always liked paredes since I saw him playing Seria A in 2015 the guy has tremendous ability as footballer like or not he is one of the reasons Argentina look good under scaloni .

      • It does seems that Otamendi bullying attitude has infected him. That synchronized mockery against Peru must have been Otamendi’s idea. They both also went reckless the last time we played Brazil.

        I like player with strong mentallty, but they need to keep their temper in check.

        Paredes good performance yesterday was another smack on Poch face.

    • I agree that its a bit distasteful but at the same time I enjoy having “assholes” on our team. I like having our center backs anger opposition players and bully them (both Romero and Otamendi have been huge on that). It can get under the skin of other players and it’s helpful to have center backs that are feared. Even Martinez has his moments like when he asked Ronaldo to take the penalty. I want the opposition to fear our center backs and that adds to it. According to (I think Cuti’s brother) he is really friendly off the field but on the field even his own family could become his enemy.

      • True, we all know teams that win major thropies has these type of players… However, occassionally it could backfired. We’ve seen players like Ramos & Pepe causing his team by getting sent off. Let just hope they dont get carried away during the WC.

        I remember Alves used to get into our players skin and made us losing concentration.

        I remember back then we have players like Kily Gonzales or before that there’s Simeone, these guys would do harsh challange and then told their opponents to get up lol

    • Scaloni need to insert him in the team; he is on fire and can be the surprised elements. Although his performance at the club doesn’t yet resemble at N/T. But with more playing timee he would be an important part

      • The problem with all Argentina managers that they refuse to start to gives extended playing time for youngster. Look at Dybala, despita having 30+ caps, most of them has been as a late sub or playing only the first half.

        Only Argentina manager would bench someone like Messi for WC quarterfinal while Portugal and France always played young CR & Mbappe for full minutes.

        Look at all recent WC, Argentina is fielding the likes of Palacio & even Palermo instead! In 2018 against Nigeria (a must win game), Sampa brought in Higuain instead of Dybala!

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