Nehuén Pérez of Udinese comments on Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, Cristian Romero


Nehuén Pérez of Udinese commented on the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi and Cristian Romero.

Pérez has been included in the preliminary list of players for Argentina for the March World Cup qualifying matches. The 21 year old defender is on loan at Udinese from Atletico Madrid. Speaking in an interview with ESPN, Perez was asked about the treatment Lionel Messi has gotten recently. Here is what he had to say:

“I saw it after on social media. I don’t know what to say, it’s a shame what they did, there is nothing else to say. For those of us who were part of the sparring team for the national team, we always see him as an idol. That they do that is a shame. Having him as a team mate and being on the national teams, to see him as an idol to sharing a locker room with him is a dream and a beautiful reality.

“Having Messi as a team mate… One sees things he does and you can’t believe it. He is the best for me, with the team mates, we admire him a lot. Facing him was a dream, it’s difficult to stop seeing him as an idol, there are no words to describe what he does on the pitch.”

In regards to the Argentina national team:

“One always wants to be on the national team. If I play, I have more chances to go, I search for competition and to play as much as possible to always try to be there. He tells you things straight up, he is very clear, he doesn’t tie himself to anyone but on the day to day, he pulls everyone to the same side.

“That is later reflected on the pitch. There is something very good and that gives you hope. Age doesn’t matter, if one does things well, no matter how old you are, they can give you the opportunity. One always tries to do things well to win that opportunity.”

Regarding Cristian Romero of Tottenham Hotspur:

“I have already said it. Cuti is crazy. He deserves it from last year with Atalanta, I see him very complete and a great player. He reflected that on the national team, I was his team mate at the U23 team, for me, he is great.”

He also spoke about the World Cup:

“We are all excited for the World Cup but you have to have your feet on the ground, you have to have humility, continue as we are as a group and God willing, fight until the end to be in that final list.”


  1. Sorry you guys got wrong about pochettino
    Poch is very good head coach, it’s unfair to charge only psg which is to me unmanageable team due the egos
    Let me take you back to psg history since Qatar government took over , they hired great coaches/ managers from Carlo Ancelotti , uai Emery Thomas tuchal all failed to deliver uefa champions league
    Tuchal was humiliated man utd at home , uai emery fcb Both was worst than poch’ lose to real Madrid which unfroce childish errors from the back from the golie to Marquinhos who is really really great defender in my book. Poch history as Head coach
    – 2009 espanol was certainly going to relegate.They appointed unknown coach who was Poch His first game was vs fcb on thier peak under Guardiola at camp nu copa de la Ray espanol beat fcb comfortable.
    He turned espanol from Relegation fights to European place challenges with eye catching attack football.
    – Southampton, England unknown Argentinian coach in English soil he turned Southampton Relegation fighters to well established EPL club, one of his earlier games was vs man utd at old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson Southampton went toe to toe with man utd which makes
    Alex Ferguson woow really impressed poch’s bravery and high pressing attacking football with team fighting to stay in the epl which is unusual, he took by surprise British media they started to acknowledge how good coach poch is with his attacking stlye.
    – midtable spurs so call big club , underachievers. He turned to premier league challenges with four consecutive top finishes plus reached uefa champions league final which spurs will never dreamed of it Since spurs Sacked they turned to elite managers like Antonio conte, Mourinho still not achieved anything at least what poch did at the lane mind that with champagne attacking football unlike Mourinho and conte .

    Do you guys ask yourselves why big clubs
    Likes Real, man utd always linked with poch not Simeone, mainly because of his attacking stlye and improving players he made what Harry kane is today dele ali , Rose never be the same since poch left.
    Poch is not clueless coach even saying that is disrespect. Psg isn’t team it’s luxury individual egos which is almost impossible to manage.

    • At PSG, the coach cannot do their job, if you want to bench a big name player, the next day the player’s parents will go to complain to the president. If you want to sub any star player during the match, you will get insulted by the player. The players are above the club. They can walk during 90 minutes and you cannot replace them. No hope.

      • I never said poch is elite manager but not bad as some of us making he is.
        To be elite, you have to win big trophies like champions league, win league titles with unfacies teams likes seville, Roma , Leverkusen, Marseille and Tottenham or underachieving giants like ac Milan, man utd list goes on, psg not elite or giant club at least.
        Some guys throwing poch under the bus because they frustrated messi not performing at psg
        Sorry that’s not sole poch’s fault rather is the whole environment messi is atm, starting from French media Selfish teammates plus not he isn’t young anymore.

        • I have never been fan of his football, even when he coached Tottenham but since a while I realized it’s impossible to coach this team. I don’t find his teammates were selfish with Messi. He didn’t score much with PSG because PSG plays a very different football than Barca and Argentina, and Pochettino need him in a deeper position. I don’t think French media was tough with Messi. As said Gallardo yesterday, the local media was much tougher with him when he took a break with the NT. I found Messi ok since a couple of games, he’s comfortable with his new role now. Football is not stats, to me, Iniesta, Pirlo and Zidane are the best player ever of their country, they don’t score much and not so many assists.

    • This is what I think in my humble opinion:
      POCH is not a bad coach but he has his limitations, a coach like Zidane would have done a better job just from what he was able to accomplish with RM.
      2nd and this is even more damaging to his coaching ability, PSG’s desire to keep Mbappe at any cost which meant allowing him to be himself because to them he is the future even though he made it abundantly clear that he wants to leave.
      He gets priority over everybody else and Messi understood that from day 1.
      3rd, Neymar is done in my opinion at 30, he cant dribble, slow, and his passing has always been subpar.

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