Geronimo Rulli keeps clean sheet for Villarreal in 3-0 win vs. Juventus


Geronimo Rulli kept a clean sheet for Villarreal in their 3-0 win vs. Juventus in the Champions League.

Rulli saved five shots on target, four of them from the first half. His first big save of the match came from a Morata header in the first half but his reactions denied the Juventus striker.

The Argentine would make a save on Juventus star signing Vlahovic as he would get the clean sheet. Gio Lo Celso started the match for Villarreal with Juan Foyth on the bench. Paulo Dybala would be brought on as a substitute for Juventus.

Still only 29 years old Rulli is part of the preliminary Argentina team for the two World Cup qualifiers this month.


  1. Rulli with good performance ✅
    Musso with good performance…✅
    Emi and Benitez continue with their excellence ✅

    Still I have a bad feeling that.. Scaloni will include ARMANI as one of our 3 goal keepers for the WC and he will be used as second choice in a most important WC game when Emi is injured/Suspended…God save us.. 🙏
    Musso and Rulli should be given chances in coming qualifiers…

  2. I know I may get booed and slaughtered here… But since acuna is out, maybe we should try three defenders and a vast midfield with Lauturo up front as a sole striker ?

    • Tottenham play 3 at the back, and it doesn’t suit Romero at all, he’s mostly out from most of the attack that comes their way.. besides I don’t think at this stage we should disrupt anything that’s well set with the team

        • Oh, I didn’t know that, thanks for correcting me, so it looks like its just Spurs being Spurs, still I think we shouldn’t tinker with something that’s working well

      • He’s used to play in the middle of the back 3 since Eric dyer has no pace he play in the middle pushing Romero to the right of the back 3….when it was Sanchez Romero and Davies Romero used to play in the middle

    • Acuna out.. Tagliafico no in form…high time to experiment a third choice in LB or you said..3 man defense…We have enough players for 3 CB roles…
      Apart from Otamendi, Romero, Lisandro, and Pazella…we have Quarta, Foyth, Perez.etc to play this 3 man CB roles. Montiel/Molina can be used in 5 man defense in one wing..and Nico/Ocampos in the other.

      • Good insight Insider. That’s a good idea. But suyash has a good point, Tottenham struggle with three at the back at times and we do have a good system in place finally.

      • Not exactly a bad thing if we really want to test and starts Julian or Dybala . Lautaro has played so many games for both club & country. Its not like he’s going to lose his starting place when he’s available.

  3. Cuti Romero is phenomenal defender but he has big weakness which is collecting too many yellows and it’s big concern, to me, he is way too aggressive sometimes he rushes unnecessary challenges I know I will get murder for saying this in here but I perfer lich martinez over him and probably will increase his stock for next two matches. Having saying that I like cuti as player and defender Plus he looks like East African which is where I come from.

    • Good post godin, I like history and genetics!
      But East African as in Ethiopian or Somali??? My family is originally from north Africa, and he looks more like that I would think. He can easily pass for a cousin of mine. Also di Maria, de Paul, acuna and even Lauturo can easily pass as north African. The reason is that north Africa was in control of Spain for a few centuries. After wards an evil Spanish monarchy slaughtered and expelled them and then started their voyages towards the Americas. For instance Sorin took a DNA test a long time ago on Mexican tv and found that he has Arab lineage.
      Alot of Argentina players have German in them like demechilles and heinze. Alot have Italian in them like crespo and zannetti. And a big portion of Argentina, and Chile have Arab and north African DNA. Majority of Argentina originally come from the north Mediterranean (southern Europe, Spain, Italy) and the south Mediterranean ( modern day Libya, Tunisia, Morocco)

      • Sorin bro كيفك I’m from somalia land of anarchy, war torn , pirates the paradise of Africa, Indian ocean/red sea you name it bro that is my country.

        • Godin
          السلام عليكم
          Great to get to know you more!
          I was born in Argentina but my parents are both from Libya. I have many Somali friends. It’s awesome that we have argetine fans with so much in common. You made me very happy with the “كيفك” 😂
          أنا الحمدلله بخير. كيف حالك انت و كيف حال ناس السومال الشقيقه

          • وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
            It’s good to know bro yes indeed we have a lot in common most of the Arabs. I knew a lot of Arab immigrants in Argentina mainly from Lebanon and Syria but not knowing some are from North Africa before you bro however there is not much difference from Argentina, Spanish, Italians and not North Africans in appearance wise.

      • The topic is interesting to me as well. I know that a lot of Spaniards have some level of North African ancestry because of the occupation, and with so many Spanish people going to South America that was brought to countries like Argentina. There are also many people that are a blend between European and Native which gives them the appearance of someone that could be North African although that doesn’t necessarily mean they are North African

        • Correct olive, doesn’t mean they are from north Africa if they have a look.
          But ironically a big portion of Mediterranean is from north African decent.
          There was a show on Argentine TV some years back, where they had a few Italian players, buffon etc. And they all said that ” our lineage is one hundred Italian, nothing else.”
          Yet all of them had at least 30 percent Arab in their blood after the DNA test 😂.
          South america and north Africa have so much involvement with each other in history, it’s unfortunate that they weren’t able to control who writes and publishes history, or we would know more about what is in common between us and what could potentially unite us. For instance, the first men that landed in the Americas that was documented was Muslim voyagers, way before the conquistadors and Columbus. Yet, we only fame Columbus and the criminal conquistadors. Mexican history even shows that they had peaceful trade with Arabs way before the Spaniards showed up.

  4. In my opinion this is currently what the GK pecking order should be:

    Emi – Musso- Benitez – Rulli- Ledesma – Andrada – Armani – Marchesin

    Rulli was probably man of the match vs Juventus. Benitez sadly not on the NT radar.

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