Lisandro Martínez of Ajax injured, will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers


Lisandro Martínez is injured and will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers.

Martínez will miss both of Argentina’s matches as he has suffered a muscle injury. According to Gastón Edul, the defender suffered a muscle injury during their match against Feyenoord and will not play in the two matches.

Argentina will be without Cristian Romero as he is suspended for the matches against Venezuela and Ecuador. Lisandro had started Argentina’s last two matches in the qualifiers and was expected to play with the absence of Romero.


  1. A good lesson from Barca win; give chance to youngsters; there is no “too early” dogmatic textbook and ordered anymore as long the players perform at the club and on fire – Give a call. It’s more “Too late” call that brings problem. Julian Alvarez is a good things give him more playing time. Fortunately Scaloni did have trust on Lautoro, Cuti Romero, Lisandro Martinez and Emi Dibu. Otherwise, i would imagine Arg playing with Armanni, Otamendi, Enzo Perez, Lamela and Kun Aquero up infront

  2. I’ve said before, Real Madrid this season is nothing special. Psg lost was due to Poch incompetence as we saw it again today. The fans gets what they wanted, no Messi means even worst result lol.

    I’ve been saying aswell had Messi stays at Barca or move to any top 4 teams in serie A or to Sevilla, he’d still banging 30 goals at minimum.

    • PSG RM was more about PSG than RM winning it. Carlo is lucky Xavi came late, if not Barca would be winning La Liga.

  3. Does Argentina have midfielders like Pedri and Gavi? No, no. Does Argentina have good wings on the left side and right side? Maybe on the right side. Like Messi, De Maria. But there is no good wing on the left side. One of the main problems of Argentina is not being able to pass properly. Spain can shine in this World Cup because Xavi and Luis Enrique like to play in the same system.Is Lionel Scaloni better than Xavi? Never. Scaloni is a typical Argentina coach who always decides to just dump. Winning the Copa was a fluke.

    • I agree with u .. the problem with argentina they don’t give youngsters they chance.. if gavi and pedri was Argentines they would have never been given a chance so early. Argentina loves old players…. they wait to long to bring in the young blood. I’m not saying the experience not good but u need young hungry players.. but looking at the bright side I see scaloni called up some young guns. Let’s see if he actually uses them

    • Does Brazil have Gavi and Pedri in their midfield? Last I checked it’s Fred and Paqueta getting regular minutes for you. You say it like it’s an embarrassment to not have talents of that level in midfield. As if that’s necessary to consider in the first place given how well equipped we are in midfield

    • Does Argentina have a Pedri or a Gavi? Hell yes, Luka Romero and Enzo Fernandez are way better!
      Now the real question is: Does Brazil have anyone like Pedri and Gavi? Don’t take too long to think about it cos the answer is no.

      “Scaloni is a typical Argentina coach who always decides to just dump. Winning the Copa was a fluke”

      Are you talking about football or toileting? Cos every man needs to take a dump once in a while.
      I know it hurts to see Argentina humble your brazilian boys in their own home (I guess it’s becoming a habit after the 7 up Germany gave them in 2014) but even if Argentina’s win was a fluke it’s still better then bribing the officials like Brazil did in 2019.

  4. Unfortunate licha missing 2 games which he wld have surely started with otamendi. Not sure why medina has fallen out from scaloni list. Maybe he gets a chance back to be in squad as a left sided CB. Senesi anyway like walter benitez seems totally out of NT radar

  5. Ok so that’s what a proper coach gives you.. young players with talent obviously but u need a team.. to play together and not to depend on one player.. but sadly i am seeing the #10 in football is disappearing slowly..

  6. WOW Pedri and Gavi are the real deal. We need players like that… And they are like 17 and 19 or something. Those two are gonna be great midfielders.
    As now for the Argentinian Players… Great games for Lo Celso, De Paul, Licha Martinez, Musso, Romero and Dybala. I feel very sad for Dybala cuz I think he will not make the WC Team. Although at Club Level still one of the best Argentine.
    Now for PSG😂😂😂😂 that team is a joke. Without Messi and/or Di Maria they can’t do shit. Neymar and Mpappe were totally lost if they don’t have Messi… The Fans and the Club should be ashamed… Booing the best Player in the World…

    I really hope Messi is leaving that freaking Club as soon as possible. I have to admit I don’t even care where he’s going.. He just needs to perform in Qatar and then, sadly, we have to build the post Messi Argentina…

    Vamoooos Argentina go get some more points in the Qualifiers..,

    • Xavi done excellent job here in Qatar with Al Sadd. Without prior experience in coaching..he turned this team into a mini Barcelona and dominated other teams. Goals were coming with ease. Now he’s doing the same with better players in better league. Hope Mascherano will do the similar magic.

      • He brought passion and happiness back to the team, I just hate the fact that Laporta is the man in charge after what he said about Messi’s departure, about how he could have played for FREE if he asked me but he never did LIKE why would he play for free…….etc and why would you tarnish that man’s legacy with garbage like this.
        They wasted Messi’s best years with lousy coaching after winning the CL in 2015 and allowed that clown to believe he’s on par or better! with Messi because he won with RM

        • If Messi was still in Barca Koeman would be the coach today. Messi would save him from UCL group stage KO, would fight with Real in Primera, so everything would be “OK”, Barca would win nothing ofc with that idiot dutchman but Messi would be blamed again. In this case no winter transfers, no Xavi arriving just Messi blames to carry a shitty Barca again and again over their reality.

      • Funny. All the Argentina coaches I’ve seen are defensive minded. It is doubtful whether the Argentine coaches will be able to look like Xavi.

        • Atleast Argentine coaches succeded in europe unlike Brazilian ones.
          When Xavi wins 2 champions leagues or heck, get to a CL final then we can talk.
          See Argentina is the 5th most successful when it comes to CL wins in europe (4 in total, 2 from Carnigllia and 2 from Herrera) not to mention Simeone (2 finals) and Poch (1 final) who got close, while not a single Brazilian coach came close to a CL final let alone legitimate success.

  7. For CB position, 3 players are 💯 sure for WC if not injured.
    1. Otamendi ✅
    2.Romero ✅
    Now only one CB spot available for the WC(if it’s 23 players squad) and two spot if it’s a bigger squad.
    4. Pazella will make proper competition.
    5. Quarta/Nehuen this is the current scenario.

    I don’t think Scaloni will call Senesi in the last moment. May be…this will happen only after the World Cup when Otamendi and Pazella retires. Senesi will have to compete with Quarta and Nehuen for the spot.
    These injuries and suspension are blessing for us…It gives us chance to test backup players without affecting the team harmony.

  8. While sad that there are no more Argentines left in El clasico, loving the Brazilian full Real Madrid getting drubbed. Go and put 7-8 against the Brazilians

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