Lisandro Martínez substituted out injured for Ajax vs. Feyenoord


Lisandro Martínez was substituted out injured for Ajax against Feyenoord.

Martínez was unable to complete the match for Ajax as he was taken out at the end of the match. With Ajax leading 3-2, the 24 year old was replaced by Perr Schuurs. According to TNT Sports, the substitution was injury related.

In the match against Ajax, per Argentidata, Lisandro had 14 recoveries, 12 interceptions, completed four out of four tackles and had six long balls, the most out of any Ajax player. He was second with clearances with three and also in passes completed with 68 of them.

The Argentine has a good chance of starting for Argentina against Venezuela in the World Cup qualifiers after starting their last two matches. Cristian Romero of Tottenham Hotspur is suspended for the matches against Venezuela and Ecuador as Martínez is being expected to start.


  1. Why not call senesi I’m not sure it would hurt anybody if we are missing 2 center back just call him,he’s decent enough 23 years of age.

  2. it’s a shame not to have Acuna and Lisandro, I believe that we should switch to 343 by replacing the left midfielder by Lisandro and let Messi play behind 2 strikers. Almost all of our defenders are familiar with the 3 men defense with their club. Lanzini, Lo Celso and MacAllister not really convincing in this left midfielder position, the only one able to play this role is Papu but he is getting injured more frequently than before.

  3. Current situation, CB position.
    Remaining, Otamendi, Pazella and Quarta.
    Emergency backup Foyth and Tagliafico.

    Still, I would love a proper CB is called up.

  4. Watch West Ham vs Spurs.

    Cuti played the whole game and was great as usual. He won all the duels against anyone including Antonio and was extremely dominant in the back.

    Lanzini was very scared of Cuti lol. Anytime Lanzini got the ball and Cuti was chasing him, he was like “don’t give me the ball. a monster is behind me”.

    My rating for Cuti 8.
    Lanzini 5.5

    • It may be the best game of Conte since he coached Tottenham, they really played well in that 343, Cuti is in a very good team. As you said, he smoked Antonio who got sub. Lanzini in big troubles today. What I don’t like is his reaction to pressing, he dropped too deep and played in the same zone as Rice. He was supposed to play between lines but he didn’t respect his position and put his team in trouble.

      • You got it all wrong if I must say,the last 4 games they put Tomas soucek forward and have lanzini dropping deep to dictate the buildup…..that’s how the beat sevilla,..I don’t think the coach would let his #10 to drop so deep if he was not ok with it.

  5. Our players out of form and getting injured now.. well at least we are qualified.. so I guess we’ll see how good our back ups are.. looking forward to the youngsters getting some game time.. especially Alvarez and that man utd guy…

  6. That’s too bad, he’s such a good player!

    But I guess Quarta + Pezzella, if that happens should be good enough to contain Venezuela at La Bombonera.

  7. Bad News….Hope it’s minor and he can play both matches for Argentina…Else…the situation is worse..

    Romero is suspended, Otamendi just coming back from injury, now Lisandro injured…!
    Pazella and Quarta remaining…in CB spot..!
    Last chance for both to impress.

    Hope Scaloni calls Senesi finally…

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