Lionel Messi, Rodrigo De Paul, Alexis Mac Allister start for Argentina in World Cup qualifier


Lionel Messi spearheads the attack for Argentina with Rodrigo De Paul, Alexis Mac Allister and Leandro Paredes in midfield.

Messi is back in the Argentina starting XI as the team play their final World Cup qualifying match at La Bombonera. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni had already stated that Franco Armani will start against Venezuela with Emiliano “Dibu” Martinez suspended. Here is the starting eleven:

Argentina confirmed XI: Armani; Tagliafico, Otamendi, Pezzella, Molina; De Paul, Paredes, Mac Allister; Messi, Joaquin Correa, Nicolás González

Coach Lionel Scaloni has decided not to include any of the youth players on the bench. Here is the bench:

Juan Musso, Gerónimo Rulli, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Juan Foyth, Julián Álvarez, Ángel Di María, Exequiel Palacios, Lucas Ocampos, Guido Rodríguez, Manuel Lanzini, Ángel Correa and Lucas Boyé.


  1. Messi is Messi…all good but DePaul is the engine of this team…it’s like he’s on his own personal trip to win everything for Argentina. The man is possessed and a monster for Argentina. He is our next captain mark these words

  2. First of all, thanks to all the members that posted the links, THANK YOU.
    2nd, GREAT win, Messi as EXPECTED was is and STILL the Boss…..the team was pressing, defending and going after every single loose ball……there is always room for improvement but this was a GOOD win and TWO chances were missed prior to Di Maria’s superb GOAL.

    Did you see Messi breaking tackles, running and refusing to go down…..SUCK IT PSG

  3. Attacking and Pressing at the same time near the end of game was almost perfect. And touches and movement is getting better days by days. Molina is solid on the right side, De Paul create all the spaces and Paredes is next Busquet for Argentina; You don’t see him on the pitch much but the midfield is neat and tidy when he is around.

  4. De Paul today’s MOM, is most important Argentine player completely changed the team after 2018.

  5. scaloni miss using some spot.. like armani, pazella, macallister etc…
    but his selection of lucas boye is very good selection.. if armani and pazella don’t replace from the next match then argentina going to world cup with two player less

  6. And btw…hmmm….did i read before some time ago, most propably written by frenchmen or published by french media multi joined by all the european and global media that something about Messi not being Messi anymore, lol!
    Bunch of idiots and screw u all who threw trash on him who been the best, is the best and will allways remain the best!
    R.I.P great brother in soul and specially in terms of what comes to quality of football and to inteligence as there are simply no others, not even close to the level than El Diego was and Messi is and i highly doubt that we will never ever see anymore such a players, so please all enjoy Still when u can as captain of Arg is Still on the pitch and looking like as hungry lion as ever like when the lion is hungry !

      • I still take this version of Messi over anyone on the planet. But I would have to agree with you. It’s not only us that can see it but he also sees it. This is our and his year to once in for all end the debate. Vamos Messi vamos Argentina!

        • Yeah this Messi is better than Mbappe and the best in the world IDK where the crap the claim that Messi is not the best anymore comes from total bs makes me fucking angry

  7. Mac Allister – Totally flop
    Armani -OMG! Worst GK in Argentina Jersey
    Pezzella – Not a WC level. Can’t imagine him against top European teams in world cup.

  8. MESSI’s performance should change the opinion of folks second guessing the GOAT and advocating for Messi to play only last 30 to 45mins because he is old and finished!!

  9. From what I was able to see of the first half it was mostly uneventful although the attack that led to the goal was great. I hope there are chances. I would like to see Alvarez get at least 30 minutes. Palacios or Lanzini for Mac Allister would be interesting. Really happy to see Gonzalez score a goal given all the hard work he puts in when he plays for us.

  10. I can’t find Mack Alastair on the field. Molina looks defensively shaky. German Pazella is not good at all. De Paul’s pairing with Messi looks good. One touch pass with Messi was beautiful. Joaquin Correa is not at the World Cup level. Armani’s clearance is not so good.

    • J. Correa should not be anywhere near the lineup. Scaloni favoritism will backfire big tym if he doesn’t get careful. Some position should not be compromised especially preferring armani to likes of Rulli and Musso.


    One more link
    After this game I’m going to have to get you all to create an Instagram account so you can access the site that posts the links 😂 if you already have one go follow partidos_en_vivoo and go to their story to get the links

      • No problem. Maybe avoid this one because it just started glitching. Keep to the Portuguese one or the one I posted on the bottom. Sadly the links are glitchier than usual


    Last resort portuguese link if necessary


      Apologies, the site where I get my links from usually only glitches for club games but they uploaded a new link. If this doesn’t work the first time refresh and try again

  13. Coach Lionel Scaloni has decided not to include any of the youth players on the bench. Here is the bench: LOL! What an wasted opportunity to at least to give one them their first International cap for our beloved Albiceleste !

    And why to include 2 goalie’s on the bench ? And wasn’t Di Maria injured?

    For me at least 2 spot’s from the bench could have been given to 2 of those youngsters!

    Well, it is what is and let’s beat the shit out Venezuela and hopefully Messi will score at Bombonera!

    Also wish to see much of Alvarez and A.Correa+Palacios too!

    Even a change for an Goalie at halftime would not be a bad idea, lol !

    Also Quarta and good old Lanzini and also why not Boye too would be nice to see !

    But, i quess i might be asking a bit too much so i let it be and instead just wish for good performance from our beloved Albiceleste !

  14. Ok boys! Sorry I missed out on today’s debates and insults but the asado has been in effect for about 6 hours, almost time to eat and watch. I wish we can post pictures on this forum of hooligans

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