Argentina win 3-0, Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, Nicolas Gonzalez score, undefeated in 30 matches


Argentina with a 3-0 win with Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and Nicolas Gonzalez all scoring as they are now undefeated in 30 matches.

A first half which was controlled by Argentina, it was a Nicolas Gonzalez goal through a great pass by Rodrigo De Paul which gave Argentina the 1-0 lead. Lionel Messi was as lively as he has ever been with incredible dribbles and precise passes.

Lionel Messi had an effort on goal which struck the arm of a diving Venezuelan player but no penalty was given. Fouled several times, Messi could have had two assists.

Joaquin Correa had a chance to make it 1-0 for Argentina as Lionel Messi played in a through ball which fell to Correa. He was one on one with the goalkeeper but his effort on goal was saved.

Correa had another opportunity to score as Messi once more played a great pass to him. However, Correa was not able to control the ball and the goalkeeper would get to it.

Another play whicch was started by Messi with the ball falling to Rodrigo De Paul. WIth him on the wing, he would send in a low pass into the penalty area and Nicolas Gonzalez with the goal from close range.

The second half saw Joaquin Correa miss another goal. A great pass in by Lionel Messi and Correa controls the ball and tries to dribble but loses the ball.

Angel Di Maria was substituted on for Argentina and was one of the best players on the pitch. A pass in by Rodrigo De Paul found Di Maria as he cut inside the penalty area. He would dribble around a defender and chip the goalkeeper to make it 2-0 for Argentina.

Messi would get his goal. Angel Di Maria would cut inside and cross it into Messi as he would score with his right foot.

@mundoalbiceleste Nicolas Gonzalez goal for Argentina. #LionelMessi #Messi #NicolasGonzalez #Gonzalez #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ Vamos, Vamos Argentina – La Barra Buyanguera

@mundoalbiceleste Angel Di Maria scores for Argentina! #AngelDiMaria #DiMaria #LionelMessi #Messi #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste

@mundoalbiceleste Lionel Messi scores for Argentina! #LionelMessi #Messi #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste


  1. The Di Maria goal was sublime. Nico was once again the show-stealer with his pressing football and one chance converted. We would need his kind of pressing game against the European teams. He inspired the entire team to follow his style. Messi was excellent too. Some of the passes were otherworldly! I think he was sending out a message to Laporta. Sad to see that he has lost his Midas touch with free-kicks. I think introduction of A Correa changed the dimension of the game. Argentina started looking more fluid upfront. Otherwise MacAllister seemed quite out of place. He also missed the easiest chance. The defence lacked concentration on two occasions and Venezuela should have scored at least two in first half. Such lapses would be severely punished by the European and African teams. Scaloni needs to work on set-pieces. None of the set-pieces created any sort of concern for the Venezuelan defence. Something more creative needs to be worked out. Messi seeking back of the net through some curvy ones is not working in 2022. In PSG 3 of his set-pieces hit the woodwork and all others have gone far past it.

    The team has plenty to be happy about, but plenty to work on too. Currently there seems to be no alternate plan for Lautaro. Somehow Scaloni does not seem to have a liking for Giovanni. A Correa should be in the starting line up. A Madrid has completely changed him as a player compared to what he has been five years back.

  2. We need to enjoy this! 30 matches..yessss! Complete south american domination. Messi regaining sublime form..DePaul is a soldier out and out…DiMaria excellent wildcard.. I’m sure the xG went up as soon as he started receiving balls on the right… I’m very happy with the way we played

  3. Depaul, Gonzalez, Messi and dimaria were top class.
    This team is miles better than 2014/2018 squad.
    My only concern is should scaloni insist selecting likes of Armani, J.Correa, Pezella and McAlister to Qatar 2022, Argentina will be in for a big rude shock.

    • Pezella has always delivered. He is a no nonsense CB and he has done fine, is he workd class? No, but he is above average and consistent. Same goes for Armani, Taglafico, etc.

      McAllister was milktoast, but I cut him slack as a newby, 3 caps.

      J.Correa is the one I am scared about. He gets alot of minutes and beyond making good runs and high energy his finishing is just not good enough to be our 9. I don’t understand what Scaloni sees in him.

      • Pezella has always delivered? That’s a bad joke. You forgot that Luis Diaz goal. He rarely starts for Betis. NT needs Senesi who is younger and more technical. Pezella and LMQ are disaster class. Armani is another toast. Scaloni can’t risk selecting such average players or else we be in for rude shock in Qatar.

      • Joaquin Correa is a liability upfront. Dybala can do all that and better finisher. It will be a disgrace to omit dybala because of of Juaquin Correa.
        Nico Gonzalez work rate is what defines his worth especially his defensive contributions.

  4. Di Maria is a complete game changer. Not going to lie most of the match was boring but Di Maria inspires everyone around him and suddenly I was on the edge of my seat wanting the game to go on for another half hour. When he was approaching the box I knew he would score, he’s one of those players that 9/10 times will pull through in those situations. The concern for me is that we are dependent on Di Maria and Messi for those moments of magic, both are above 34. We need younger players that are willing to take more risks and can inspire the game when those two aren’t playing or fit. Playing bland players like Mac Allister goes against that necessity. I am sure Scaloni is noticing all this and will maybe play Palacios or Lanzini next game who are more exciting (Lanzini can occasionally come out with a wonder goal). I hope Alvarez gets extensive minutes as well because while I do like parts of J Correa’s game I think it is questionable for him to be a direct backup to Lautaro. Gonzalez proving again why he deserves to always be involved or included, I don’t really understand those asking for him to be excluded. Despite the occasional lower moments it was overall a good result considering all of the core players that are out. Really missing the L-P-D midfield

    • Hey Olive please give me your wise opinion on how Messi played today…….to me he was great at times and not so great at times……The area just before the opposition penalty box used to be Messi’s hub but today he could not dribble through any player like he used to in that area

      I apologize for my average football understanding and please dont roast my ass anyone…..

      • For me Messi played great. Just like his Copa. As for he was unable to get past his marker that ONE time, that was normal. Even prime Messi of Barca sometimes could not always get past his marker too. It is 7/10 times he would do it not 10/10 times. But today Messi was 100% Messi of Copa.

        Pochettono and all PSG fans should be jealous because this version of Messi looks better than Mbappe or the fake ballon d’or (fifa best player) award, Lewandowski.

    • Agree with everything you said. I think Simeone is our closest backup to Lautaro, he is doing great in Italy and his style of play is very similar to Lautaro. We really should have him.

  5. We could have won more had Scaloni chosen a better line up. MacAllister had 10 (I am not kidding) back pass. 10! if he was a DM I can understand that but he was a CM.

    I know who he reminds me of: Jose Sosa. Our back pass master. Maybe if the legendary Outlaw was here, he would be a fan of MacAllister too because he was one of the very first dudes here who “discovered” MacAllister with his shitty scouting report.

    MacAllister combined with Tagliafico on the left. The result is the art of backpass is on display.

    Nico Gonzales is not a superstar but his work rate is amazing as usual. Messi MOM. If J Correa had been more cynical, Messi would have had 2 assists. De Paul not far behind. Di Maria also at least deserves a 9.

    J Correa finishing is very bad. Scaloni has to be fair, try someone else as 9 against Ecuador. I know he loves J Correa but please be fair to others. Also please no MacAllister. Papu and Lo Celso bring something at least, but not MacAllister. Palacios deserves to start.

    Scaloni said he would start Musso against Ecuador. We will see.

  6. Di Maria is aging like fine wine. Messi is surely holding back for the NT. Who cares for PSG.

    Lot of thoughts and emotions!! Enjoy brothers!!

  7. First of all, thanks to all the members that posted the links, THANK YOU.
    2nd, GREAT win, Messi as EXPECTED was is and STILL the Boss…..the team was pressing, defending and going after every single loose ball……there is always room for improvement but this was a GOOD win and TWO chances were missed prior to Di Maria’s superb GOAL.

    Did you see Messi breaking tackles, running and refusing to go down…..SUCK IT PSG

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