Sergio Agüero won’t join Argentina national team for World Cup, Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez


Sergio Agüero will not remain with the Argentina national team for the 2022 Qatar World Cup as he spoke about Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez.

Agüero was set to be part of the Argentina national team coaching staff for the World Cup. He, along with Lionel Scaloni and AFA president Chiqui Tapia had spoken about it. However, speaking in an interview with ESPN on Thursday, Agüero stated that will not be happening. Here is what he had to say:

“I spoke to Chiqui (AFA president Tapia), I was clear. My idea is to come (to the World Cup) to enjoy it, as a fan. I have a good relationship with everyone but I don’t see myself being with the coch staff and the boys on a day-to-day basis.

“I get along very well with my team mates and I want to continue like this. What they ask for is a different role and I’m not here to do that.:

He was also asked about Lionel Messi and winning the Copa America:

“The title we were all waiting for but above all, him. It gave an extra joy to everyone. Especially to him. He took that weight off him that he had for so many years of wanting to win a title with the national team. It shows on the pitch, the joy, the people… He enjoys it much more.”

In regards to Julián Álvarez:

“He is mature because he is playing at River. I mean… I think that over time he will continue to learn things, like his finishing, why he didn’t kick before or why he didn’t touch it before… That’s going to happen to him all the time.

“The player learns in matches. But it’s already noticeable that he has a maturity and is learning a little more each time. City bought him for a reason.”


  1. Can’t wait for the WC draw. I have been studying the WC draw. If we top the group:
    1. If it is group B, or D, or F, or H then let’s hope that the members of group B, D, F, and H all have weaker giants as they would meet each other until the semifinal.

    For example if Argentina is in group B, then I would hope group D, F, and H winners are something like: Belgium, Switzerland/Denmark, and Spain or something like that. Instead of Brazil, France, and Germany.

    2. If we happen to be in group C, E, or G. Then they would meet each other (along with group A) until the semi final.

    So tonight: Pay attention not just on who is in our group, but also, who is in the group of BDFH or ACEG.

    • Easy group dont mean anything cause the powerhouse team from other group could finish 2nd in their group and we could still ended up facing them. So we just have to be prepared for every single games.

    • You can’t be sure of anything…see.. Giants may lose one match and go to the other path… anything can happen in WC. It’s unpredictable. This is world cup!

  2. As we heading to Worldcup i am littile scared that if otta-romero get any injury before a big match our backups are not that good we could have tried more combos and more players like lisandra martinez, ballerdi or any young prospects because Cb are always backbone and more victim of physical football.
    And we have seen it many times when CB get tired and substituted the whole game chemistry of a team loses so does the DM thankfully we have 2 solid DMs

  3. OLE is reporting about the matches before world cup – Italy and Brazil in June, Mexico in September and if we dont find another team to play, may be Argentina play Mexico twice in September and one match with a weaker country just before the world cup.
    I think if we can manage to play USA in September, I would be satisfied with the preparatory schedule.

    • If Mexico is in our group then it would be an added bonus. Argentina Mexico Poland and Cameroon. This would be ideal for Argentina. But any way who ever comes scaloni is prepared to use all the weapons in his armour. He made the team like that. That moment when Diaz hit the goal in the semis, we all thought another moment of disaster coming even for a second. But this team achieved from there. I think this team is like ” when the opposition is 50 we will be 60, if the opposition is 90 we will be 100″.

  4. As a fans and supporter is quite okay for Kun, it’s about focus on the N/T and the back room staff do have programs in hands which is private & confidential. Let it be. Nobody is free to enter the dressing room

  5. Could it be his doctor recommendation to participate only in low stress activities for next year and being involved like that might not be best for his ❤️

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