The 2022 Qatar World Cup draw, Argentina, live reaction show


The 2022 Qatar World Cup draw takes place in a few hours as we will know how Argentina’s road to a final could look like and a live reaction show!

Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup in November and the draw takes place in just a few hours in Doha, where we will know which teams will be in which groups! As we reported on Thursday, Argentina will be in Pot 1 as a seeded team. Here are the pots for the draw:

Pot 1:

Pot 2:

Pot 3:
Korea Republic

Pot 4:
Saudi Arabia
European Play-Off
Intercontinental Play-Off
Intercontinental Play-Off 2

Mundo Albiceleste will be having a live post draw discussion on the Youtube channel following the draw. Make sure to like and subscribe to join in on the conversation!


  1. Easy group but difficult second round. Either Denmark or France in the second round, England or Netherlands in the quarterfinals.
    Portugal has an easy route all the way to semi final if they play to their potential: very easy group, then maybe Serbia or Switzerland, then Belgium in the quarters

    • I wouldn’t say Portugal has it that easy. Uruguay is tough, Korea can steal a point and who knows with Ghana…Honestly, Not that easy of a group for them. Argentina has a good start by playing Saudi first. We own Mexico and shut down lewendowski and we got the points against poland too

      • So true. Even with easy group if you have tough match on start, you are screwed. Also Uruguay will beat portual.

  2. In order for Argentina to get the easiest path:

    Argentina top group C and meet Denmark in second round

    Then Netherlands have to be second in group A So either Ecuador or runner up group B (probably USA or Wales/Ukraine) in the QF

    In semis we would hope Spain to top group E instead of Germany and hope Switzerland to top group G instead of Brazil. That way we will meet Spain in the semi final.

    Then the final can be anyone.

    This is the best scenario. So lets hope:
    1. Argentina to top the group
    2. Netherlands to finish second in group A
    3. Spain to win group E
    4. Brazil to finish second in group G

  3. France-Denmark-Peru-Tunisia
    Group D..Group of Death..!

    Second in the group has to play against Argentina in PQ…!
    May be France, Denamrk or Peru…!!!

  4. We have a good draw.. looks like E or H is the group of Death…also we will have a WC previewmatch in LA with Mexico..!. I’m excited…VAMOS albiceleste…!

  5. Poor Germany , they’re about to get eliminated again by Asian group.

    Suarez & Cavani, please do us a favor once again like in 2018.

    England with inside job as usual.

    • Comparatively it is not easy though. Brazil ARG Portugal has equally tough group. Germany and Spain group of death. Other groups are easier than that of BRA ARG AND POR

  6. Guys so the most likely scenario if there is no surprise:

    Argentina-Denmark second round
    Argentina-Netherlands QF
    Argentina-Spain/Germany/Brazil Semi final

    Not a good draw at all…

  7. Argentina-Spain-Brazil in one bracket
    England-France-Belgium-Portugal in another bracket

    That means if all top the groups, Argentina-Brazil or Spain in QF/Semis

    If all top the groups, there will not be Argentina-Brazil final.

  8. Damn LETS go with the Draw already……..Oh my precious, I wonder was that the real trophy or the replica they use?

    GUYS, it should be on youtube

  9. From a time perspective, group A, B or C would be ideal. We would start early and have a couple of extra days of training compared to group G or H that start several days later. If we make it to the final we have the games spread out over a longer period of time.

  10. I am nervous, these kind of things excite me and scare me at the same time. No matter how hard or easy the group is lets hope that it’s meant to be

    This is a time to put the meats on the grill in my opinion 🙂

    • Olive, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      I’ve been reading your comments, all which I agree with, except for this one. The grill is for the matches only. Today we are frying flattened steaks “manaleeza”. Another argie cuisine staple.
      I already know they are going to place us in a tough group but I’m not worried. This is our cup!

  11. I want us in group A or C (high chance of a weak round 2 team for B or weak quarterfinal team for group C), then avoid Germany, Denmark or Netherlands in our group.
    For the quarterfinals I want to avoid Brazil, France or Spain (if we are in B I don’t want these teams in D and so on).
    It will also be good if the rest clash with each other early and knock each other out.

  12. I have this strong feeling that Brazil is going to end-up with the toughest group and eventually crash out from the group stages! I don’t remember them getting any difficult group or path to the final since 1998 and even then they have not been able to capitalize on it!

  13. Here we go our Road to the World Cup will begin today, Lets see who will be our Rivals.

    Will Germany or Netherlands or Portugal be in our Group and make it a Group of Death. We always gets into the Group of Death.Whoever it is we have to do our part which is winning.

    As of now France, Spain, England, Belgium are looking strong contenders. And off course who can count out our Eternal Rivals Germany and Brazil they both almost always do well in the World Cups. Sad that Italy is not there. Its gonna be a different World Cup in all sense. lets go.

    • Actually, Spain rarely make it pass group stage or round 16, just look at their WC record and you’ll see it yourself 🙂

      Last time we’re eliminated by eventual champ narrowly, Spain lost to Russia lol

  14. I dont care who we get if we want to be champions we must ready to face any team in the world. If we are searching eassy teams we are behind the game before first whistle

  15. I’d say we need to watch out of Switzerland, even though most people will take them lightly . They have history of upsetting tournament favorites. They beat France last year, beat Spain in their WC 2010 opener, tied Brazil in WC 2018, took strong Argentina side into extra time in 2014. They’re not Nigeria or S.Korea who always gave us 3 points.

    • Among Europeans, these teams will play negative futbol when facing stronger teams: Switzerland, Denmark. So yes they are dangerous.

      For me personally I would like Croatia in our group. Modric beat Messi 2 times at least already in important matches in the last 4 years: CL this year of PSG vs Madrid and Argentina match vs Croatia 4 years ago and he stole Messi’s Ballon D’or once too. I want Messi to destroy him.

      • Technically, its Donarumma who let him beat Messi and PSG. In fact its quite obvious he’s still affected by that blunder as he once again made silly mistake by reacting too late against Macedonia. PSG is ulimate choker of UCL, City probably will choke as well.

        I’m not too worry about Croatia this time, Modric couldnt do jackshit against Xavi’s team. 4-0 lost at Bernebau ? lol

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