Argentina 2022 Qatar World Cup draw, Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, kick off times


Argentina have been drawn in Group C at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni has already spoken about the World Cup draw as FIFA has announced the kick off times for the matches. Argentina will play Saudi Arabia on November 22 in their first match. After that is a match against Mexico on 11 November and the final group match against Poland on 30 November. Here are the kick off times for the matches:

22/11: Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia, 7:00 am
26/11: Argentina vs. Mexico, 4:00 pm
30/11: Argentina vs. Poland, 4:00 pm

All kick off times are Argentina time.

In regards to Argentina’s opponents, the Copa America champions have never played Saudi Arabia at a World Cup. They have played Mexico twice in the last four FIFA World Cups.

The first in the Round of 16 at the 2006 World Cup where Maxi Rodriguez scored in extra time to give Argentina the 2-1 win. The second time was at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the Round of 16 in a 3-1 win.

For those that are superstitious, the last time Argentina played Poland at a World Cup was in 1978, the same World Cup Argentina would win. The first time they played them was in 1974, a 3-2 loss.


  1. To me money matters and money speaks. If AFA gets fat check from Israel to play friendly then heck yeah. I really don’t wanna see the same situation again where Messi pay the wages of AFA support team. Bytheway congratulations for finally a easy group stage 👏. I don’t know who that was but someone was beating something here that we will get hard group stages so to that person please can we have the money 💰

  2. Mafioso
    i read your answer and it is important to make clear some things about my last sentence as i see. i am not disrespect any fan from Mundo or fan who support our football.
    i am not speaking about those people you mention. for who i say they are hypocrites and i will live and without their support?
    1.for all those WILL USE my country for promote their hate.
    2.for all those WILL USE my country for promote their agenda.
    2.for all those WILL ATTACK my country for something ARE NOT doing for their country.
    4.for all those WILL ATTACK physicaly any player or member of Argentine national team in training center or stadium.
    5.for all those WILL burn my country flag for their sick reasons. (yes i didn t forget 2018.i remember more than what you believe for me).
    6.for all those that their goverment doing business with Israel and are silence BUT will run very easy to use Argentina as tool to “show” that they “fight” against the bad Israel.what a hypocrisy that will be.

    i believe i make myself clear now.i don t disrespect anybody who loves Argentina.
    just oposite i am very proud for all of you in Mundo and everywhere in world that support us. you people are the reason i am here in Mundo and i comunicate inside here from May of 2018.

    • If I may respectfully interject, dear Cox, I think your second point “all those WILL USE my country for promote their agenda” is the heart of this debate, which Choripan also tried to explain.

      Some people may think that the 2018 fiasco happened because there was a deliberate plan to use Argentina football team (and it’s popularity to a certain region of the world) to pursue the agenda of legitimizing a contestant land at a very sensitive time. Sports should not be mixed with politics and any country should be able to play any where they wish. But, often times we see sports are used as political weapons, which is unfortunate. So, I understand your frustration. But, I think some people believe that the 2018 decision came from a political motivation. Taking this particular issue/believe aside, I think it is reasonable to question those who objects Argentina playing a friendly game in the Jewish state as hypocrites.

      The difference between Mafiso and your perspectives is nothing but acknowledging or not acknowledging the possibility of the very existence of a political motivation either back in 2018 or now.

    • i normally see the opposition ,allister played well but norwich is last team in PL. i liked bundia performance against de facto portugal team ie wolves. foyth played well.

      • Emi Buendía came as sub and he made instant impact. Buendía is pure talent I like his bravery, making risk forward passes rather than play save.

        • I agree Buendia is a good 2H sub especially when we’re in the lead because his attacking mindset and defense-cutting passes will keep the opponent from pressing and playing up too much..

        • Honestly although Buendia has an average season for Aston Villa, but rather than MacAllister, I would like Buendia to enter the competition as the 4th midfielder spot of Argentina which seems to be wide open. At least Buendia has more quality. My choice is still Palacios, but if not Palacios or Nico Dominguez, then better Buendia.

    • Foyth defensively is better than montiel or molina , that’s a fact , he barely gets dribbled by , I know about his errors , but with us I don’t remember him making other mistake than the one against Colombia I believe .

      • foyth montiel and molina are all going to world cup. our defence is great. i don’t love pazzella but i don’t hate him either. if we can find a better player than him, it will be a cherry on the top. we have 2 world class CB in lisandro and cuti romero. a experienced campaigner in world cup in form of otamendi and 2 more than decent left backs.

    • Most hated here is and will always be Angel Di Maria It is just lately he has a good game for Argentina so no good timing to attack him. Once he will have an off night, then you will see the attack.

      The second most hated one here is Armani. Thats because he is pretty average now but Scaloni trusts him more than he deserves where we actually are in a rare position where we produce very good other goalies this time such as Benitez, Rulli, or Mussoz But Armani won the competition against them as the second goalie. So I say the hate to him is justified.

      MacAllister gets what he deserves. He was average so everyone said so. Foyth is kinda hated because he made a blunder before the Copa that resulted in a draw and then how Kevin always praises him highly.

      I personally also don’t like it if an average player gets credit more than their actual value. We would be like England fans when doing that: always overrate their “stars”.

      • players improves with experience ,foyth is doing good in la liga. one player who has shown not any improvement is quarta. same mistake that we observed before copa where seen while playing with ecuador. foyth is playing in champion league and it helps the player with respect to mental conditioning + playing style.if scaloni takes extra defender , my choice will be foyth as compared to quarta.

        • also i am very happy with alario performance yesterday. if he gets playing time . he will solve our most complex problem that is backup of lautaro.

  3. Roy just reported that Argentina may play a friendly with Israel just before World Cup. Hasn’t they learn anything from 2018 fiasco?

    They will be playing this preparation match for Qatar world cup. Qatar is the gulf state that is most sympathetic to Palestinian cause.

    What will Argentina gain sporting wise by playing a controversial match just before World Cup?

    Expect a hostile crowd and State of Qatar has big pull behind the scene when it comes to football and geopolitics. Remember WC 90 final in Italy?

    • Chill. Nothing will happen. Qatar doesn’t care about these friendlies. They r more concerned about organizing their wc without any controversy. But what will Argentina achieve playing Israel?? They are damn mediocre side

    • Qatar and Israel are buddies in case you didn’t know and been so for years now.
      Question is, why do wanna play against the 2ND original country (1st former South Africa) When it come to trouncing human rights, bombing killing occupying land that never belonged to then in the first place and they call themselves PEACE LOVING LOL.
      WHY Argentina you wanna give them that recognition??

      • All gulf countries are buddies with Israel. Some more than others.Some shows it openly, some from behind the scene. Yet Hamas leader operates from Qatar. They play a double game I suppose. And so does Argentina I think.

        Argentina took Nazi war criminals after WW2. Yet they maintained cordial and stable relation with Israel. Also Kirchner govt attempted to recognize Palestine as independent country in 2012. So it is a bit complicated.

        Argentina has biggest Jewish community in Latin America. Israeli lobby would be strong in Argentina. So this is why you see the pressure of Argentina playing Israel. Messi playing in Israel? It is a big recognition for them internationally. They will get to say see everyone works normally with us, even Leo Messi while Palestinians throw rockets. This is propaganda, Argentina nt is just a tool.

    • forgive me but why every western country is ok to play with Israel official and friendly games and it is always a huge problem when Argentina try to play one f…g friendly game against Israel? Don t take it personaly but if it is true and AFA want to play a game with Israel i will
      strongly support this time the idea. ENOUGH with hypocrisy.

      • @Cox,
        Perhaps people around the world associate more with Argentina, country of Che Guevara than colonial West. What do you think?

        • yes of course. just people around the world in same time should understand that it is HUGE hypocrisy to blame Argentina for something that all the countrys of world doing.
          for not mention that lately Arab nations are doing business and not only together with Israel. that doesn t matter ha?
          Argentina is the problem? No my friend. Argentina is not the problem. if those people prefer to be hypocrites then ok. they can don t like us.we can live and without their support.

          • @Cox,

            If you agree with my above comment, I don’t think you can label it with hypocrisy. It is putting Argentina in higher standards.

            Europe tried to undermine Messi for last 10 years. Messi wouldn’t have won 7 ballondors if ‘those’ people voted according to European opinion. Mundo Albiceleste would not have existed without ‘those’ people. This website has been originally developed by Ziggy from Lebanon. Whose support you do not need? Please have an opinion, don’t disrespect. You born in Argentina, we chose to support it.

            Ask Sorin, how he thinks about the support he got in 1997 youth world cup. Whether he would agree with your last statement.

            When Argentina played in my country. People bought gallery ticket for 100 USD, official price. Whole Stadium chanted for Argentina 90 mins Ask AFA what they think of such support?

            I have seen fans chanting for Boca juniors last match against Venezuela. I have seen quiet monumental for last 5/6 years when Argentina played home game there. Recently, Ole conducted a poll if Argentina win 2022 wc your fav club will be relegated. Do you agree? 52% voted NO.

            Argentina NT is much more than just national football team of Argentina republic. It has fans all over the world, the fans who support physically and financially. They have right to have opinion on this team. You are also entitled to your opinion whether Argentina should play Israel in Jerusalem or other occupied places. Just don’t disrespect the way you did with your last sentence.

      • Cox4, you’re right about Israel playing other western countries. Israel played Euros and WC qualifiers and its never a big deal.

        The issue i see is based on the events from 2018. If i recall correctly, the game was scheduled to be played in a “neutral” area of Israel but after the game was set in motion, Israel authorities moved the game to an area that is more controversial. After that happened, the entire event became political so AFA backed off. I was so angry because it was such hard road to get into the world-cup and the last thing we needed was added stress for political reasons. We just needed practice, nothing about that game should be political.

        So, the question is… it worth putting the team through an event that may or may not turn political? Im not so sure, regardless, i do think there are better teams that will prep us better anyway.

        • my friend. i will not avoid answer your question. yes ok it is not worth. BUT EXACTLY political is the point. THEY TURN IT POLITICAL AND USE US FOR THEIR F…G AGENDA!!!
          without SHAME those fanatics will point the finger on Argentina and in the same time no single word for their goverment doings. No demonstrations there. NOTHING. the business is business with Israel but we will use the stupid Argentina to show that we fight Israel !!!HYPOCRITES.
          THIS IS MY PROBLEM my friend.

          I AM NOT SPEAKING ABOUT MY FRIEND MAFIOSO. i am not refering on him. don t take me wrong. he just mention the subject of posible friendly with Israel and that is why i answer to his post.

          • Yes totally get that. We were dragged into the mud by all sides. Those people using arg as proxy to criticize Israel share blame. the Israeli authorities changing location for political reasons also share blame. We have plenty of people to blame but I go back to the point, it simply isn’t worth it.

            1) We have better competitive options.
            2) There are teams with 0 political baggage.

            Take our brothers from Canada as an example.
            1) They have a better team, better prep for WC.
            2) The most political thing that can happen is the team openly states that they want Asado instead of Poutine. 🙂

    • I think, last time the match was planned in a city where Palastine and Israel was quarrelling for…that was complicated. But If they play anywhere outside, there will be no controversy. I think Argentina wants to recreate the 1986. Playing against Israel just before the WC. Superstitious..?

  4. Wont’ be difficult for Argentina to finish as 1st of the group but I don’t believe in huge goal difference results. Maybe 2-1 or 1-0 in each game. For group D, France and Denmark will make it but not sure about who will finish as 1st. Actually think it may be easier to play against France because their defenders and GK are massively overrated and they didn’t renew their key players since the last world cup and many of them are not at their prime anymore. I always think that round of 16 is the turning point of a competition, if you play a great match and win it against a big team, you should go very far in a competition.

    • just imagine the curse of champions strikes again in this world cup and France go out from first round. it will be nice for us he he

    • Most probably Peru will also be there in that group. Any of Peru, France, Denmark can top the group. France may crash out of the group itself by the pressure of world champion.

      • France is one of the teams to avoid for me. The reason is simple. There is no one in our team that can stop Mbappe. Tagliafico failed badly 4 years ago. Acuna not known for his defense. If Mbappe moves to the left, then I am not sure if Montiel or Molina can deal with him. He is way more dangerous than Neymar, Vinicious Jr or Luis Diaz or any Ecuadorian wingers.

        • To be fair, to stop an extremely fast player like Mbappe you can’t just ask one player to man mark him. There are very few defenders in the word that can match his speed. What you need is a team approach.

        • you won’t just try to stop mbappe, but you try to score more against France, Switzerland and Hungary had much worse fullbacks than Argentina but they contained France during Euro.

    • Guys we lost 4-3 against France while playing one of the worst Argentine squad and France had one of their best.

      France is now a bit overrated.
      They don’t have a proper rb
      Varane is not the same CB as 4 yrs ago, the defence looks shaky especially with kimpembe
      Midfield isn’t the same without kante

      Argentina on the other hand are really organized and have a clear approach

    • ok for mbappe I agree but look at the rest, pogba, varane, lloris and griezmann have been in difficulty for a while, same for lucas hernandez and pavard, even their best player kante cannot play all epl matches anymore, benzema is still world class but 35yo. I could be wrong but I don’t think they can go very far.

  5. alario and palacios have to move from bundesliga. they have a bias for german players. just a query , what is the use of pressing without finishing for a forward. also we may need to find a back up for papu also.pappu is not performing upto the mark in laliga

  6. It was probably posted already, but each team can bring 26 players. So an extra defender, midfielder and forward. Please, no 4th keeper.

      • every spot with respect to different scenario that may emerge matters. every selection matters.we need 3 goal keepers only and armani should be out . it has to be 9 defenders + 7 midfielders + 7 forwards(including wingers) + 3 goal keepers. in midfield we still need to find back up for RDP and GLC + a CM who can also act as DM(this is needed if we want to use double pivot in some match) . still a lot of work needed to tune the midfield. defence is nearly sorted but it would be better if we can find someone better than pazella. scaloni has to still find the best combination with respect to forwards. our forwards apart from lautaro does not have a aerial threat.

    • alario and palacios have to move away from bundesliga. they give more chances to german than anyone else. what is the use of a fwd with pressing skill but very poor finishing skill.

  7. 2 Abril 1982
    2 Abril 2022

    Mis respetos a los veteranos y caídos en la guerra de Malvinas.

    • Por los que fueron….
      Por los que volvieron….
      Por los 649 que se quedaron….
      Y por los que aun hoy….
      viajan a su encuentro.

  8. It is foolish to think there will be no error if you keep defending and forget to attacking. If you can’t force to goal whenever goal is needed. Then you don’t deserve anything. Ecuador game is example or warning

    • Remember what Arg did before Scaloni takes charge.They are indisciplined and inconsistent. Now under him we are unbeaten track record..Scaloni is inexperienced against Europians and africans .. But he knows them well bcz he is an young coach. He played against them before..
      We knows well under sampoli what happened..

      • What you’re trying to say do you think surprise never happen, Strong don’t fall. Weak don’t wins, yes scaloni did good with his defencive approach. But he can’t always wins without improving. Argentina has golden generation 2014.. But they failed in the end.. Which was they ignored initially that is weakness of romero in close range

  9. Under scaloni we r blessed bcz we r not a pure counter attacking team. Scaloni gives more importance to defence than attacking. current players are trained if any fast attack comes thy will defend thing now this teams looks a very good discipline under scaloni and less error making unit..

  10. Thr is only one aim. So we need to beat any opponents in front..if we came for that thr is no need to look who of them are our tough oppnts…

  11. Every opponent is hard. every opponent can give surprised.. but it will be really bad if scaloni don’t think about replacement of otmendi, cuti in defence. pazella,quarta don’t provide quality level of back up.. pazella is slow still he keep counting on him,, while .. palomino is more better than pazella.. at least palomino is better physical than him.. even scaloni can count him for air .. palomino is faster than pazella.. so if he still count pazella it is bad selection for him. i think past two match was the right time to prepare another defender in squad. which he go with pezella and quarta….. in 2014 world cup though romero was a penalty kick hero in semifinal.. but AR also lose final bcs of his faults. goal of final was saveable . it was close range goal.. romero was weak in close range even he done many mistake before world cup still coach didn’t put him in competition.. he was untouchable which cost final.. this time scaloni going with.. pazella, montiel .. but there is better player than pazella… and there need increase level of quality which montiel gives

        • no don’t forget about him.. i’m talking about pezella who is 4th in the pecking order.. this is place should be for palomino.. lisandro is player who is ball playing defender with the ability of a midfielder. lisandro is a must choice.. pezella is not ball playing defender.. he is choosen for two reason one is defence another is air.. in this section palomino is way better than pazella..

          • the problem is palomino was never part of scaloni team. i don’t know how much time it will take to integrate him. out of the core selection of scaloni ,i am not convinced about armani,pazella, j correa and papu gomez. all of them are sub optimal in this season. palacios has been done by his club. they give more chances to germans even if our players are better than theirs.

    • You guys can’t be more wrong if you think Romero is the reason why we lost the 2014 cup.
      There were at least 3-4 chances where we didn’t capitalised.

  12. I can smell arrogance in the words of Louis Enrique.
    Lusi enrique after draw:
    It’s a strong group if you take into consideration Germany, but we are the top seeds because of our merits and the work we have being doing in recent years. As for the rest of the group, I won’t lie to you – I know almost nothing. Now is the moment to take the time to study them and continue thinking and trusting in what we are as a team. We’re not going to change how we play whether it’s the World Cup or a friendly. Our style is very clear, and it will be very difficult to play against us.”

  13. My 2 cents regarding the draw:
    1. Relatively easy group. We’ll have to be cautious against SA because it will be the 1st match and the 1st match is always tricky. I think we’ll win all the group matches and top the group.
    2. There’s no easy opponents in the KO stage. But I’m happy we’re in the harder side of the bracket. Historically, the ultimate winner comes from the tougher bracket e.g. France 2018, Germany 2014, Spain 2010 etc. At the end of the day, you’ll have to beat everyone that comes along the way to be the champion.
    3. Almost everyone is labeling Spain’s group as the GOD but I think Brazil along with Spain and France are in the toughest groups. The most open group is that of Portugal’s.
    4. My predictions:
    Group stage winners:
    A: Senegal, Netherlands
    B: England, Iran
    C: Argentina, Mexico
    D: France, Denmark
    E: Germany, Spain
    F: Belgium, Canada
    G: Brazil, Switzerland
    H: South Korea, Portugal
    RO16 winners: Senegal, England, Argentina, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland
    QF winners: Argentina, England, Brazil, Spain
    SF winners: Argentina, England
    Champion: Argentina (on penalties)

  14. Argentina’s Road to World Cup Final:

    1. Top of Group C
    2. Beat Denmark in Round of 16
    3. Beat Netherlands in Quarterfinal
    4. Beat Germany/Spain/Brazil/Belgium/Portugal/Uruguay in Semifinal -(all these teams are toss-ups.

    Round to the final is never easy for Argentina. I really hope we can turn things up in this World Cup and that the NT even surprises all fans, especially all of us on Mundo with brilliant combination, one/two passing, attacking play full of tango, and disciplined Copa defense. I want us to win World Cup 2022 and fairplay!

    I want the world to remember this team forever and for Messi to retire with a hattrick in the final and he takes his shirt off and points it to the crowd. His final game with a yellow card with the ref crying for having to give it to him. The commentator in a boring British voice, “he will receive a booking for this, oh dear. It doesn’t matter now, the trophy that has eluded him is finally his. There is no doubt now, we have now witnessed the greatest player in the history of the sport. He is now among Isles of the likes of Maradona, Pele, and Zidane. And that’s it, the official has blown the whistle. After 36 years 5 months 19 days! On this Sunday, December 18th, 2022, Argentina are again World Champions!”

    • I cried in joy when the team won the Copa. That was the first time, I understood how it feels like crying in joy. Just contemplating your above mentioned scenario- bringing tears in my eyes.

      Hope Argentina wins this time.

  15. Good news. If Argentina top group C, starting the QF all the way until the final, Argentina will play at the same stadium, Lusail. The same stadium where they will play Saudi and Mexico too. So Lusail will be like our “home”.

    Lusail will the the stadium of the final of the World Cup so safe to say it must be their best stadium.

    • Yea. Except Poland match.
      Lusail is the biggest stadium in Qatar..and this is the best as well…that why Final will be played there. Anyway no need to travel much for all the stadiums are near ….

  16. First of all I am not worried about Saudi Arabia. They are no Iran. They don’t play negative futbol. Historically, giant teams beat them more than 3 goals difference in almost every World Cup. The only way for them to avoid a huge defeat against us is by playing like Iran.

    Second I am very sure we will top the group. Martino is never a defensive coach, and that’s good news for Argentina when facing Mexico.

    The worst group is actually Belgium and England for me. Belgium will meet Spain/Germany in the second round for sure or meet Portugal if they somehow finish second. England will top their group easily and will meet France in the QF.

    I have an expectation that Spain will help us to make things easier for us but I have a doubt because Spain ball possession tactic does not fit a big tournament like World Cup. In World Cup you have to defend tight with 9 men if u want to win. Spain won the WC one time with such tactic but they were much more superior back then.

    Germany and Brazil tactic seems to be perfect against the possession based futbol. Hope they can somehow win against both of them though as I believe our game fit Spain more than Germany or Brazil.

  17. I think we have to hope the best for all conmbol teams because European teams have been dominant in the last 3 or 4 world cups i am not saying Brazil or Uruguay wins it but I hope all three reach semi final and Argentina wins it.i think this is the best Uruguay team in years interms of squad

  18. We should top the group if we start our campaign with a win against Saudi Arabia otherwise it will be a very tight competition. Saudi topped the WCQ group that had Japan and Australia and shouldnot be taken lightly. We will have to end up as group winners to avoid France. Our opponents will get progressively stronger from round 2!! Argentina’s road to final is looking similar to 1986!!! If no surprises then we will face Denmark in Ro16, Holland in QF, Spain in SM and France in the final.

    Yellow banana however has two European teams in their group and both of those teams topped thier qualifying groups. Switzerland forced Italy to playoffs and Serbia beat Portugal to win their group! Also, the weakest team in their group is no push over!! Cameroon can beat or easily draw with any of the three teams. Brazil peaking too early could cost them and in my opinion this is the group of death of this WC!!

    • 100% agreed with u on this group. Especially Switzerland who eliminated France ex world champion at Euro and then Italy the fresh new European champion. Serbia I think it’s going to be easy. their best player is their coach. But Cameroun will be a tough opponent, they play with no pressure, supported by a great president who knows motivating his players and there is harmony between staff, players and president, can create surprises like in 1990. I don’t want to influence anyone, if I make a bet tmr on the outsiders qualified for the 2nd round, I take Cameroun, Iran, Senegal and South Korea depending on the quotes.

      • Serbia came from behind to beat and draw against Portugal in both matches, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up going to round 2 from that group!!

    • Darwin Nunez, Betancour and Valverde are great players, very balanced team with the old generation. this group will be very exciting, South Korea has their best generation of players, Portugal strong with their individual talents, hard to tell which teams will be qualified

  19. Well I would say we got a very favorable draw, especially considering that the matches go up based on difficulty (so we start out with Saudi Arabia almost to train ourselves) and then go up. Of course we can’t act like any match is won before we play it. Remember Iceland 1-1 for example. Of course our path after the final can have difficulties but there are so many other good teams that it’s almost impossible to be guaranteed an “easy” path. I hope they do something about the kick off time for the first match, even in Argentina it’s way too early.

  20. If we top our group, we will have the advantage of having maximum number of days resting between each knockout game because we play early. All our opponents in the quarterfinal, semi and in the final will have at least one day less rest than us.

  21. If we top the group and goes on, all of our matches will be at same time,10:00 pm local time…. except first match against Saudi and FINAL.

  22. Argentina, Spain, France or England
    and Germany at semi if the logic is respected, exactly like what I predicted. But would love to see Senegal, South Korea, Morocco and Cameroun creating surprises. I am always supportive of Argentina, African and Asian teams during world cup. Personally I would love to see Argentina England at final

    • Come on England? If you know how English media trash talking you won’t say that.. personally I perfer Argentina vs Belgium in the final

      • oh really ? what did they say? South American football too slow? I said England coz I am objective, in some positions like fullbacks, central midfielders and wingers they really have good players and the players are quite young.

        • Candianroyal I don’t have problem that you general football fan and be objective about it , also I don’t doubt England have good players even though they are overhyped whatever reason but as Argentina and football fan I can’t stand England doing good bcz if they do there won’t be nowhere to hide for next 50 years . Let me tell you something since I started watching football up to now English media thier fans England were always going to win next tournament and overhype by mainstream media and no different this time around.

          • yeah I see what you meant, but as an argentine fan this time, I wanna see England beaten twice at final in 2 years just for my personal pleasure. I recently watched a podcast with thierry henry and some UK guys who told henry that Kane is as good as Ronaldo the Brazilian and George Weah …. I know how they love themselves

      • belgium I think they won’t even qualify and will be the biggest flop, their best generation is too old and too out of form. Brazil it’ll be very tough for them, their group is tough and they may face Portugal and Germany, i see them lost against Portugal. to be honest, even France I am not so bullish, their key players except mbappe are old but their coach selects players in function of their legacy but as the teams are in their are too weak, I think they will finish as 2nd and we may play against them again after the group stage.

      • Not only love themselves but they are arrogant too , disrespect most of the other football nations.
        Thier media were saying yesterday after the draw made. England should score 20 goals in group stage without conceded non

  23. I had taken some random tickets…now the match number is revealed. One ticket is Argentina vs Mexico. My friend got Argentina vs Saudi…He will give me that return I will give him Portugal vs Uruguay match ticket that I got in that random pick.
    So, I will be in stadium for Argentina’s first two matches..that’s confirmed.

  24. I’m postponing my vacation by few months to obviously watch the WC from start to finish, usually take it in the summer and now have to wait almost 8 months but there is no other way.

    LETS GO ARGENTINA……..Messi has a new tattoo of Qatar Adidas ball on his leg, LETS GO BOSS

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