Argentina rumored to play Israel, UAE, Qatar, USA, El Salvador or USA


The Argentina national team are set to play friendly matches before the World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni and the Argentina national team could play four matches, two of which in the United States. According to Doble Amarilla, after Argentina’s match against Italy and their World Cup qualifier against Brazil, a match against Israel could be played.

The match against Israel would have to be played after Israel’s Nations League match. In the United States, it would be against El Salvador with a second match against Canada or the United States.

Another match could be played against the United Arab Emirates or Qatar. Argentina cannot play matches against European teams due to Nations League matches.


  1. @BrightK since you don’t have any scientist in modern world and have gone back till 9th century this is quote from story of civilization from will durant.
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      • Please give advice to other guys in this forum who has been dissing my country and my religion and using unparliamentary language. i will respond back if they try to create any false propaganda against my country or religion. this is a forum for argentina football and it will be better if we keep the discussion to football only.

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          • where have i mocked islam. Please show me one comment.
            I have asked Pertinent questions to you and if you don’t have answers that is not my problem. i have only stated facts which are known to the world.

          • i have already stated i come here to discuss football and it will be better for you as well to keep the discussion on football only

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  2. When you play in friendly. And when you play in world Cup that is two different level of intensity game de. African country always gives some surprise game in level of world cup.. I believe in this world Cup both Senegal and Cameron will give some stunned game for the viewer.. For AR there will be nothing better than preparing one game with African based country one game with Europe based country.. Playing with Ivory Coast will be better in friendly there is less risk of injury.. Bcs it don’t force for high intensity game. Most of the time it is strategically game. And injury can come in any moment if luck don’t favor. Anyone remember Senegal in 2002 World cup

  3. @Cox,
    I understand your points. Thanks for clarifying and please excuse me if any of my word was out of the line.

    Let’s skip this topic altogether, i saw some other comments here below. It is getting ugly. This is not a place to discuss geopolitics and ethno religious tensions. I just want Argentina a smooth and relaxed preparation for world cup. Vamos!

    • good morning my friend. No there is nothing to say sorry to me. Nothing from your words was received by me like out of line. i agree with you 100% that we should end this topic here NOT ONLY because this place is not for this kind of discuss BUT TOO because as i saw this morning with big sad our conversation yesterday give a start to other fans here to fight for religion differences issues. Honestly believe me it was the last i wanted to happened when i reply to your post yesterday in begin.
      Please allow me to say to you that if yesterday wasn t 2nd of April i would not 100% reply at all anything to your post. i would avoid the subject. Just yesterday like every 2nd of April i am in very emotional condition. that is the reason that i felt bad in thinking that nobody in world exept in Argentina and maybe in some other south american countrys cares about Malvinas islands. “nobody cares for our issue then why i should care for the others (Israel etc) issues?”
      if you was in my place in emotional condition maybe you could feel the same my friend.
      Anyway. it is over. let return back to football.


      • Good Morning, Cox! You must be a patriotic person. I admire it.

        The reason Argentina got so much popularity in my country is because we struggled so much against British just like you guys did. When Maradona scored his famous goal against England, we celebrated as much as you guys did. Just like your people, we are also very passionate people. We grew up hearing about Falkland war and know that Margaret Thatcher and her imperial kinds are villain to us.

        I was furious when AFA got fined by Fifa when they showed support for Malvinas issue before a match. They said no politics in football. Now after Ukraine issue, rules have changed. Are they fair? Never.

        We know Argentina’s struggle for her rights and we support her fully. You guys are not alone. Vamos!

        • yes i have deep love for my country true. i born during the period of military junta (1976-1983) when the country suffer the most. Argentina was passing one of the darkest periods of her history. there is no worst thing to live without freedom. you know that of course.
          anyway i grow up as kid in one period that the effects of Malvinas war and military junta was very very visible in any aspect of Argentine society even if the democrasy was restored by the time i start school.
          that is why the words country, freedom, democrasy have huge value in my soul. i don t have love to politics.Just i consider myself as Peronist.
          as about fifa it is the definision of hypocrisy. i can t speak for Malvinas islands. no politics in football they say. when comes the Ukraine issue there is no problem to mess politics with football. HYPOCRITES!!!
          anyway my friend. have a good day.

  4. We lost against France in WC bcz of Wrong tactics of Sampoli. His all-out attack and suicidal approach against mbappe, one of the top fastest player in world at that time decides the result.A professional top coach never let his team to play an all-out attack against such a team tht thy possess fastest player in the world…

  5. Scaloni’s defence is nowhere is Sabella’s defence. But Sacloni’s mf and attack is similar to Sabella’s team in 2014. Zabaleta, Rojo was top class then. Most of CB’s are tall in 2014 which helped Sabella against European teams. Argentina needs at least one or two tall players who is 6’1″ or 6’2″ at least. Its will be Very difficult to win WC with players like Pezzella, LMQ. These two CB’s are burden.

    • Scaloni’s defence is better than Sabella’s defence. Individually aside from rightback spot, Otamendi, Romero and Acuna are better than Demichilis, Garay and Rojo. They are also created a bond and understanding between themselves which also made us having one of finest defence in the world. Also we have Emi in goal who is better than Romero. If you consider the backups like Lisandro Martinez, Foyth and Tagliafico then we have much better depth and talented Defence than we had in 2014.

      • I don’t think lisandro Martinez is a backup. Its toss up between Romero and lisandro. Lisandro is a better cb. Romero is injury prone and card prone even if he starts noway he will play all the game

          • But he is injury prone and also can accumulate cards thats make 4th cb option vital as even otamendi can get cards we all know he is hot headed. But pezella is slow. I don’t think pezella can tackle fast technical Europeans plus against a good European side both Molina and montiel will struggle for that kind of game we need foyth

        • @Anuparno
          Doesn’t matter what you think. Romero is first team player for Scaloni when Lisandro is playes as Rotation. That’s makes him a backup.

      • I agree Martinez better than Romero (2014).
        But Rojo was any day better than Acuna
        And Garay is much better than Otamendi
        Zabaleta was top class.
        At least we need one or two defender who is 6’2″ like Garay. It will help against tall European players

        • Garay isnt better than Otamendi. Otemendi has much better Club level career than Garay could dream off who had a rejected Madrid career, Keep getting loaned and transferred in several clubs before ending his career in Russia or somewhere. Otamendi also is the reason Argentina won Copa America and Enjoying the finest defence in national team level. It’s the first time since 2006, I feel relaxed watching Argentina games cause we can counter everything opponent throw at us.

          Also if you actually watch sabella’s team then you will know Garay wasnt the first team member. He had total like 30 games for Argentina when Otamendi is now sitting on 90..

          Rojo isn’t better than Acuna and One of most overrated defender ever played for Argentina. Just look at France 4-3 game and How he failed to handle mbappe that game. He is also a Manu flop.

          Argentina’s defenders are already tall and you don’t need Giraffe’s playing for your team. Romero and Otamendi are both played for Top level EPL team which has one of tallest players.

  6. I was checking out the youth teams since the beginning of the WC u20 which is 1979. It is interesting that every 2 years or so, we produced stars.

    WC u20 1979 (Champion):
    Diego Maradona, Ramon Diaz

    WC u20 1981 (group stage):
    Sergio Goycochea, Jorge Buruchaga, Gerardo Martino

    WC u20 1983 (runner up):
    Luis Islas, Fabian Basualdo, Roberto Zarate

    No WC u20 for Argentina until 1989 (2nd round):
    Roberto Bonano, Diego Simeone, Antonio Mohamed

    WC u20 1991 (group stage):
    Mauricio Pochettino, Mauricio Pellegrino, Christian Bassedas

    WC u20 1995 (Champion):
    Joaquin Irigoytia, Juan Sorin, Diegp Crosa, Ariel Ibagaza

    WC u20 1997 (Champion):
    Walter Samuel, Diego Placente, Lionel Scaloni, Diego Markic, Juan Roman Riquelme, Pablo Aimar, Bernardo Romeo.

    WC u20 1999 (2nd round):
    Gabriel Milito, Esteban Cambiasso, Daniel Montenegro, Luciano Galletti.

    WC u20 2001 (Champion):
    Wilfredo Caballero, Nicolas Burdisso, Fabricio Coloccini, Andres D’Alessandro, Maxi Rodriguez, Javier Saviola

    WC u20 2003 (semi finalist):
    Gonzalo Rodriguez, Pablo Zabaleta, Javier Mascherano, Carlos Tevez, Fernando Cavenaghi

    WC u20 2005 (Champion):
    Oscar Ustari, Ezequiel Garay, Pablo Zabaleta (2 times), Fernando Gago, Lucas Biglia, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero

    WC u20 2007 (Champion):
    Sergio Romero, Federico Fazio, Ever Banega, Angel Di Maria, Alejandro Gomez, Sergio Aguero, Mauro Zarate.

    WC u20 2011 (quarter finalist):
    Esteban Andrada, German Pezzella, Nicolas Taglifico, Roberto Perreyra, Erik Lamela, Juan Iturbe

    WC u20 2015 (group stage):
    Emmanuel Mammana, Cristian Pavon, Giovani Simeone, Cristian Pavon, Angel Correa, Emiliano Buendia.

    WC u20 2017 (group stage):
    Juan Foyth, Marcos Senesi, Santiago Ascacibar, Exequiel Palacios, Lautaro Martinez

    WC u20 2019 (2nd round):
    Ezequiel Barco, Adolfo Gaich, Pedro De La Vega, Julian Alvarez

    The upcoming WC u20 2023?
    Possible stars: Matias Soule, Luka Romero, Alejandro Garnacho, Franco Carboni, Tiago Geralnik.

    Notice that the bigger the stars are, the more likely they achieve success in youth level, although not always such as: Maradona, Messi, Aguero, Riquelme, Aimar, Di Maria, Samuel, Saviola.

    • good job! thanks for the post, to me, the generation 2001 remains the most balanced team. Individually they may not have the best players but collectively they played great football, all in one touch with fast execution. Shame that D’Alessandro and Saviola didn’t have the career they deserved.

    • Zarate and Diaz are interesting ones, Diaz was top scorer in 1979 and he scored 10 goals for the senior side between 1979-1982 alone, but his feud with Maradona prevented him from playing further throughout the 80s. One of biggest “what could have been” story in Argentina football. Diaz also scored that long range against Brazil in WC 1982 which saved Argentina from getting thrashed completely.

      Zarate on other hand, scored the winning goal in 2007 final but never gets a call up for the senior team and eventually opted to play for Chile, even though he never play either.

  7. Enzo Fernandez and Santi Simon continue to impress for River. Both scored in River’s win.
    At Godoy Cruz, last season we saw Martin Ojeda impress coming out of nowhere. He continues his good level this season too. Highly rated Ezequiel Bullaude is turning it on this season. 5 goals in 8 games.
    Luiz Vazquez with a beauty. Real talent but Boca are doing their best to interrupt his development. The kid is a dark horse for the no.9 back up spot. let’s see.

  8. Actually I like all the friendlies. Italy no matter what is still one of the strongest Europeans, we can’t get any better friendly against any Europeans than this. Brazil is the WC favorite. Those 2 are good tests already. Then Israel or probably USA and one of the Qatar or UEA plus El Salvador. That looks good enough to me.

    2 super powers in Brazil n Italy
    2 good teams in USA and Israel
    1 team against the middle east in their territory
    1 weak team against El Salvador.

    It looks quite balanced to me. 6 friendlies starting June-November should be enough.

  9. I see many comments about which group is death. This time, almost all groups are similar. But Group H (Portugal, Uruguay, S korea and Ghana) is the group of death. Where any two from 4 can qualify for next stage. None if them are way ahead!!!

    • yeah, group F is similar. I think Croatia and Morocco will make it(people overhyped Canada and Belgium players too old). For group H, i go for Uruguay and South Korea. Ghana is really weak this year, Portugal has great individual talents but they never impressed as a team.

  10. Between now and the WC our main opponents such as Eng, Fra, Bra, Ger and Spa all will have their entire squad get a lot of playtime in very competitive leagues whereas some of our players are sidelined or second choice in their clubs. I seriously hope for our players to get more chance to play and improve in their respective clubs and shine for Scaloni to pick them and try them out…

    There is a balance between playing too much and playing enough to gain experience and improve.

  11. If Arg become top seeded in the group, probably will meet Denmark in 16 round; so it will be much better if the friendly will be against Europe, Norway is fine and one African country. Fortunately, the Italy meeting is still on and last game with Brazil for WCQ. Avoid the ‘political friendly game’. Focus on the benefit of try out to select the best player… Time is running and every team will be watching and studying the scheme, players, weakness and strength.

  12. I would only accept the USA out of this list. Leaving aside the political/controversial debate involving Israel I just don’t see the footballing benefit from playing them. I liked Brightk’s suggestion of Norway. I would personally go for Italy, Brazil (confirmed), one of Norway or Belgium, and maybe one African side (Nigeria or Ivory Coast would be my picks), although I am less crazy about playing an African side now than I was a few months ago because it is not very likely we could come across one and there is the chance of an injury. On the flip side, if an African side does cause an upset and we face them in KO than we’ll be completely unprepared for that type of game. But come on, UAE, Israel, or El Salvador? How come no one in Europe wants to play us?

    • I agree, USA probably the only team on this list that may be of good practice/experience. Alot of the good teams in Europe are busy with nations cup.
      In terms of Africa, I would like Algeria or ivory coast because of them both having so many European based club players, and also, algeria plays more euro style than most of Africa, along side morocco. I don’t think the friendly are very important, I always worry about injury, especially when playing against teams with nothing to lose.

  13. I think Group A is the group of death Qatar, Senegal, Netherlands and Ecuador. Imo from Netherlands, Senegal and Ecuador any 2 of them can qualify.

  14. Isreal, Qatar, UAE, US or El-salvador, Italy and Brazil!! Well as much as I would prefer to play against some European teams , unfortunately due to UEFA league of nations its simply not possible. 8 more months to go and 6 matches!! Italy will bring a new team for the most part and the new players will be desperate to cement their place in the team. Brazil match will be perfect game before the world cup and we must prioritize avoiding any kind of injuries. Remaining matches will help our offensive players especially Messi, Lautaro & Co to get into scoring form!!

    • Brazil is redundant at this point. We always face them in qualifier and often in Copa America, thus friendlies against them seems to be pointless to me.

      Besides, we’ve beaten Brazil 3 times under Tite.

      • Brazil has improved since Copa America. They change their goalie permanently to Allisson. Then they give more minutes to Vinicius Jr. Also they discovered Raphinha and Antony after that Argentina meeting. Their attack is more dangerous now. So it will be a super tight match against them.

        • the Problem for brazil is their midfield backups and old defence line. silva is 37 and dani alves is 39. the problem for argentina is we have sorted our gk and defence. mid field is a work in progress and will improve. the only question mark is forward line. only 3 genuine goal scoring threat in form of di maria, messi and lautaro. out of these 3,2 are over 33 year of age. we got out of 2002 WC not because our team was weak but our attack was one dimensional. alvarez holds promise but is bit raw. still i want him to be in squad as he brings a x factor to the attack and can be a surprise element against europeans. the problem are the other 5 , dybala, a correa, j correa ,nico gonzalez and papu gomez. none of them are a reliable goal scorer for the NT. none of them have scored against decent opposition.also players should not be selected based on if they can play with messi or not. they should be selected if they can press as well score goals.hope to see alario to get in some kind of form so that our forward woes in front of goal get resolved.

          • Well, my point is that its better to find other opponents for friendlies than Brazil who we have played hundreds of times. Like Argentina, Brazil has only played South American teams in past few years so how will they fare against strong European sides is still a question mark aswell. Remember Brazil was actually way stronger in 2006-2010, and they didnt pass QF.

            Alvarez isnt young player and he’s more talented than Lautaro. Lautaro started his NT career at only 21 and he managed to scored 8 goals for Argentina in 2019 alone, same age as Alvarez today. The difference is that Alvarez has only started once, in which he scored. So I’d say he’d need to play in all these friendlies to get few more goals ahead of the WC to build in confidence even more.

            Argentina problem in front of goal is actually more on Scaloni himself, who for whatever reason keep starting Tucu who cant score, cant dribble, cant creates. Although he’s good at updating his IG, just like Dybala.

  15. Good, as long its not some African teams that will only gives you broken ankle.

    Playing powerhouse sides will only improve them when we face them again in WC . We always face Germany in between WC cycle back then and they always managed to nulified our attack during the WC itself.

  16. Cox, I saw your response to the issue of ARGENTINA playing against Israel and I agree with you a 100% about hypocrisy concerning how many Arab/Muslim countries have befriended Israel and been conducing business with them for some years now and I also agree with you a 100% how why Should Argentina be held to different standards compared to many if not all Western countries when dealing with Israel.
    AND I also agree with you a 100% that ARGENTINA should not be punished for doing what many other countries have done or fear retaliation for doing so, 100% in agreement with you there too.

    NOW, Let me tell you about the REAL HYPOCRISY, Russia invades Ukraine and within a matter of DAYS, Russia is completely isolated from the rest of the world, Banks, credit card companies, fast food restaurants, Coca Cola, Starbucks……………………etc have all left. Israel has been killing, bombing, deporting, torturing, murdering, humiliating, annihilating, imprisoning, massacring, trouncing Palestinian BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS since 1948 and the world says NOTHING and now that Ukraine has been invaded the whole world stood up for them because WHY they are blue-eyed, light skin, blondes who are European and the others are vermin who don’t deserve to live, get educated and watch their kids grow and learn in peace. IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND LAND…….THAT’S THE REAL HYPOCRISY

    • Dfox, thank you for this post and thank you for being on this blog with us. I fully agree with what u said, and I couldnt have said it better. Cheers to you!

    • The hypocritical comment on Israel often surface when anyone seems to take Israel as a friend. Fox1942, when was palestine ever existed as an independent nation. The name Palestine itself was given by Romans to their conquered ancient Israeli territory to put off Jewish resistance. Arabs have no legal claim for the area when even their quran debunks their claims of statehood in Israel. Name any king of Palestine who ever ruled the region, who were its king. What documents ever exist claiming the territory to be that of Arabs. The conquered area was given by English back to Jews. If Israel were to just remain silent on excesses committed by the so called Palestinians who are political puppets given the relatively small area compared to the Arab world of , it can’t exist .Don’t bring your stupid ideology into sport.

      • Are you guys arguing on the same topic? The heart of Dfox1942’s argument was about the treatment of Palestinians by Israelis and the heart of Soccermaniac’s argument was who has historic claims to the land. Why can’t they live side by side in peace!

        Thanks God that Australian aboriginals or North American Indians or Central American Aztecs are not strong enough to lay a claim to their ancestral lands! Think about what if dinosaurs 🦖 come back to lay their claim on earth! There will be catastrophe everywhere.

        Chill guys and let’s set aside politics and enjoy Argentina Football, which brings all of us together 🙂

        • Exactly like you said Rahman, there is a people who owned your property 2000 years ago. And they now are back to claim it with billions of dollars of military support. You have to leave your property now Rahman and respect that they claim their ancestors lived there two thousand years ago. If even it is their ancestors.
          But Never the less, now, You have to leave, and go to a nearby camp with poor living conditions as a fifth class citizen. Will you leave happily? Will you fight back? I’m sure every now and then a football match will take your mind off of things… And keep you content that you are under constant siege and tyranny, because supposedly someone lived there on your plot of land 2000 years ago. God help all people who are oppressed and neglected.
          2000 years ago.

  17. I am blind supporter of Argentina national football team since 2006….But here some people deliberately spreading their own religion agenda and ask why “Argentina will play against Israel ?” Argentina is independent nation, it has full freedom to decide about playing country but some arrogant people ( specially from one religion community) raise the issue. They have no right to say anything about the match between Israel and Argentina. Some of thease people are also well educated but they follow their Godfather instructions who spread violence around world from 1400 yr ago and whole world suffering for that

    • Interesting that you created this profile just to make this comment, hiding your regular username.

      India is a diverse country in every sense where you will find one of the most sophisticated people and also people of extreme right wing ideology who have nothing but hatred towards minorities, especially Muslims. This has increased alarmingly in recent times under the rule of right wing Hindu nationalist party. India has produced so many brilliant minds, scientists, CEOs, including Nobel laureates in economics, literature but at the same time you will find people such superstitious that they seek cure from Covid-19 in animal excrete in the twenty first century.

      You generalize the whole Muslim religion, a quarter of the human kind, spreading nothing but hatred with the name of “Indian Hindu” in front of a global platform- this is a disrespect to the great Indian nation and one of the most ancient religion on earth.

      Those who know the history of Indian subcontinent very well know the acrimonious relation between India and Pakistan and the hundreds of years of rule of India by Muslim Mongols, which might have turned the hearts of many Indians against Muslims. Whether it justifies your enmity towards billions of peace loving people is rested onto you. But, my request to you is that please don’t do it by the name of India and Hindus.

      But one thing I must agree with you is that
      Argentina is an independent nation and has the full freedom to decide who should they pay with. As such, every human being are entitled to decide what they eat and what not. Now, do you agree that people should not be lynched for eating beef in private?

      • Do you know the term kafir? Do you know the term ” Gajba a tul hind”.? What is 72 Hur? How one can get 72 Hur? Indian Government stands with Israel except some jehadi like u. So don’t blame ISRAEL. Do you know about ” Bolatkari Babar”? Babar came from Ujbekistan and destroy all Hindu temples. You people deliberately spreading your own religion agenda through out the world even in this beautiful forum. You people want to see Islamic shoriya in whole world . Who is Laden? Who is Masood Azhar? Who is Hafeez soyeed? Who is Bagdadi?? Plz don’t bring religion agenda into this football platform. I again repeat ISRAEL is our best friend. Most of the nation Indians support ISRAEL not Palestine because Israel our true friend. Do you know Indian national anthem? Who you people against Vandematram? About your eating problem tell me ” can I eat pork in ISLAMIC territory??” I think never, you people eat beef deliberately to hurt the majority of people in India, who believes in Hindu religion.

        • I am from Bangladesh and last year Hindus were massacred brutally by the majority during their festival. Few years back muslim mobs attacked Ramu Buddhist Monastery. Before that Church at Barishal was bombed during prayer.

          In Pakistan minorities are vanquished by Islamists. In Sri Lanka, last year church bombed by minority islamic terrorist.

          It happens everywhere. Say those also bro…

          • As a people of Superstitious country like India, you always spread lie around the world..Bangladesh is very peaceful for living for any religious peoples unlike india.
            Indians Muslim Christian and others cast always suffer by their hinduism hate crime, even no Justice offer by their Court.Not only people but also Their parliament members openly attack others community like muslims..In Bangladesh Have you ever seen that? No, never that happened, because its not genocide killer Modi’s India.when you people attack other religion most respective person, i just tell you that you guys are wasted.I just one thing to say all of of his marriage had many reason, like help widow, political reason like spread islam etc. And islam give permission accept 4 wife only when you actually capable for it. What is better for women ? you have one wife but you doing sex with uncountable women without any respect towards to those womens or you committed with only with your one or 2/3 wife. I hope You all know the answer. And the point of Israel Argentina match.. I think its football not compare to Politics. So i have no say here.
            Even i think Israel people’s are far better than numerous superstitious peoples like India.

      • Again I repeat in my comment I just mentioned that some of arrogant people deliberately spreading their Godfather instructions. I have drawn one comment from this forum… Tell me what type of people say this….

        April 2, 2022 At 7:16 pm
        If they play against Israel they will be cursed like in 2018 WC


        • a fool has no respect. a fool has no understanding of what is right what is wrong. a fool has no eyes to see on their own faults. they put the others in faults when others not in a faults. my elder always suggest me fool has no guidance they have their own perception and guidance this is why suggestion was not argue with a fool, this is reason those who believes god sets life after death. i visited india several time. there was occurance that happens infront of my eyes.. that in hindu temple.. some people come in as pretending islamic separist.. and broke their self made god and terrorizes that place .. then the blame goes to muslim people and they make issue to torture islamic people. while investigation find out that the plot of terrorism created by some hindu politicians for their own benefit.. this is fact of those who is aggressive with the words.. terrorist has no religion now if someone protest for the oppression which happens with them year after year they becomes terrorist.

          • about muhammad has more than 11 wives.. king soloman has more than 700+ wife and concubines.. david has so many wifes and concubines.. as per my knowledge muhammad married a widow at the age of 25 who is 15 years older than him.. and they remain married until his death when muhammad at 50 years .. and he was unmarried between 50 to 52 and then he marry 9 years girl.. learn the medical science woman menstrution started at the age of 9.. girl are turning into woman from the age of 9.. today law says woman can’t be married at the age of 18.. but in america some state says such as in texas it is 16,, some state it is 14 why.. at that time rules was if girl come into puberty they can be married. what the benefit of marriage at young age.. woman are always subjected as goods.. even now woman are used as illegal phrase illegal act.. a husband always gives proper name for a woman.. so that they can be protected.. learn yourself … now why muhammad marriage 11 wifes.. while muslim says {Marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one.} he marry rest of the woman who are all widow mostly for good learning and political reason.. and till his age is 60 or 63 death { It is not lawful for you (to marry other) women after this, nor to change them for other wives.} their books reveals.. muslim are permitted four wive if only they can just rightly… woman are the most missused things in this world.. islam don’t says anything wrong.. think good if you can’t think good then shut your mouth off..

          • please Provide the references otherwise it is all hypothesis. also it would be better to keep this forum to discuss argentina football rather than ranting on each other religion. it is also better to not discuss muslim victimhood or any other religion victimhood and i don’t think any one needs the clarification for each other religion as well. which team argentina needs to play is AFA prerogative and none of our business. if anyone’s feeling get hurt due to that match then Please don’t watch the match. but Please keep the forum clean.

      • Why is it a big issue when Argentina play Israel but non issue when Israel playing against European teams. Let’s stop mixing politics with football.

        • yeah you are cultural ***** and you are guiding people in rightnees.. and you are guiding people how to eat your lord cows**ts. when there is white paper if there is spot that is always been shown.. when the paper is black nothing is matter.. do you forget what you do in jammu kashmir each day.. if there is something separatist act happens there is always name of muslim as terrorist while you hindu do it in your country day to day basis

          • if in palestine , muslim are the original people and jews is occupying unlawful land . similarly in kashmir hindus are the original People and muslims are unlawfully occupying the land. so logic has to remain the same. so according to your logic if in palestine muslims has the first right and similarly in kashmir hindus have the first right.

        • @ Blind supporter
          You changed your name again from “Indian Hindu”? At least you felt ashamed of associating that name with what you speak of and how you speak of- says that you may still have some goodness in you, Mr. Kevin.

          Please don’t talk about other’s educational level when you don’t know them. People can get a sense of our levels by our writings. One can win an argument by lowering thyself down to a level that others will not dare to follow- that doesn’t make that person a winner.

          Come to your senses and stop spilling hatred.

    • As a people of Superstitious country like India, you always spread lie around the world..Bangladesh is very peaceful for living for any religious peoples unlike india.
      Indians Muslim Christian and others cast always suffer by their hinduism hate crime, even no Justice offer by their Court.Not only people but also Their parliament members openly attack others community like muslims..In Bangladesh Have you ever seen that? No, never that happened, because its not genocide killer Modi’s India.when you people attack other religion most respective person, i just tell you that you guys are wasted.I just one thing to say all of of his marriage had many reason, like help widow, political reason like spread islam etc. And islam give permission accept 4 wife only when you actually capable for it. What is better for women ? you have one wife but you doing sex with uncountable women without any respect towards to those womens or you committed with only with your one or 2/3 wife. I hope You all know the answer. And the point of Israel Argentina match.. I think its football not compare to Politics. So i have no say here.
      Even i think Israel people’s are far better than numerous superstitious peoples like India

        • what reference you are asking, your prime minister once banned to entering in us for helping hindu extremists.. it is only bcs he win election and become prime minister.. political influences helps him removes those ban.. what reference you are asking like the way you people are infant.. you people have no idea what you do daily basis.

          • the supreme court of india which is independent has not found a single shred of evidence against him. as far as usa is concerned we are a independent country with check and balances in democracy so we don’t need usa stamp on our internal duplicate usa is can be found from the fact that they are right now pleading with modi to resolve russia crisis. if muslims have so much brotherhood, saudi and qatar have immense wealth if they share even the zakat to muslims in other muslim nations there will not be a single poor muslim in world. india has maximum self made muslim billionaires in any country that have muslims . shias, ahmadi,bohra are one of the richest communities in india.india provide opportunities to all irrespective of his caste and religion. muslims have to look inwards that why not a single muslim from muslim countries have won a single noble prize/turing awards in physics or chemistry or computer science. how many muslim woman are in any CXO position in any company of significance. please come out of your victimhood and try to educate your community.keep your religion as a personal affair and don’t bring your religion in other sphere of discussion. nobody has the time to victimize the muslims we are busy with our lives.

          • yeah supreme court of india in true dictators of india.. which only listen to powerhouse or politicians.. yeah india make the apj abdul kalam .. all are india hinduism contribution to become apj abdul.. indian muslim even can’t fight for basic rights.. what achievement you are talking about do you know anything about Abu Bakr Al-Razi, Jabir Ibn Haiyan, ibn sina etc.. muslim woman don’t focus on how to become slut they focus how to teach there children. how to take care of family, this is primary lesson of muslim community .. not like your hinduism community where woman are sends for earning
            https : //
            so everything is written here is lie.. you people are true innocent..

      • I am a Bangladeshi Hindu and we were attacked by muslim mobs during our festival in October 2021. 6 people were killed and thousands of temples were vandalised all over the country. There were worldwide protest after that. Vandalising of temples happening all over the Bangladesh every year. Last week muslim mobs attacked a HareKrisna ISCKON temple in Wari, Dhaka. Do not tell anymore lie my friend. @Jewel.

    • right.. AR could play a match against Norway.. who is not playing nations league.. they could also play with CÔTE D’IVOIRE from African continent.. this two would be right choice for AR preparation

      • I agree. We need to play ivory coast, or maybe see if algeria is available. Or Norway, or maybe Bosnia. But the Israel match would be a waste of time. And I don’t think Argentina should lower itself to those standards of on and off the pitch politics.
        I don’t think we should worry that much about a euro friendly as we are already set to play against Italy, which now more then ever has a lot to prove.

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