Argentina in Group C with Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia at World Cup


Argentina have been drawn in Group C with Mexico, Poland and Saudi Arabia at the World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni’s team have been drawn will play Saudi Arabia in their opening match at the World Cup. After that is a match against Mexico before playing Poland. Not for the first time in recent World Cups, Argentina will play Mexico. Having played them at the 2006 and 2010 World Cup tournaments, this time, Mexico will be in Argentina’s group.

After that is a match against Saudi Arabia. This would be the first time these two teams play each other at the World Cup. And in the last match in the group, it’s Lionel Messi and Argentina against Robert Lewandowski and Poland.

Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia, November 22
Argentina vs. Mexico, November 26
Argentina vs. Poland, November 30

More details to follow.


  1. Don’t schedule the friendly with any of the African side.Friendly against African team will be physical and some of our players may get injured.anyway..we won’t face any of the African teams in the WC.
    If Senegal topping the Group A against Netherlands, Ecuador, and Qatar ..then there is chance. But that chance is very less. Other chance is Tunisia reaching second in Group D against France, Denmark and Peru. That chance also very very less.
    Currently, two matches are confirmed. Against Italy and Brazil. Both matches will be a great test just before the world cup.
    Better arrange few more friendlies, with 2 European(probably Belgium, Serbia), 1 Asian (probably Qatar) and 1 North American(probably Costa Rica) teams.

  2. I want Brazil and Germany not winning the group and goes the other side. All other big teams win their group. Then, everything will be great for us.
    PQ-Argentina vs Denmark/Peru
    QF-Argentina vs Netherlands
    SF-Argentina vs Spain
    Final – Argentina vs Any team from other side. (Brazil/Germany/France/England/Belgium/Portugal)

  3. Scaloni can try 5-2-3 formation in WC apart from traditional 4-3-3
    3 man defence -Romero, Foyth/Pezzella, Otamendi
    2 wing back – Molina, Acuna
    2 CM – Paredes, de paul
    2 FW – Messi, Lautaro,Di maria

    • What is everybody has with foyth he won’t even be in the world cup squad u have one of the best CB In the world in martinez u don’t even put him in ur lineup. funny just watch some game before posting

  4. All we know right now is that we will play against Saudi Arabia, Poland and Mexico.
    The World Cup has always surprises.
    Last world cup we were supposed to win the group but didn’t.
    We can’t choose our opponents so all we can do is beat which ever team we have to face.

    • True, Logical plan would be to throw absolutely everything at Saudi Arabia in the first game and try to rack up as many goals possible. The key to an easier path to the final is to win the group and goal difference may count

  5. Some of u are funny don’t worry forth will not even make it to the world cup squad you make him out to be the next Passarella but he is not even good enough to play CB anymore he is even losing his spot as RB he will be 25 by the time the world cup comes we still Are waiting for the next great argentine CB IN FOYTH Funny. there was the same kind of hype for quarta I knew from the start he was no good, he is weak and slow. let’s believe in form Argentina’s best CBs are Martinez, Romero and otamendi and the other CB will be Pezzella b/c he has not disappointed the coach. the RBs are Molina and Montiel not b/c of the lack of options b/c they are good. I think Molina will be one of the best in the world he has 6 goals this season although he plays in a more advanced role for Udinese.

    • well i don t see that exist many. from what i saw only one exist who is personal promoter of Foyth here. Maybe he is one of his agents i don t know. i can t find logical explanation for his obsession with Foyth. i hope he earn some money at least from this unstopable promotion for this player. At least the good thing is he is obsessed with a football player and not with his wife. you remember i believe the romance idiot that he was obsessed with the wife of Icardi and he was promoting him as the best player in the universe.

    • Foyth is playing good in Villarreal lately and Montiel has also lost his spot in Sevilla after J. Navas came. You people do not understand the game, Quarta was always trash just like most River Plate player.
      Foyth kind of trapped between RB and CB but he is defensively more sound than Mollina and Montiel.Mollina and Foyth should be selected for WC as Montiel is also bad offensively and Estupiana(Ecuador left back) exposed him badly while Foyth handled Vini jr and Rashford greatly.

      • for me first 8 defenders are romero,lisandro,otamendi,pezella,montial,mollina, acuna,taglifico.
        but since team size is 26 , so for 9th defender, it is between quarta and foyth. it is very clear to me that in that case foyth is the 9th defender. also the reason of selection is not because he is next Passarella but we don’t have options as well as time to integrate another defender. i wish scaloni has tried sensi as center back.

  6. well for fun if i had to bet 1 peso to group top 2 here is my bet.
    A Netherlands, Senegal
    B England, Wales
    C Argentina, Poland
    D France, Denmark
    E Spain,Germany
    F Belgium, Morocco
    G Brasil, Serbia
    H Portugal, Ghana

    i write 1st the winner and second the runner up.

    • I say South American will have at least 4 if not all 5 in the second round. I even have an expectation for Ecuador to top group A. It is possible. They can hold both Argentina and Brazil to a draw this year. That means they are strong.

      In comparison with a European team, Poland for example, when I check their record. They could only beat the likes of Albania or San Marino. They could not beat someone who is as strong as them like Iceland. Well they won against Sweden, thatโ€™s about it.

      • I agree, I think Ecuador will spring a surprise. They are a fast team who play very hard. I cannot see Qatar beating them and I see them getting a result against Senegal too.

      • honestly my feeling for this world cup is completely oposite that yours.
        i believe Africans will go well in this world cup and exept us and Brasil the rest South americans will have bad tournament. Last months happened to see much African football too and i have very good opinion about their level.
        well we will see what will happened.

  7. As arg fan I don’t fear to face anyone I believe this time around Argentina will go all the way, we have solid team , much winners likes Messi, Di Maria Lautaro and papu can score out nothing plus we have smart unit coaching staff and more importantly God will be with us this time around, let me take this opportunity to wish Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims followers here in mundo.
    Be charitable, please feed the poor. God bless you all

  8. Not the easiest or an easy draw, but a favorable draw.

    Saudi, even with home field esque advantage, they are simply not that good. Poland has Lewandoski and nothing else. And Mexico is probably playing the worst futbol in a long time. Not sure what’s up with Tata, but Mexico looks really bad right now.

    I understand what happened to us against Iceland, but the mental state of that team was the weakest in decades thanks to crazy man Sampaoli. This team surely runs all over Saudi.

    Just like everyone else, we do have to worry about injuries popping up due to the WC being played during the club season

  9. It is super important to win the first game. Its not easy. Nothing is easy these days. And Saudi is almost the home team. I am chatting with a friend of mine in Dubai and it will be partisan crowd.

    Hope for Mexico and a Poland draw. That will help us go a bit relaxed in the last game.

    BTW, if anyone knows which stadium we are playing, please let me know. I am planning to get tickets. Argentina has highest demand.

    • Saudi is neighbour just KMs away. You can expect many Saudis at stadium…but you will be surprised by the number of supporters for Argentina..! wait and see…

    • No need to worry about the fans support.
      A huge fanbase from Asia including India, Bangladesh, Qatar, Pakistan will come to extend the support towards Argentina apart from the Argentina’s own fans.

      Also I won’t be amazed if a section of Saudi will root for us as well.

    • if we thinking that we need fans majority to win Saudi arabia then is better to don t travel in Qatar from beginning and we resign to play in world cup. i demand we win even if we play in Riyad. exept that i think it can be good thing we play last Poland. we can be clever too if result help. we win 2 first games and after we go to final game with 6 points and we can choose relax the bracket we want to continue. if France don t win their group then maybe it can be better we finish second too. avoid France and go to face England/Belgium/Portugal. why not?

      • I agree, if Saudi scores on us then it will be an upset score. They don’t have a chance. I’m only concerned with Poland, as they have a strike force that is world class and plays with the best of them on a weekly basis.

  10. Okay so the path is like this;

    PQ-Argentina vs Peru /Denamrk. I prefer Peru.
    QF-Argentina vs Netherlands
    Sf-Argentina vs Brazil/Spain/Germany – I prefer Spain.
    F-Argentina vs any team…!

    • Brazil path will be;
      PQ-Brazil vs Uruguay\Portugal
      QF-Brazil vs Spain\Germany

      They are not in easy they have tough path…I am happy

        • Are you serious? Brazil didn’t win against an European team in WC knock out after 2002!
          I don’t think they will progress easily by beating any of these.. except Uruguay. It will be a hard path for them…in any side…! No matter they are first or second in the group…

          • Spain is easy food for them. Germany or belgium will be good test for Brazil. People are overestimating Spain they will underperform. Don’t be surprise if they fail to clear the group stages.

  11. Why is everyone so pessimistic? We got a good group, If we’re winning it all then we’re beating everyone no matter what round. We have a great team and remember France and Denmark are probably saying “Damn, We need to play Argentina! in the R16”

  12. To be fair its an easy group. It could have been much worse. Would rather face Mexico than Germany, Netherlands, Portugal or Croatia at the Group stage.

    In 2018 also we had a relatively easy group but we complicated ourselves by drawing vs Iceland in our first match. We cant take any team for granted at the WCs. So Saudi also should be faced carefully. Any bad result will mess up our path.

    Unless any major upset happens:
    Group A-Netherlands, Equador
    Group B-England, USA
    Group C-Argentina, Mexico
    Group D-France, Denmark
    Group E- Spain, Germany (Germany in pot 2 has complicted the Groups, Cant predict this Group)
    Group F-Belgium, Croatia
    Group G-Brazil, Swiss
    Group H- Portugal, Uruguay

    Then again apart from 2006 WC,rest all WCs always had majour upsets in the Group stage. Lets see. Atleast now we know who can be our rivals. One match at a time.The Euro play off results also can mess up things.

    Its the WC, its never easy to win it…. Lets hope we r in good form by that time and with little luck too in our side.

  13. This is the complete scenario IF all the favorites win their matches and IF there is no surprise at all:
    2nd round:
    1. Winner of group A Netherlands vs Runner up B USA
    2. Winner of group C Argentina vs Runner up of D Denmark
    3. Winner of group E Spain vs Runner up of F Croatia
    4. Winner of group G Brazil vs Runner up of H Uruguay

    Then the other side
    5. Winner of group B England vs Runner up of A Ecuador
    6. Winner of group D France vs Runner up of C Poland
    7. Winner of group F Belgium vs Runner of E Germany
    8. Winner of H Portugal vs Runner up of G Switzerland

    Then QF:
    1 vs 2
    3 vs 4

    5 vs 6
    7 vs 8

    And semis the winner of 12 will meet 34 the winner of 56 will meet 78

    I know it is impossible the World Cup without any surprises, but the favorites have more than 60%-70% chance to win I would say.

    So this is what the scenario looks like IF without surprises.

    Remember the WC 2014 was one of those WC with very few to almost no surprise in earlier stages. The top 4 in the semifinal: Argentina vs Netherlands; Brazil vs Germany were expected by many before the WC starts.

    Based on this, there is no single team that will have an easy path. Everyone has their own difficulties.

  14. well the draw was good. no complains. as about friendly against Mexico it should change. you can t play your world cup oponent one month before. it is not logic. even if the oponent could be easiest team (which clearly Mexico is not one of them).
    the most important is to win our group. the rest can not be controled.
    personally i am not sure that France will win their group.they can be 2nd or worse.
    how many times we had see world champions to be out from group stage the next world cup?why Peru can t beat Denmark? everything can happened.
    anyhow i am happy with the draw. we have good chances to go far in the tournament.

  15. Guys we wanna be world champion. That means beat everyone that we face. This is world cup we can’t expect weak opponents. We have the team guys, I believe and you should too… This is a very great draw for us. Let’s hope the core team…. Dibu, Cuti, paredes, DePaul, Messi, lauraro, acuna get there healthy and in form…..

  16. It is important to pickup the pace slowly in a cup. Our group is an easy one. In next round, we are likely to meet Denmark. This is similar to Switzerland in 2014. Netherland in QF, which is easier than Belgium of 2014. If we go to final, we will get one more day to rest.

    To win worldcup you must be prepared to face any strong team. So no worry.

  17. All things considered, this is not a bad draw. We have experience against Mexico, and KSA should be a win, and Poland is not the toughest European team. We should win this group with two wins and a draw, or three wins. The NT has not been defeated in a long time, and we are lucky to have KSA first to calm down the nerves as they are the weakest team in the group. We will know more about Mexico and Poland after they face each other which is another advantage. The most important thing is our guys come in fit, no injuries, and in form. If we are in form, nobody can beat us easily. And remember, we may have one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now.
    If our midfielders play box to box and run, it will be very hard to beat us. It was fantastic to see Alvarez defending the other night against Equador. Something you never see guys like Higuain doing. And its a LONG way from worrying about other teams than our group. Anything can happen.

    • San Isidro , that is the tactics of Scaloni. If you notice Joaquin and Nico may not be world beaters when it comes to goals, but they run and defend well. It’s not surprising we were one of the teams with good defensive display.

  18. I was wrong, we don’t have the initial group of death.
    But when we win the group, God willing, we will have probably the toughest of paths. This isn’t an accident in my opinion. Fifa has always hated Argentina because of the stances we have taken against England and other imperial tyrants.
    We shouldn’t have trouble with any team in our group. We need to be careful of injuries vs Mexico, as they are reckless on tackles, we have to press Poland and close down their strikers, and finally, Saudi Arabia which will be our first match, has no defense. We just need to score a few and defend against them . Saudi Arabia has one above average player. Poland has 2 excellent players and a few above average players , and Mexico has 4 above average players. We have Messi, four excellent players and the rest are all above average. Should be a fun first three games.

  19. Mbappe and T. Hernandez would wreck havoc on Argentina Right Flank if Montiel or Mollina plays same goes for Sterling and Rashford. Foyth is needed he is defensively more solid than other two.
    C. Romero is also there so no need to worry much. Foyth is also good on through balls but his crosses are average and he is good creator in final third or around penalty box.

    • What games are you watching?! Have you ever watched foyth aka the baby deer play? He is a yellow card waiting to happening every time someone is one on one โ€ฆ Molina is the future โ€ฆ fastest on the team and he will defend and run with depaul cheating towards his right โ€ฆ our defense is as solid with: depaul tracking back and
      Acuna, otamendi, romero and Molina in front of Emiliano โ€ฆ. SOLID

      • C. Romero also take very much yellow card watch PL, Mollina is best but a good back up is necessary. He has become more matured.

  20. As always lot of pessimism but i think Argentina got good group meaning we can top that group and France do the same(their group is easy), then after round of 16 anything can happen. Lets enjoy the ride.

  21. Foyth is needed to stop pacy wingers of England and France as he has shown in Europa league against Rashford and other Premier League players. T. Hernandez vs Foyth would be great.
    Montiel should be given rest one vs one Foyth is best, he does not need much help on his end.

    • Do u want Argentina to make the same mistake they made 4 years ago playing half RB/CB In mercado being trashed by lucas this time there is even more faster more amazing brother of Lucas theo against half RB/CB Foyth Argentina should stick to Molina who is a treat going forward and very good in defending? everybody doesn’t undermine Argentina France became a football nation 20 years ago still they don’t love football that much England is a football nation but if not for their population their football is not much better than the likes of Denmark atgentina is a 6-time world cup finalist country of diego,messi and Distefano currently on a 31 match unbeaten streak so respect Argentina. France have the worst stastics against Argentina I think some of u became Argentina fan after Messi Argentina used to have the best squad in the world zanetti samuel ayala sorin cambiasso mascherano riquelme aimar crespo maxi used to play on the same pitch

  22. We need everyone to play at top level in opening game and secure convincing victory. We need to rest Messi, Di Maria, RDP , Cuti by the time we play Poland. Ok, I know Messi will probably play first half like in 2014, but still…

  23. My prediction..!!

    Argentina vs Peru – Pre Quarter
    Argentina vs Netherlands Quarter

    SF and Final – any team will be there…because Brazil groups and Spain group are very tough to predict…!

  24. In order for Argentina to get the easiest path:

    Argentina top group C and meet Denmark in second round

    Then Netherlands have to be second in group A So either Ecuador or runner up group B (probably USA or Wales/Ukraine) in the QF

    In semis we would hope Spain to top group E instead of Germany and hope Switzerland to top group G instead of Brazil. That way we will meet Spain in the semi final.

    Then the final can be anyone.

    This is the best scenario. So lets hope:
    1. Argentina to top the group
    2. Netherlands to finish second in group A
    3. Spain to win group E
    4. Brazil to finish second in group G

    The worst scenerio (hardest path):
    1. Argentina top the group and France finish second in group D. So Argentina-France second round.
    2. Netherlands win group A, that will set up Argentina-Netherlands QF
    3. Germany and Brazil won their group. The winner of them will meet Argentina in the semi final.

    • Netherlands should not trouble Argentina. Argentina faced tougher opponent with likes of Robben and Dirk Kuyt. The only challenge with current dutch team is their defense

  25. Great draw fro Argentina
    If we finished as group winner
    & Netherlands win group A
    Then our path to Semi will be easier
    Camon Argentina๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  26. We needs to take adventage of “easy” draw by winning big instead of scrappy win!

    More goals for our forwards means more confidence for them at knockout stage.

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