Javier Zanetti speaks on being left out of 2006, 2010 World Cups, Argentina, Lionel Messi


Javier Zanetti spoke about being left out of the 2006 and 2010 World Cups, the Argentina national team and Lionel Messi.

Zanetti is one of the best right backs of all time, not just for Argentina but in football. He was controversially left out of the 2006 and 2010 World Cups for Argentina by both Jose Pekerman and Diego Maradona. Speaking in an interview with Radio La Red, here is what he had to say:

“I am left with a bittersweet taste. I played all of the qualifiers and ended up out of the World Cup. With Pekerman, I got angry because I didn’t understand it.

“In 2010, it was my best moment and I didn’t go to the World Cup. With Diego, I couldn’t get mad. I didn’t understand the decision but I accepted it.”

In regards to the Argentina national team and the 2022 Qatar World Cup:

“I had high expectations and great enthusiasm for the draw. It excites me, not only because of the opponents but because of how I see Argentina.

“At a World Cup, you have to face everyone. The most important thing is the first match. There, you gain confidence and Argentina starts against Saudi Arabia, who you have to have respect for but…

“You have to be a little careful with Poland. They have interesting players. Take out Lewandowski, who we all already know, ZIelinski plays very well and they have a good goalkeeper.”

Regarding Lionel Messi and a possible retirement:

“That Messi can play until he is 40 only depends on him. Nature helped me a lot. Leaving football from one day to another is complicated. You have to prepare from before.”


  1. It’s a crime to left out Zanetti especially in 2010. Anyway, let’s closed the chapter.

    Hopefully we won’t talk in 2034, why Icardi or Dybala was left out in 2022

  2. There is lot myth about 2006 Argentina and how great a team it was however watching highlight of Mexico vs Argentina, Mexico were unlucky to not to win that tie. I still think 2014 was better and 2022 will be even better after finally winning it. FYI, i was too small to remember about 2006 world cup.

    • I agree with you. That is what happens with stories. I watched every minute of 2006. Ivory coast 2-1 close match. 6-0 win is the highlight and everyone talks about. 0-0 dull draw against Holland, Messi played. 2-1 tight win over Mexico. Yes, we were unlucky with Messi goal, he was not offside. Finally 1-1 against Germany.

      Have to admit though, the team was easy on the eye and Pekerman was a chicken. It was a good team and based on performance of others, we could have won the whole thing

  3. I dont know why the Polish people are reacting like this to the world cup draw and targeting Messi.. first their official website made a provocative post and then this old dude who was the ex coach of Poland said that Messi is playing like an old grandfather or something.. I seriously wish Argentina can whup their A**S.
    I think they cant still get over the fact that Lewa did not get the Ballon’dor.

    • Argentina will win this match comfortably im predicting a comfortable 2-0 win. Don’t need to listen them. They are damn mediocre team and most probably Mexico will qualify from this group. And if Argentina fear Poland thn they don’t deserve to win the world cup. But u never know as we dropped points against Iceland in 2018.i feel 2018 group was tougher than this year. Croatia was strong. Iceland was a decent side like Poland and Nigeria was also a decent side. This time atleast we play a weak Saudi Arabia side

  4. It was a dilemmatic for Peckerman; he prefer and choose Sorin and make him a captain. Zanetti was left out. 2006 was supposed to be Arg games but the wrong and error substitute against Germany while leading 1-0 is very painful to be erased in the memory. Please watch the games on Youtube channel.

    2010 not just Zanetti was left out but Diego Milito, Riquelme and .. again humilated by Germany

  5. The 2006 World Cup was my first World Cup. I didn’t understand any tactics in that World Cup. But I heard from everyone that Argentina is a very good team.A new Maradona has arrived in Argentina, especially the name Messi.But on the day of the game against Germany, I did not see Messi.In fact, that World Cup was lost to Argentina only because of Pekerman.Mbappe was only 18 years old at the 2018 World Cup, but the French coach used him properly and won the World Cup.My question is, isn’t 18-year-old Messi better than Mbappe?The 18-year-old Messi was ten times better than the 18-year-old Mbappe.Messi was on fire. If the Argentine manager could have used Messi properly, he would have won the World Cup so far.Peckerman and Maradona and Sabella are cows in the same barn.Scaloni seem to be the same.

    • Garnacho deserves wc squad.Argentina badly need a player like garnacho.especially when they lacking in a proper speedy left side winger.garnecho is the man i think.but Argentina manager always choice old player. And luka romero also.

    • Because gavi is constantly getting minutes for barca. If he was getting minutes for manu thn im sure scaloni would have chose him. U never know. Our wc squad is still not announced so we may see 1-2 surprise call up. All depends on the friendlies. If some new players r tried in this friendlies and they perform they can be selected.

  6. Have you guys been noticing how enzo fernandez plays ? This guy has been brilliant and is able to literally do everything on the field. His touches are akin to the great riquelme’s but a much more industrious version. He will be a superstar soon if he continuously works hard. It’s no surprise that many giants are after him already.

    • I also like him.. He has good hight too..scoloni should consider him next friendly.. He has great potential like lo cels, de pual but i think his shooting skill better than lo celso

    • Im hearing a lot about Enzo Fernandez. I think scaloni should consider him for 2022 wc. Locelso is very injury prone we need quality backup specially in a hot place like qatar though they r planning to play with centralized ac

  7. I only looked at highlights ofJuventus vs inter and some of Dybalas decision to shoot over passing to his team mates frustrates me. I think Scaloni is right on this one.

  8. One of my all time favourite players. It’s a shame he was left off both squads. We would have been better with him there, but that’s how it went.
    He’ll always be a legend in my books.

  9. Who saw Paredes today? What a player, very sturdy and sweet with the passes.
    I am still also confused as to why zannetti didn’t play for 2006 2010 world cups. The world wide web wasn’t as wide back in 06 so we all had thought that he was injured. But 2010 was baffling that he wasn’t included. It would be nice to have a versatile player like zannetti in our current squad. He was very unique.

    • There were two rumors in 2006.
      1. There was a problem between Sorin and Veron, Zanetti was in the middle of that. The rumor was that Sorin used his power(was captain) and Pekerman sided with him.
      2. Zanetti up to 2010 had 0 titles!
      He was considered to be “unluck” so Pekerman avoided him for that reason.

      just rumors no confirmation.

      • ghost, is your name a reference to the legendary tony Stark aka ghost face?
        Anyways, That’s good to know. I wasn’t aware of either rumor. Thanks for that.
        I remember veron sometimes having problems with teammates in club and country tho. All respect to veron but I always thought he was overrated. Sorin was always a nice guy, I can’t imagine him having problems, but who knows, so much happens behind the scenes.

        • @SorinXcrespO Thank you! Veron highly overrated sloth; a slow player. How he played in 2010 WC and Riquelme, Cambiaso, Zanetti left out. Veron gives you 1 good game every 10 games.

          the real crime though was Jonás Gutiérrez!

          • macallister can become Jonás Gutiérrez ver 2.0 if he is selected in world cup.it is better if we have players who at least excel in one area of game and are average in some others rather than selecting an average player in all departments.

      • And thanks to that madness Argentina got 4-0 whopping against Germany. That’s why I always insist involving politics in players selection is detrimental to the team’s performance.

    • Maybe what ghost says was right but I also heard it was because of tactical reason. Pekerman wanted a super attacking wing back like Sorin and a super defensive minded one. He wanted to maximize Sorin going forward and the other side of wingback, Burdisso would act like the center back. Scaloni was the back up and Scaloni is also a defensive minded fullback.

      It wouldn’t have worked out if both wing backs were in attacking mode like Sorin and Zanetti. The tactic worked pretty well actually. Sorin was almost like an attacking winger throughout the World Cup.

      • Psg has 0 quality in midfield area. Veratti is always injured and paredes is very inconsistent. He will play great in 1 game and will be lackluster in next 3 games.

        • Paredes is a player who always steps up in big matches. You just forgot his superb performances against Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich at the UCL stages.

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