Lionel Messi scores for PSG in 5-1 win vs. Lorient


Lionel Messi scored for PSG in their 5-1 win vs. Lorient.

Messi made it three league goals for PSG as he continued his scoring form, having scored for Argentina in their 3-0 win in the World Cup qualifiers. Messi would receive the ball inside the penalty area as he placed it into the top corner.

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  1. People in this forum says a lot of trash stuff…..several months ago they were saying Paredes was trash….now he is being showered with praise….same with ADM….GLC is world class….failures happened even with the likes of Veron Aimar Riquelme etc….doesnt matter shit…..and this whole time he was injured anyway

  2. It burns me inside how Rodrigo Bentancur and Kulusevski playing well for spurs and made huge difference to the side, where lo celso couldn’t do it
    Both play the same positions lo celso played while he was at spure weather it’s central midfielder where Bentancur plays now or further advance role where Kulusevski plays. There was time I rated lo celso above de Paul and paredes but not anymore. I”m gladly accepted that I was wrong. We Argentina fans including me sometines overhype our players and lo celso is one of them.

      • Lo celso is very good . but he is not a Player who is suited for EPl kind of grind.most of the time he was injured. he is more suited for la liga and serie a. even messi is not suited for EPL. even romero was injured most of the season in EPl. another important point is coach. lo celso is not the kind of player who is suited for mourinho kind of tactics

        • Disagree no excuses epl be physical bcz lo celso initially did well in the epl than fade away. look lanzini as example physically small, playing mid table team had acl which almost finished his career but he fought back and forced his way back to be one of the west ham main players, made Fans love him again when they though they will never see old lanzini again you know why? he is very talented even better now lanzini plays Deeper position than originally used played.

          • sorry but i am not currently following west ham. is lanzini in first team squad now. before 2018 injury he was a monster for west ham.

          • During 2018 when lo celso playing doe psg i thought he will become a super star within next worldcup period and i was frustrated whn he wasnt in playing 11 wc 2018 all changed may we must accept he is no that good, if thats the case our worlcup squad need a good midfielder who that will be other than depaul and pardees

    • Kulusevski is surprisingly good. He is just perfect for what the Spurs has been looking for, a natural right forward (to replace Moura) who has good finishing product. Lo Celso was expected to be that person, but Lo Celso is not a right forward.

      Kulusevski is better than Lo Celso AS right forward for sure as that is his natural position, but Lo Celso is a better midfielder.

      For me why Lo Celso didn’t work out for the Spurs, it is not because the player lacks of the necessary talent. It is the Spurs fault during the summer transfer windows that they did not buy any right forward, so they had to force Lo Celso to play there.

      Why not midfield? because Skipp and Hojbjerg already the untouchable starters and then back then there was Ndombele too who was ahead of Lo Celso in pecking order for midfield, even Winks.

      Lo Celso should move permanently to Villarreal. Cuti should continue at Spurs. The Spurs are looking very strong now. No EPL teams score more than them in 2022.

    • It doesn’t mean LoCelso is a bad player. Every team and coach will have their own playing style. LoCelso was not the right person they want.. that’s it.
      Now in Villarreal he plays as a forward and that also not suitable for him. You want a coach who trust you and a team that has a style that matches to your playing style. Else, it will be hell for the player.

    • Sadly he came off as injured but what a f…king player leo paredes is. he is one of our key players. I can safely say Argentina haven’t had paredes kind midfielder in long time.

  3. Messi need to score and regain his confidence back, let it be in club and N/T. Would be happy if he could score on FK or penalty. Messi’s smile is his team smiles and happiness

  4. Cristian Romero easily worth more than 60 million. Miles better than Harry Maguire , cuti is top 4 best defenders in the epl. Argentina has every chance to win world Cup with Romero been fit and card free.

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