Argentine players in the Champions League: Nicolás Otamendi, Rodrigo De Paul


There are six Argentine players remaining in the Champions League with three playing on Tuesday and three playing on Wednesday.

Nicolás Otamendi has been solid for Benfica and they will host Liverpool on Tuesday in the Champions League. The second match on Tuesday has two Argentine players and one coach.

Rodrigo De Paul and Ángel Correa are away in the Champions League against Manchester City. Diego Simeone eliminated Manchester United in the previous round and will want to eliminate Manchester City to make the semi finals.

On Wednesday, it’s Gerónimo Rulli, Gio Lo Celso and Juan Foyth of Villarreal which host Bayern Munich. The fourth match is between Chelsea and Real Madrid.

All six players were part of the Argentina national team for the March World Cup qualifiers, with Lo Celso suspended for the two matches.


  1. Can Argentina play with Romero, Otamendi and Lisandro at the same time in a 3-5-2 ????
    Molina and Acuña on the wings
    De Paul and Paredes in the midfield
    Messi behind Lautauro and Alvarez
    What do you people think ???????

  2. The whole internet is doing bla bla about pedri goal i was wondering if any europes top youngster scored that goal of molina they will be praising him for 2 weeks

  3. Who wants to see Enzo Fernandez in the world cup squad? I do I think he is our third best CM Behind DePaul and parades already he will be the best after the world cup

    • Let him play first. He is playing in a weak league. International football is completely different. Paredes is not our top 2 midfielder. Locelso is better than him. And he looks defensively shaky at times plus he is slow. He doesn’t even get regular starting minutes for psg and they’re even considering to sell him this summer

        • The problem is his defensive errors may harm his attacking instinct. A position like wing back is very crucial. If Molina can become a perfect wing back and undisputable in that position against any teams then it is very useful. Italy and Brazil games would be a test. If Molina fails then scaloni should definitely need two players in that position.

      • @anuparno are we talking about paredes or enzo. if u r talking about paredes he is argentina 2nd best midfielder by a mile he plays for psg plays regularly playing very good now he looks defensively shaky b/c he is not a defensive midfielder he is deep lying playmaker as argentina fan u should know about deep lying playmakers .lo celso who is just loaned to villareal where he is playing as 2nd striker not as a midfielder with 0 goal contribution cannot be argentina 2nd best midfielder he is playing bad actually papu is also better than him it is just that i don’t see papu as a midfielder

        • I don’t think any other player even Papu can replace lo celso against big teams. If there is de Paul and Paredes then lo celso is a must atleast till the wc. Lo celso played badly in 2 or 3 games in the qualifiers. He was not a starter on spurs. But once he joined villareal he showed his potential. He has that capability to control the midfield. He came back in that Colombia game with domination in the mid field.

        • While locelso is not bad, he is also not elite. He is a very good midfielder, but out of our 3 main mids (depaul, paredes, locelso) he is the most easily replaced. Papu is just as good if not better. We have options, this is good.

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