Lucas Boyé suffers injury for Elche


Lucas Boyé suffered an injury for Elche.

Boyé had to be substituted out for Elche during their match against Athletic Bilbao. Still awaiting medical tests, he played his first match for the Argentina national team in the 3-0 win vs. Venezuela in the World Cup qualifiers.


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    • MESSI played well and scored and could have scored more as well but some passes that should have came his way but never arrived.
      Messi is fine

  2. Molina is Argentinian right back who can score with😊 He is blessing for team Argentina.. If he just improve his defending skills, he will be world class in near future..

  3. After that goal… Messi’s confidence increased.. immediately he became on another level.

    How he will get more goals when Mbappe and Co doesn’t pass to him when he’s in great position? Messi was always waiting for the pass when they attack…but he only gets the pass when he’s too far from penalty box. When he’s going near…other players don’t pass to him…they ignore him and shoot…

    • This is a case of I’m pass you the ball for a score every now and then but you wont steal the show from me and that goes for both Mbappe and Neymar and Poch is just a puppet to what the MGT/OWNER wants.
      We all expected Messi not to score 40 but not like its been and its never been his fault BUT again I say, this is good where he doesn’t have to carry a club and risk injuries or worse

    • As much as we want Leo to move out of that toxic club, chances of PSG letting him leave next season is almost null!! He brings so much money for the club and the French league that even if he scores zero goals they will still stick to him as no other player can match that kind of revenue generation, not even CR7! We can only hope that next PSG coach will try to utilize Messi more as Mbappe will be gone next season and clubs will play around 3 months of futbal before releasing their players for the world cup! Our world cup hopes still relies on 35 year old Messi and that is why he needs to regularly get his name on the score sheet for his club! Confident and in-form Messi is extremely important for Argentina as unlike PSG, he will receive 60-75% more balls and that means he needs to be at his clinical best in the world cup!

  4. after long time waching barca play didn’t watch barca game after when messi leaves it.. How sophistically barca is using there spaces. barca is completely changed under xavi.. this is style which totally go with messi.. how fine it could be if messi was involved in that style.. barca president did not do right with messi after so many years serving to barca.

    • All Barcelona presidents have been self-serving and just for the fact what Laporta said about Messi after leaving proves it beyond any doubt………so much for Messi voting for him.
      He’s been lucky with how things have turned out and that’s about it.

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  6. Completely different Messi! He doesn’t receive any pass at all!! He needs to gtfo from there!! Can’t be heading to the world cup with low confidence and defeated morale. PSG’S style doesn’t suit him at all!! Except Neymar nobody is even acknowledging his existence!! He needs to move where he is properly utilized even if that means taking a huge pay cut!!

    • That’s where all these international friendlies are gonna come in handy for him because PSG is a lost cause but then again he doesn’t have to carry the whole team.
      Parades left with an injury

        • I am actually surprised Mbappe didn’t go for a goal instead of passing it to Messi!! Messi’s reaction after the goal shows how he no longer expects anything from his team-mates!!

          • Mbappe was not in a position to shoot.. that’s the only reason he passed that ball to Messi. Else 💯 Mbappe will shoot and Messi will remain in that great position..and nobody will notice that…!

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  9. Hotspur vs Newcastle 5-1. Cuti played 90 minutes and for the third game in a row, he is among the Man of the Match. I dare to say that the adaptation process is complete. He is 100% Cuti we know in Argentina/Atalanta.

    Today another MOM performance from him. Almost flawless. 2 weeks ago he had Antonio of West ham in his pocket. Today the best dribbler of EPL Saint Maximin is in his pocket.

    My rating for him: 9.

    Hotspur is 4th now. I would be glad if Cuti makes them to be in CL next year.

  10. CfIf play is about with a European based team. I will choose alario over boye.. Last time he had decent game against Germany where he got one goal and involved in other. If he don’t get injured then as pure 9 he alongside lautaro is good to go for World Cup

  11. Sad. Just after his NT debut..he’s injured. We desperately need a backup for Lautaro. Hopefully someone emerge as a great striker by the time… I am okay with anyone..who can provide the spark and variety for that role.

    • earlier alario got a stunning goal. i think we don’t need to concern about this spot anymore..bcs alvarez brings the spark and quality which we needed in front

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