Nahuel Molina scores incredible goal for Udinese in 5-1 win vs. Cagliari


Nahuel Molina sccored an incredible goal for Udinese in their 5-1 win vs. Cagliari.

Molina continues to score only great goals for Udinese, this time a lob. It was a through ball in to Molina and the Argentine would lob the goalkeeper from outside of the penalty area.

He has now scored six goals this season.

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  1. I still feel our main weaknesses are mainly 3.
    1.our both fullbacks still not great in both attack and defense wise
    2.paredes defensively still doesn’t convince me
    3.our wingers r not scoring that much. Apart from messi and lautaro scoring output is low from other players. In order to win wc we need more contribution from fullbacks and other wingers attackingly

  2. He is okay defensively. But can he cope with mbappe pace or verticality of germans?? I doubt. Plus his goal scoring form is not visible when he wears the Argentina jersey thats a big concern. His attacking output is minimal in Argentina jersey what is the reason behind it i don’t know

    • molina will mostly be used in group stage or any country whose attack on wings is not much of a threat. he is required more of those countries who park the bus. otherwise we will use montiel or foyth.

  3. This Argentina team is becoming a force to reckon with. From a mediocre defense in just two years ago, we now have one of the strongest defenses. Our midfield also has shaped well. My worry now is not the team but the coach, despite Scaloni has done an excellent job with Argentina National team so far.

    What was the perception of Pakerman until he made the mistake against Germans in 2006? Now people call him a choker when it took a long time for some people (Chalz in particular) to stop the nostalgia with Pekerman’s Argentina. How about Bielsa or Basile’s Argentina? How about even Sabella and his substitution of Lavezzi, again against the Germans? Scaloni’s substitutes are still far from intelligent choices. I wish his inexperience in big events doesn’t clog his judgement in critical times.

    • @Rahman_el Torero I agree will everything you’ve said except for Sabella. Sabella’s mistake wasn’t substituting Lavezzi. His failure was not bringing in a proper backup striker (mainly Carlos Tevez who was at his peak).

      What I noticed here on Mundo is that we keep saying we had plenty of chances to score and should have beaten the Germans easily. However, in that 1st half Germany missed clear-cut chances that could have made the game 2 or 3-0. If you’re Sabella and you witnessed your rivals Brazil lose 7-1 in their own country, then you see a weakness in your defense, and almost have a heart attack, what do you do? After Lavezzi’s substitution in the 2nd half, Germany disappeared and we had 3 clear-cut chances (Higuain, Messi, Rattail guy). Germany only scored from lazy Demechilis marking and miracle goal. It was not Sabella’s fault in the final. However, he is to be blamed for failing to bring Pastore and Tevez. We always missing players in WC ALWAYS.

      • Exactly. Sabella decision to summon shitty Rodrigo Palacios over Tevez and Pastors was stupid and unforgivable.
        I hope Scaloni doesn’t make same foolish mistake of leaving likes of Dybala because players like Boye, Ocampos and J.Correa or including average McAllister at expense of likes of Lanzini, Enzo Fernandez.
        Same applies in the defense should he stick with useless pezella, LMQ over Lisandro Martinez or Senesi

        • Agreed. Except I don’t mind Ocampos and/or J. Correa. They have shown at times to be beneficial. The truth is Dybala and Ocampos were never given full 90 minutes or stretch of 3 games like Paredes, LoCelso, and others. Lanzini should be included.

  4. Both of our starting LB and RB are blessed with extremely good offensive skills and Defensively they are both solid!! The last time we were stacked with so many good defenders was in 2006, but again choker Pekerman had dropped Zanetti and Samuel and went with Burdisso and Scaloni!!

    • Pekerhead main blunder was subbing out Crespo & Riquelme early , and instead of sub in Messi, he went for Cruz instead who rarely play for the national team. The only comparable botch job decision would be Cappelo subbing in Peter Crouch to save England in 2010!

      The defence was solid that year but it would be even better with Zanetti & Samuel. Sorin in particular was outstanding .

  5. This guy along with Julian Alvarez should be our most improved players. When he was just called up, no one barely knew him. I am not going to say that he is world class or one of the best right wing backs because he still has a long way to go. But I am ready to say that he is getting better and better up until the point that right back is no longer Argentina weakness anymore.

    If he has a good World Cup. I see a lot of big teams will be after him because good attacking wing backs are super rare nowadays. 6 goals as a wing back (or right midfielder where he plays in Udinese) is very impressive. It is more than the goals of Nico Gonzales, J Correa, Giovani Lo Celso, De Paul, or Papu Gomez this season.

      • I think Argentina is improving upfront. It is true numbers don’t really show it as a lot of 1-0 or 2-0 victories but again I see improvements in team works and when they get together for more than 2 months in October-November, the team would be even more clicking.

        I don’t think we have a problem scoring at all. Messi might not score that much for Argentina but Messi has never been more of a complete player than now.

        Against the weakest team of South America, Venezuela, we would have won at least 5-0 had all the first team played.

    • Agreed, he almost came out of nowhere and is now one of our mainstay players and top wingbacks in Serie A. He has gotten to that point much faster than I expected. He wasn’t even deemed good enough to play in Boca. I believe he is one of if not the top defender in Europe’s leagues for goals scored

  6. This guy amaze me match after match. He has the much needed speed and goal scoring ability. Molina is a secret weapon of Scaloni and Argentina.

  7. Mollina should be first choice RB but if Argentina have opponent like France, England Germany,Netherland then Foyth should play against speedy wingers or left backs.

    • @Kevin Foyth is too slow and will pick up yellow or red card. I can see this against Mbappe. One mental lapse and you’re out of the WC. Remember Copa America Brazil?

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