Gio Simeone scores for Verona in 1-0 win vs. Genoa


Gio Simeone scored for Verona in their 1-0 win vs. Genoa.

Simeone reached 16 goals for Verona in Serie A on Monday. A pass in to Simeone found the Argentine as he scored to give Verona the 1-0 lead.

He is only the second player to ever score more than 15 goals in a season for Verona. Luca Toni was the first player to ever score more than 15 goals in a season.


  1. If WC of 23 players..
    Emi martinez. Musso/rulli. Armani (3)
    Molina. Montiel. Romero. Lisandaro. otamendi. Pezzela /LMQ. Taglafico acuna (8).
    Parades. Guido. De paul. Lo celso. Papu. Nico gonzalez. Emi bundie/enzo (7)
    Messi. Di maria lautaro. Alvarez. Dybala/ correa/ gio simeone….. (5). Thts 23. I dont think we have any place for new players..untill injured. 1 place in mid and 1 place in FW ….

    • Good list but Nico Dominguez will be there because he has been amazing this season and scaloni likes him.but I am concerned for Palacios I want him to succeed and not be a flop maybe the ceiling was not that high in the first place.if u look at it Argentina have good core of midfielders for the future enzo at the top,almendra if he can guide his behaviour looks equally as good , simon, dominguez , varela, 2 palacios’s and vera is back to form

      • I dont think. He will make it. 3GK. 8Def. 7mid. 5FW.
        Current MD.
        de paul.
        Lo celso
        Nico gonzalez.
        These six are almost fixed… We need one box to box… For de paul.. It might be enzo of river. Palacious. Or Attacking Mid. Bundia. So lets see…. Still 6 months. Long time

  2. For the match against italy.
    Emi Martinez
    Molina romero otamendi. Taglafico
    Depaul parades. Nico gonzalez
    Di maria. Messi . lautaro

    Subs.. Di maria – dybala/ gio simeone
    Lautaro– alvarez
    Nico– papu

  3. As per the performance of 2021-22 season, Gio surely deserve a chance in WC squad. Lautaro, Gio, Alvarez should be our strickers with Messi.

  4. Gio needs to replace Tucu who has been worthless other than the first 2 qualifier games. He missed 3 sitters against Venezuela , a game that not even matter anymore, how is he going to be any useful in WC games which has 10 x more preasure?

  5. Argentina players rating according to FIFA 22
    Emi Martinez 84
    Montiel 79
    Cuti Romero 84
    Otamendi 82
    Acuna 85
    Paredes 81
    De Paul 84
    Lo Celso 81
    Messi 93
    Di Maria 87
    Lautaro 86

    Musso 82
    Lisandro 80
    Tagliafico 82
    Pezzella 79
    Guido 80
    Papu 85
    A Correa 84
    J Correa 82
    Nico Gonzales 79
    Dybala 87
    J Alvarez 82
    Armani 80

    No Molina rating.

    I personally think Cuti and Emi rating should be at least 87. Also Lisandro is higher than 80 for sure.

    • From my observation he is a hybrid/box to box midfielder who is capable of playing in multiple positions. Enormously skilful and athletic as well. This is a rare and deadly combination.

  6. Simeone is a real pure striker. Look at the 37-sec mark and how he even jumps up after scoring to avoid collision with the goalkeeper. That’s cat-like reflexes and instinct. I’m honestly more impressed with that than the goal.

  7. Can Argentina play with Romero, Otamendi and Lisandro at the same time in a 3-5-2 ????
    Molina and Acuña on the wings
    De Paul and Paredes in the midfield
    Messi behind Lautauro and Alvarez
    What do you people think ???????

    • Scaloni rarely played 3 in the back. He did before but usually the result was not the way he wanted it. He played mostly with 2 in the back and it worked.

      Sometimes Scaloni played 3 in the back in the second half for the tactical reason in the last 25 minutes or so. So we might see 3 in the back once in while when we lead by one goal for example.

  8. At the start of the season just like matias soule and luka romero the 18 year old simione aslo made hype now he is not even in the argentina u20 squad which have players called up from all the main clibs from europe
    What happen to the lad? He was impressive, at the start of the season i think he played some friendlies for ath letico during off season

  9. Instead of Lucas Boye, Scaloni should give Gio a chance. He is young and energetics with good shot. Trust he is in the monitor and never too late to be call for next friendly game against Italy

  10. Messi’s last two goals were result of him being completely unmarked as his lack of goals seems to be helping him avoid defenders attention and get him into great goal scoring positions.

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