Tickets for Argentina vs. Italy at Wembley stadium in London, England sold out


Argentina vs. Italy at Wembley stadium in London, England is sold out.

There are no more tickets remaining for the match between the Copa America champions and the Euro champions. UEFA reported on Wednesday morning that the match at Wembley is sold out.

As we reported on Tuesday, Leandro Paredes of PSG is injured and will require surgery. He will miss two months and will not participate in the match against Italy in June.


  1. Juan Musso vs. Geronimo Rulli vs. Franco Armani the battle of the second goalie:
    1. Juan Musso
    rating: 6.50
    cleansheets: 10
    games: 36
    conceded: 37 goals
    Penalty stats career: 5 penalty saved, 34 non saved

    2. Geronimo Rulli
    rating: 6.74
    cleansheets: 13
    games: 36
    conceded: 33 goals
    Penalty stats career: 15 penalty saved, 34 non saved

    3. Franco Armani
    Rating: 6.77
    cleansheets: 9
    games: 21
    conceded: 16 goals
    Penalty stats: 8 penalty saved, 33 non saved

    1. Armani has good stats because his team is the strongest in Argentina. But his stats is not bad at all.
    2. Musso has the weakest stats in all categories pretty much including PK situation
    3. Rulli has the best stats including PK situation considering his team has to face a lot of stronger teams like Madrid, Barca, Sevilla, Atletico, Bayern, Juventus, MU, etc.

    So if it is based on statistic, Rulli should be the second goalie, Armani third, Musso fourth.

    • Comparing players playing in different league is not a good idea.
      Including Armani in this doesn’t make sense. He’s not in top Argentine 5 GKs.
      1. Emi Martinez
      2. Musso
      3. Benitez
      4. Rulli
      5. Ledesma/Marchesin

      Currently, Rulli back to its best and climbed to top2. Many asked for Rulli as third GK because of his penalty stopping ability. He was error prone and in consistent. Otherwise he would have been in number 1 position before Emi. Anyway, now he has improved a lot.
      After a long time we have some good GKs.

  2. Lo Celso was like fine wine yesterday. Obviously time and again noobs doubt him. He is a top level player. Foyth for me too was a revelation. I was thoroughly impressed. Our own fans doubt our players just way too much. What if we play top level players from Europe etc.
    The answer was there yesterday. And ofcourse top points for Unai.

  3. Foyth looks unbeatable one on one you have no chance. Foyth should be 1st back up or even starter against top teams.
    Foyth will make defence more solid.

    • Agree. And if he keeps playing with Locelso on the right, who had a spectacular first half vs Bayern, we should move him to the right as well. Depaul would do just fine on the left, he has played there before for club.

      • DePaul playing at right to cover for Messi. Most players will be gathered to stop Messi and sudden counter attack will come through that side if Messi lose the ball. That’s why a hard working DePaul is at the right side. Also Messi helping the defense is less. Other side Nico, LoCelso and Acuna can cover together.

  4. Domino effect.

    So 4 Juventus reject play for the Spurs: Paratici, Cuti Romero, Bentancur, Kulusevski.

    Cuti was a surplus. Juventus were happy to let go Bentancur and Kulu.

    4 Spurs reject play for Villarreal: Capoue, Aurier, Foyth, and Lo Celso

    Juventus end up the weakest one this season and Villarreal the strongest one. Interesting.

    Now Conte wants more Juventus players and maybe the Spurs will send more reject players to Villarreal again next season.

  5. Watch the full replay of Villarreal. My final verdict:
    – Lo Celso is head and shoulder above others in the seleccion. He is the undisputed starter of the seleccion. Only Papu can replace him. Others are just too far below them.
    – Foyth is improving. Maybe not enough time to replace Montiel as the back up but after the WC, it will be his time for sure.
    – Rulli has matured a lot. He (without Benitez) shows Scaloni that he is the second best goalie we have.
    – Emery is more Argentine than Simeone. He has that special connection to the Argentina players. If Foyth, Rulli, and Lo Celso were in Atletico today, none of them would hardly get any minutes.

    If Correa were in Villarreal, he would be a superstar.

    If Villarreal can somehow advance to the semi final of CL beating the favorite Bayern, Scaloni should take note of this as Rulli, Lo Celso, and Foyth are their key players.

    Other Argentines in Atletico or Benfica likely will fail to advance.

    • “If Correa were in Villarreal, he would be a superstar.”

      This reminded me of Luciano Vietto. His move to Atleti was the beggining of the end of his career. Thank you Simeone for destroying Argentine talents. Not only he is destroying some of Argentina’s best and brightest players, he is also the worst anti-football coach I have ever seen.

      • Yup Vietto. Also Mati Kranevitter, Nehuen Perez, Axel Werner. He destroyed them all. Kravenitter was supposed to be the new Masche. Nehuen Perez looked very promising after that WC u20.

        And then Correa now. Imagine Correa getting the same trust as Emery gives to Lo Celso.

    • Good assessment Principe, Celso is a beast and he’s been one of Argentina’s best players (3rd highest no. of assists in CONMEBOL qualifiers with 5) for sometime now. On a good day he can destroy top teams (watch the Betis home games against Barca and Real 4yrs ago) and I think he can get back to his world class level if he stays fit.
      Foyth looks unbeatable in Emery’s tight 4-4-2 system but he still has one or two howlers in him. Montiel and Molina are ahead of him but still, it’s good to have some options at the RB position for a change.
      Rulli (like Celso) is rediscovering the form that made everyone take notice of him back in his early Real Sociedad days but I still have Musso ahead of him in the no.2 spot but Rulli has done more than enough to be in the 3 GK group on a plane to the mideast.

      As for Emery, well I’ve always liked him, he seems to excel with smaller, yet notable teams like valencia and Villareal and Argentines seem to flourish under him, which is a huge plus in my book. I only hope that he learned his lesson from the PSG 2nd leg debacle a few years back and I really hope he won’t try and park the bus, the plane and the whole airport to protect his small lead because from what I saw today, Villareal took it to Bayern and outplayed them out of the park and the score should’ve been 3-0 had Villareal’s strikers taken the chances that Celso layed out for them.

    • You are spot on with every points except Foyth, my friend.
      As much I want Montiel to perform extraordinarily, he couldn’t bench Navas while Foyth has been performing at a world class level for Villarreal since the start of this season (even at the UCL) and seemed to have rectified his flaws. Also we can’t ignore his versatility.

      Molina and Foyth should be the first two choice for Qatar. Foyth for defensive output, while Molina for attacking output.

    • @el_principe What an amazing point of view about Correa being a superstar in Villareal!
      So true. He would be a baller with Moreno. I can see him playing all over the pitch free-roaming, scoring, and assisting for fun.

  6. Lo Celso was excellent and so was Foyth. Villarreal should have scored 3 or 4 more goals, but missed chances. Salzburg was happy with 1-1 against Bayern and lost 7-1 in Münich. Bayern had a complete offday yesterday. Too bad Villarreal exploited that a bit more. Anyway, great to see Lo Celso and Foyth perform so well.

    • Villareal strategy is better than atletico. Both their oppositions has same game style. Villareal didn’t get panic and they believed in their attacking play and in maintaining possession. Atletico strategy is really awful. A player like DePaul can’t be utilised properly in that. Citys defense is not invincible.

  7. Lo Celso shut my mouth, I have always had high opinion on his potential and his talents but I had been very critical with his performance with Tottenham, now he turns to be a total different player: always in action, asking for the ball, combining with Moreno and Parejo, thanks Emery for giving him the 2nd chance. The team playing in his tempo, it’s a great thing he plays like that against a top European team after 6 complicated months with Tottenham. He initiated some good transition as well, I think Villareal could have won by 2-0 or 3-0. Maybe with Foyth as CB and Aurier as RB that will be better but really like Emery’s tactics on this game. That may be his best position in this Villareal. I am very happy finally Argentina has its midfielder playing at that level with club.

    I didn’t watch the entire match of Real-Chelsea but only highlights, nothing much to say, Benzema is still masterclass, he created his own occasion based on his positioning and opponents’ mistakes. If Argentina cross France in its path one day in the world cup, you cannot allow to make any mistake when you play against this striker. He’s a good example for all strikers, always pressing on the goalkeepers and always in moves, clinical in the actions, like the other Argentine in the past David Trezeguet.

  8. LoCelso and Foyth played well today. These are two players I haven’t been too convinced of due to inconsistency. It’s time for LoCelso to graduate from the school of potential and for Foyth to be a secure player – not promising.

    Give credit to Emery though. The MASTER OF THE 1ST LEG (remember Emery’s PSG sides)!
    How will Emery set up his team next match? Will he finally show his experience and get the monkey off his back???

    • I have never understood why Lewandowski is seen as Ballon D’or candidates or considered to be the top 3 players. In the big game, he was never there. He scored some goals with the national team but never critical goals. In the game he is transparent, all his goals are tap-in in the box, no much pressing.

      • I think Lewandowski is a great player and should have won during the pandemic year, but they chose not to give one at all. He has peaked though already and his best is behind him.

        Although, I completely understand your point. I too get tired of the “Westley Sneider, Ribery, Hazard, Salah, Van Dik should have won it”.

        All those players had one brilliant season and disappeared or had less impact afterward – Whereas Messi was scoring and assisting in those same seasons for fun and has been consistent for over a decade.

        • yes and all the players you mentioned were always there in the big games unlike lewandowski he is massively overrated, that’s why no club show interest as he wants to leave bayern for a fat contract before his retirement

          • Lewandowski is a system player. He is perfect for Bayern tactic. He will be nowhere near his best next year if he moves somewhere.

            There are some players who are great no matter what the system/tactic is. There are some players who can only be great under specific tactic.

      • If tap in disqualifies BALLON DOR then applying same logic Ronaldo shouldnt win single ballon dor. 90% of his goals are tap in and He does same thing Lewandowski does. It’s not award of beauty. Tapin is just fine as scoring classy goals. What is most important keep delivering goals to lead your team in glory.

        Argentina is surely missed a good tapper in world cup final against Germany. Who can bury their chances to goals. It’s not insignificant like you think.

        Also Barca is interested in Lewa. Player like his caliber will always find great teams even in this age.

  9. fede valverde do very fast movement on ball .. bring ball distribution in decent position due to fast movement.. crosses are not bad.. but paredes movement is slow.. but paredes crosses are world class.. due to lack of his quick ball movement in decent position.. he is sometime useful sometime not..

    enzo is quite brave and faster than paredes.. as i said paredes crosses are world class.
    palacious is clueless in the field.. he hampered his growth from lack of playing time and injury..
    there is no point to pick palacious over enzo .. it is clean eyes to see who is better..

    if scaloni choose palacious over enzo.. bcs palacious was in his selection earlier . then it is game over from me for scaloni .. even though he won copa title.. bcs his selection was not all convincing either

    • i have to admit initially palacious was good.. very promising.. but his growth didn’t happen rightly.. now the chance should given to enzo

    • Really confused by comments like this! So you saying that Uruguay has better midfield then us when we boss around Copa America and Qualifying campaign against every team in midfield.

      • football isn’t a one man play.. it is team play.. one man is not enough give complete strength in play. i’m not talking about whole squad in Midfield.. i’m talking about one specific player.. who suppose to be dominate now.. watch out initial games of Palacious.. he was good, he was very good as new player .. and watch his game for bayern leverkusen last one year. even last copa watch out his performance he is not good..

      • watch valverde for real and watch palacious for bayern lever…
        AR midfield dominate bcs of RDP LCelso Paredes. when palacious substitute In he didn’t improve midfield neither make it stable.. palacious has some decent game performance.. but in last copa he choked.. at least for me

  10. LoCelso today played as Right midfielder; MOTM performance:

    Accurate passes (36),
    Recoveries (12),
    Tackles (4),
    Key passes (5 ),
    Big chances created (1),
    Duels won (8),
    Interceptions (2)
    Fouls received (3).

  11. Im not concerned about locelso he is our starter but im super happy for foyth. This performance will surely catch scaloni’s attention.

    • Foyth in Right Back will be strengthen the already solid defensive wall we got. It will be like Fortress you can’t break. Probably will be best defensive side since Italy 2006
      Emi, Rulli = 2 world class goalie
      Foyth = Near world class level RB
      Romero, Otamendi, Lisandro = 3 solid CB.
      Acuna, Tagliafico = 2 solid LB.
      Depaul, Paredes = 2 hardworing Midfielder who tirelessly presses throughout the game to cover for backline.

      That looking like something you will need lots of work to break. How If only Messi can get his mojo back. We can just rely on his magic for attacking power and rely on defensive power to hold the lead.

  12. How Amazing was Fede Valvarde today ? Guy was playing with double lung and bossing the Chelsea mid like seasoned pro. Uruguays Midfield has solid future with world class potential talent like Betancur, Torriera, Valvarde. I am really happy for them and sad for same time how Argentina can produce talents in all positions except the Central midfield position.

    It’s hard to believe Uruguay will go to world cup with better midfield than us. Their attack is too filled with amazing player like Darwin Nunez, Luis Suarez and Cavani. In defence they got Gimenez and Araujo. Solid pair. Since they have a got a better manager now they surely can dream something nice in the world cup. Dark horse for me.

      • Barca was highly interested on him as a alternative for busquets. That’s says something. His ball distribution is really good and he can link the play from the back really well. Very good midfielder.

        Paredes isn’t creative. He just pass side and back. Depaul is box to box but can’t control the tempo. Le celso is creative but he is inconsistent. There is not good enough Argentina CM who can dictate the game and control the tempo sadly. Due to the limitation of midfield quality, Messi constantly had to drop deep and Scaloni rely on counter attacking system. We can’t dominate possession and same time create chances. We rely on Messi and Wingers to do the job for us

          • Fede Valvarde and Bentancur outshines other 2 midfielder Argentina has….Both are much better in ball distribution than RDP and LC.

        • Neither of Torreira, Valverde and Bentancour can unlock a defense with through balls, not even with dribbling, unlike our midfielders. Team players but wo real creativity…”Both are much better in ball distribution than RDP and LC.” Yes thats the reason ARG always made 60-70% possession against these mighty midfielders vs Uruguay. They are good to destroy the game or wo the ball but not with it, URU always struggle wirh creativity from midfield, thats why they play the Atletico style

          • I saw just for you the 4 ARG- URU in Scaloni era from the newest to latest ..0:1 ARG possession 64%, 3:0 62% in first half 74% then we let them go…the home match was a must win for URU too still cant dominate, Copa 1:0 45% made the lead in 13th minutes then let them go…2:2 friendly 66%…better ball distributors my ass then why ARG always dominate their midfield?

        • Paredes not creative…LOL
          Currently Argentine midfield is better than Uruguay midfield. Anyway..If they are that strong..let them defeat Portugal in group.

      • @csabalala
        Watch out for Uruguay under new manager. They are surely much better team now under new direction. What they did in past under an outdated manager is irrelevant.

        The Reason I believe Argentina midfield isn’t good cause of the Ecuador game we played last time. Horrible. We got dominated and failed to control the game from 1st to last. Kept giving miss passes and couldnt play the game from deep like any big team does. Made me rethink the quality of Argentina midfield again. The low scoring issue is cause of that. If Argentina had Pedri, Gavi, Busquets, Rodri, Koke and Dani Olmo they wouldnt get dominated against some Ranked 40+ team like Ecuador and They would certainly scored more goals than they are scoring right now.

        • In a friendly match without 6 starters? Ecuador had no real chance till the funny penalty. 30 celsius 90% humidity no motivation and still we should have won against a super motivated Ecuador…btw WCQ Brazil Ecuador 1:0, Ecuador Brazil 1:1 in a real match not like us…Copa Brazil Ecuador 1:1…

  13. World class performance from Lo Celso, the 3 most underrated midfielders of the world 1. Lo Celso 2. Paredes 3. De Paul then go and suck the Declan Rices, Philips and Freds …Sane, Gnabry, Coman…pacy wingers without spaces are deadwoods

    • he isnt he plays for southampton these days btw y’all should have been easy on willy one mistake doesnt define ones entire career he was a good gk mistakes happen to everyone i felt for him at that time …as much as a huge ARG fan I am..

      • you are kind human. you have good heart. i respect it.
        just i am not.
        so i don t care his career. i don t care what he did with his clubs.
        He , Palacio and Higuain they fuck my dreams and many others like me too.they make me live nightmares for long long time.
        i am not as good human you are as i said.
        i don t forget and i don t forgive them.

  14. Cox4 my friend
    I know how “hardcore” they are. I have been in England for four years, during 1999 to 2001 and 2003. I don’t like them. From English fans i only like west ham united fans due to their political and social beliefs and from this part of Europe, because i don’t like calling them British, i appreciate Irish and Scotish. But if you ask me, my favourite ultras are Argentines!

    • Cox4: My friend with Higuain, Palacio even our own Messi missed a difficult chance that he used to score in Laliga and Champions league.
      There are times when I go back to 2014 final videos and pause it from Messi’s chance and dream if that ball would have gone in. It’s sad but we all move on.

      • my friend while i don t want to bring back ghosts from the past i have to remind you that Higuain cost us 2 Copa too (2015,2016 )
        that player that i get pissed even by write his name make much more damage to us than anybody else in history.
        man honestly i have to see many years highlights from all those finals because of his misses before even shootouts. some things hurt as much as you can t move on. that player is just bring me nightmares.

  15. If Locelso and Foyth play for us in the world cup like they are playing today, it will be very very difficult for any team to beat us. Locelso’s vision is his strength and if he is on rhythm then he is unstoppable.

  16. A test today for Rulli, Foyth and Lo Celso. Regardless of the result though, games like these, at the highest stage, are super important for experience going into the WC.

    • Exactly.. I was a little worried by Otamendi’s performance against Liverpool. Hopefully this trio have a solid match against Bayern.

      I am specially looking at Foyth today, he can solve our RB AND RCB backup problems. Also he is getting more game time in Europe now than Molina and Montiel. He played well in Europa final last yr. He played well in the last la liga game, just hoping he keeps on improving.

      • I might sound as a broken record at this point but I think Foyth is not a modern right back. Scaloni seems to prefer a very different profile of a fullback, either a much more attacking ones like Molina and Acuna or more balanced in Tagliafico and Montiel. Foyth is a central defender who is asked to play as a right back with all the related issues for that transition. Foyth can be defensively very solid if he does not lose concentration, he is fast and a good passer and dribbler. However, a proper fullback has to also provide width, stretch the play, go to the byline, cross the ball, essentially play as an auxiliary winger, in addition to their defensive responsibilities. Does Foyth do that? I have not seen it. He tends to play as a creative DM, almost like a deep lying midfielder in his position, with all the good diagonal and vertical passes but rarely if ever gets in the position to cross.

        Having said all of that, Scaloni may still find a spot for him because of his versatility and some of his qualities. If he holds his own today against Coman and Alphonso Davies (no easy task) then this would be a very valuable experience for him. I think an argument for his inclusion in the final 26 can be made but not at the expense of Molina and Montiel but in addition to them.

        • He is better than montiel atleast only 1 copa final performance was good otherwise he is quite shaky in defense i still feel against top teams in wc foyth should be our right back and against lesser opponents Molina should be our starter

        • Not all coaches need fullbacks touching the byline. look at their heatmap. villarreals fullback mirror each other. Foyth also compares to Pavard, both most touches at midpoint, allowing davies to bomb up and down. I can see Scaloni test Acuna – Foyth combo but only if he regains trust. Remember, Foyth was on his way to starting until his massive brainfarts.

          Molina, Montiel, or Foyth – who do you think can handle Mbappe the best? Tough to guess but i doubt Scaloni would go super attacking against speed demon.

          Also good point about versatility.

          • A defensive fullback can work under certain circumstances. Emery is using a 4-4-2 where the winger does the job ahead of a fullback. In Bayern and other team that plays a different system, as you describe, a defensive fullback can be counter balanced by a very attacking one on the other side, essentially making it a hybrid or false back 4 formation. That certainly can work in some situations depending on the opponent. As to who can stop Mbappe one v one? I think if Foyth stays largely static and focused he’s probably best suited.

            The question of course is whether or not he is one of the starting RB at the WC and on balance who is the best fit in general.

            Scaloni, Ayala and Samuel were defenders so I suppose we can trust their judgement.

          • Against Mbappe I would prefer Foyth far over the rest but definitely with another player supporting him. I don’t think even on a great day without brainfarts it isn’t risky to play Foyth alone against Mbappe. Something like how they stopped Neymar in the Copa final would be ideal.

  17. Since in these friendly matches we have nothing to lose, I hope Scaloni will address our low scoring issues and make the team play risky attacking football . Before the world cup we need to be much comfortable in scoring like Team like Brazil, Spain and France are now.

    Try more attacking lineup with Messi- Lautaro- Di maria- Papu upfront and Play Lanzini- Depaul duo to add more creativity to supply them..

    We should try to be more focused on building up from back instead looking up usual counter attacking system. In world cup if we concede goals early then we have to be ready for worse case scenario. We can’t always rely on Atletico mindset gameplay. If we score first then we should be going for more. Not just sit back and holding the 1 goal lead…Hopefully scaloni will play the friendly games with more attacking mindset from now.

    • Low scoring is not a problem it is just a different approach….although i would say they definitely should go for a two goal advantage as one goal is not enough……

  18. The friendlies against Italy and Brazil will be super important. We are playing an European giants in ages that will show our condition. Italy will not take this friendly as lightly as they would have if they were qualified. I hope all big Italian players play it and play it like a tournament not like a friendly.
    BRAZIL match will be a big test this Brazil if they play their best team will be super difficult. There was no dani alves in copa final Jesus was suspended so Neymar had to play from middle that made their balance little shaky. This will test our defense and midfield immensely and will help scaloni to understand our weakness and try to rectify them before world cup

    • I’m sick of playing Brazil. I’m sick of playing Chile. any experience yields very little benefit at this point. I have to assume we literally have zero other options but to play Brazil for the umpteenth time and the 2 other crappy teams so it’s still better than nothing. But come on…..

    • This will be what it is…friendly matches. Copa final was super important not these. ARG were always the king of friendly matches, then failed to win a tournament, stop it. Always win in friendlies against Italy, France, Germany etc. a lot of against Brazil and Spain too.

      • Copa is in past. I was talking about wc preparation. Copa was important bt wc is 10 times more important. And this 2 friendlies are most important for wc analysis. Specially because we r not playing any other strong sides before wc

  19. London is footballing city and deserves to host this match. Wembley is north west of London one of the main road leading to stadium is north circle lane or A406 if drive same road to north , off to A1 it leads Emirates stadium of arsenal if you go further down to A406 it leads to new Tottenham stadium. If you go further down to the east it takes to A12 which will bring you London stadium of west ham all few miles a part. Then there is crystal Palace on the south , Chelsea on the south west , Brentford on the west.

        • i live for that day my friend.
          Funny notice that English fans was always was finding us outnumbered 10-1 and they was behave so “macho” to us and “hardcore” fans inside and outside stadium. i refer mostly to our meetings in Sapporo at 2002 and in Saint Etienne at 1998. there we was outnumbered 10-1 and they was bullying our fans (mostly our women and children because from our Barras they was keeping distance even we was so less in number). THE ONLY TIME we meet by luck with them in Belo Horizonte at 2014 and we was 10-1 more than them they was sitting like laddies and if some Argentines happened to cross close from them they was saying things like “we are friendly peaceful fans and we don t have desire for any fight”or “we don t dislike are nice people”. of course nodody harm anybody English there but i say it to you just to see how “hardcore” they are.

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