Leandro Paredes out injured for two months, will miss Argentina’s match vs. Italy


Leandro Paredes is out injured for PSG for two months and will miss Argentina’s match against Italy.

Paredes will miss two months for PSG due to a groin injury. According to Gastón Edul, he has to be operated on and will miss Argentina’s match against Italy in June.


  1. @soumya
    There is zero weakness. It’s just your own imaginary bubbles. Argentina has best defence in conmebol. They are tackling the Aerial threat just fine. What basis you are saying the are vulnerable in air? Cause they didnt meet enough European teams ?

    Why don’t you wait and find out how they handle the European teams instead making wild guessing like you figured out everything? Do you have any basis or evidence that Argentina team won’t be able to handle European players in Heading duels ?

    Also Argentina lost 2018 world cup not because of not having tall defenders but more like not having proper quality defenders like Romero,Lisandro and Lack of hardworking box to box midfielders like Depaul and Paredes. Who cover the defenders by pressing and winning possessions before it even reaches to our back 4.

    The 4 goal france scored all came from ground errors but from header, On the other hand we actually scored only header goal in that game. There you go. Your so called European Tall defenders got exposed against 5.8 aguero….

    You don’t need to identify imaginary weakness which doesn’t exist. The romero-otamendi-lisandro trio are more than capable keeping an intact defence. If you have doubts then wait to find one instead keep saying same thing repeatedly

    • When ARG defense is solid…i mean really solid…europeans couldnt unluck that, in WC90, in WC2014 and now they wont neither. Mark my words. In 2014 our defense became solid in WC KO only…but good Switzerland in TOP10 on world ranking, strongest Belgium ever, strongest Holland in last 10 years and the strongest Germany in last 30 years scored 1 goal against us. Now our defense is rock solid since years, better than in 2014 on paper. Im very calm. Crosses, aerial game, fast wingers? peak Robben>all even Mbappe in speed. They wont hurt us much…

      • Ofc they can score, but not 3 or 4 goals as in our chaotic WCs in 2010 and in 18, Maradona and Sampaoli beat us first of all, im 100% sure we wont concede more than one…ofc we have to score goals too, but defense will be the basis to succede. And im 100% sure ARG will score in every match too, so the penalties the worse could happen with us.

    • What are you talking. Otamendi, Tagliafico was also there in 2018 and that should have been their last world cup. They are still playing because Argentina lacks talent in defence. You are only repeatedly asking me to wait and keep watching. Why? Because you also know Argentina defence is not proved. Do you really think Copa and World cup are same?If copa is same as world cup why no south American team won it in last 20 years. Accept the weakness then only we can win. I will wait and will cheers for Argentina in world cup. That’ doesn’t mean I will blindly support. You dont accept my opinion that’s ok but don’t ask me to stop writing. Its my right to express whatever I think. I will be the happiest person if Argentina will win the world cup this years. I am supporting Argentina since 1998. I watch each and every match of Argentina. Just give me one answer why Otamendi is not playing for city anymore. You also know he lost his prime time. Do we have any player who can replace Romero if he is injured?

      • Otamendi is now better player for Argentina cause He got better partner to cover for him and also Midfielders are also pressing which is big help to defenders. A solid defence is achieved through playing as unit system. Not only relying on individual talent..

        If you wanna talk about His performance than you should know Otamendi is also the reason we conceded least amount of goals in Copa America and World cup qualifier. He is vital for Scaloni’s team.

        Just beacause he isnt playing for city doesn’t mean he is a bad player. Wtf is this logic. He is one of reason Benfica made to Quarter Final of UCL.

        In 2018 our defence was bad cause we played Rojo out of position in CB and Mercado was also terrible player. On top of that Sampaoli’s team had no tactics and he couldnt make the team defend in unit like scaloni is doing now.

        This is probably best Argentina defence ever going to world cup after 1990. If you want to be concerned about something than you should be worrying about our midfield. Compare to other favorites we actually lacks creativity and quality in midfield. We can’t score comfortably and its surely our weak point rather than defence.

  2. lisandro martinez is not too short or too high. he is average and he is very strong in air.. in set pieces it is not only required aerial strength it also require other perception and understanding of ball movement to prevent player comfort shoot.. how tall was mascherano.. he was not that enough from i remeber he handle ronaldo like he is nobody,, ronaldo was in that time best form of his career.. and he is one of the strongest and best player in air..

    thinking about lisandro height totally irrelevant.. i will say he is one of best quality player that AR has in its pocket..

    enzo fernandez must be in WC … he is a allrounder midfielder… enzo is must in the team from the next match..

    • Ha ha. L.Martinez is only 5.7. We need a CB who is at least 6′. And Mascherano always played in MF for Argentina. He played in CB with pique only who is 6’2″. Right? Moreover Barca has a unique playing style. In last 5 world cup no team won the world cup with 5’7″ CB. You check all the CB of wining teams are at least 6 feet

      • he is not 5.7 … last years i saw his height was showing 1.82 .. now it is showing 1.75 .. in wikipedia it is showing 1.75 to (5.9) inch .. 5.9 inch not a short height .. mascherano didn’t always play in MF . in barca most of the time he play as CB and busqets was a midfielder.. don’t give wrong information..

        • What! Read properly I said Mascherano never played for Argentina in CB position in World. He played in CB position with Barca only. Even if Lisando is 5’9 then also It will be a problem. Argentina need a CB back who is 6’1″ or at least 6’2″. Like Garay in 2014. Garay was 6’2″. Otamendi can be a back up defender but not a proper solution.

          • Hey buddy, do you really know what height is Fabio Cannavaro??
            How about his defensive performance?
            Plz understand, more than standing tall near 18yard box, defender need game reading skills, good passing skills, best combine with DMF & flank, approach for the ball when attackers dribbling towards them, finally good combination with his CB pair.. your dictionary showing aerial ball is the only criteria that defenders should know it..
            Trust me lisandro is master in ball controlling, passing techniques, approaching attackers in 3Rd line..
            And he is not too bad in aerial also

      • He is more than 5’7. His height is a completely irrelevant discussion because his aerial game is great and completely cancels it out. And what do you want to be done? Have Chiqui Tapia hire a lab to create a burly 6’5 defender? Cuti, Lisandro, and Otamendi are the best of what we have so we will utilize them as best we can. In set pieces we can always have other tall players to compensate if it. Cuti has won over 80% of his aerial duels in the qualifiers he’s played. Lisandro has 71% in the league of the tallest in the world and 64% in the CL

  3. F**,again at the eve of worldcup imortant piller gets injured that too when he is in the best form of his career. Injury realy stops a players progress and form what a pitty hope cuti, depaul, dibu stays injury free

  4. And what cuti said lo celso is the best south american midfielder! I am also disappointed with him because of the expectations still not match.But i hope this year gio improve his game

  5. Scaloni should think differently for world cup. It’s not similar to copa. There are different types of teams and their playing style is also different.
    Fast counter attacking team with deep defence (Germany, France), Power football like African team or some European team like Poland, Switzerland, High pressing teams. Some teams park bus. Teams like Mexico which has unique style of playing. If Argentina wants to stop player like Harry kane, Lewandowski,Mbappe we need some world class defenders who are tall and strong. Only Romero is not enough. We need a strong CB who can replace Otamendi. Look at French squad varane, Kimpembe, Hernandez, Saliba,Pavard all are tall and strong. Same with Portugal, Germany,England. Short CB is obsolete in football these days. We need at least 1-2 6 feet players in defence.
    But unfortunately I think we dont have such player and this will cost Argentina in world cup. Argentina lacks talented defenders. People who want L.martinez in defence please explain me how he will stop set pieces against powerful tall european teams. Only good tackle is not good enough otherwise explain me why most of the teams are looking for tall CBs?

    • Agreed. We need to be able to play different systems, be flexible and adapt. In the hour before the WC draw the BBC did a feature on European and South American teams. They praised Argentina for stepping up their game. They joked about 2018 in which Argentina had 2 plans: A – pass the ball to Messi and plan B – play the ball to Messi. Nowadays, Argentina has passing players in midfield and improved their defence (Martinez and Romero). They pointed out that Argentina still play Otamendi… Yesterday Otamendi’s lack of speed became very visible. Licha is much faster. Romero – Licha CB duo is a good idea, although lack of height could be an issue.

      I think our defenders are capable against the Kanes and Lewandowski’s of this world. It will be the new upcoming talents like Pedri (Barca) and Foden (City) that pose a threat. They are fast, versatile and can shoot with both legs. Hard to stop and defend against, just like Messi when he was younger.

    • Watch some football. Lisandro Martinez plays in a league where the average height of the players r highest among European leagues and he is absolutely beast in aerial duels. 2 wc winning cb cannavaro and puyol was same height as lisandro. Yes Romero is weak in air but not lisandro Martinez.

        • What’s the point of your argument? Argentina doesn’t have a 6.5 Central back who can give Ariel Security as Well as Ground Cause both are important right ?
          You can play someone who is tall but that doesn’t guarantee he will be good in ground defending like marking and tackles. A Tall defender who are good in both now not an option cause we don’t have any.

          So are you gonna find one out of nowhere when World cup is only few months away ? Why you keep saying same thing over and over ?

          If you think Argentina will lose cause of not having a so called Tall defender than wait and see. Why give dumb predictions before it even started ?

          • I am not predicting I was just identifying the weakness. Did you mentioned any other positions? No. Right? Because Argentina has lots of talent in MF and forward position. Also Argentina has one of the best GK. I can not support a team blindly. If I see any weakness I will point it out. Its visible that Argentina is lacking talent in CB position. Pezzella, LMQ like players we have in our bench! Even Senesi is better than Pezzella and LMQ. We lost 2018 world cup due to defence and I dont want to digest the same again. Its unfortunate that teams like Argentina doesn’t have a single CB who replace Otamendi! Very unfortunate

        • Height is a problem but not for our cbs. Both Romero and otamendi are 6 feet tall. Lisandro is 5.9 bt his anticipation his timing of his jumps makes up for it. Bt our fullbacks r short and also not great in air so that will make us vulnerable in corners and indirect freekicks. That’s why foyth is vital. Also we need tall midfielders like enzo Fernandez who can help in corners. Defending corners or freekicks will be team effort.

  6. Argentina midfielder
    Leandro Paredes Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Passing Very Strong
    Direct free-kicks Very Strong
    Long shots Strong
    Blocking the ball Strong
    Concentration Strong
    – Weaknesses
    (Player has no significant weaknesses)
    Leandro Paredes’s Style of Play
    Likes to play short passes
    Likes to shoot from distance
    © WhoScored.com
    * Strengths, weaknesses and styles are calculated from statistics of each player’s latest two seasons

    Rodrigo de Paul Characteristics
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    I guess Argentina midfielder is sh…t not good at all.
    No point arguing this is from credible Web whoscored

  7. Argentina lack of midfield quality is depressing and Worrying. Depaul is best they got and he isn’t even good enough for Atletico First team. Yesterday he did nothing but made the game worse for Atletico when They sub Koke out for him. He couldn’t defend well, could do 1 touch passing to lead quick counter attack like Koke did and Worst of all got yellow for himself under 1 min he brought in.

    Paredes is another Midfielder who doesn’t have any flair and clarity to his game. Just a player who can press hard, pass around thats it. Zero ball control, mobility and ability.

    Now I wonder why even team like Ecuador could play with possession and build up much better than us. We simply don’t have quality in the mid and Argentina keep failing to produce world class Creative Central Midfield for generations to generation. Last time it was Cambiasso and His last world cup was in 2006…Then we produce bunch of Horseshit like Enzo Perez, Biglia, Jose Sosa etc…

      • Italy is nowhere near best when you compare sqaud player to player. They will fall behind France, Brazil, England, Spain and even argentina. They won the euro in 2020 playing a high spirited fully dedicated game like CROATIA did in 2018 world cup.

        I am not even surprised that italy failed to qualify cause they have no player who can score and their defence is way outdated with vets who are way too slow and old…They aren’t even top 6 national team in term of most qualify squad.
        1- France
        2- England
        3- Brazil
        4- Spain
        5- Argentina
        6- Portugal

        • U again

          De Paul is the best midfielder we have.
          Again the coach’s tactics matter a lot how a player performs.
          Griezman can’t get into Atletico’s first team but is a starter for France
          So your comment doesn’t make any sense.

          Paredes is a absolute beast.
          Against Madrid his passing, ball retention and distribution was world class.

          Morata is not the best ST but Luis Enrique still plays him for Spain. It’s because sometimes the team’s tactics suit certain styles and those players are needed to give balance.

          Our 1st team midfield is great, all scaloni has to do is work on the replacements

          • Not one of our midfielders has any mobility, agility and ball control ability. It’s the most barren and uncreative midfield you can find in top 10 ranked in FIFA. We score least goals and always wins in narrow margin and that too having Messi in our team. Imagine if we didnt had Messi. How less we wouldve scored with this barren midfield we got ?

    • Argentina midfield is mediocre every one knows it. Bt Argentina do have a solid defensive midfield they r nice in tackling and pressing. Yes we lack creativity bt messi will provide that if our midfield is defensively good we can progress i still want a creative midfielder in our midfield so im hoping either lanzini or enzo perez or papu gomez will deliver the goods.

    • Ha Ha Perez and Biglia are not horseshit. Its funny how many members in Mundo talk without having a much footballing knowledge. Perez provided a stunning assist to Higuain against the dutch in 2014 and the goal did not count bcz higuain was offside by the finest margin. Biglia provided an assist to Messi in the final which Messi squandered. Both were very decent. If both goals could be scored both would be heroes atm.

      • So your Argument of Enzo and Biglia not being horse shit are 2 assist in their whole career ? It does prove they were just bang average doesnt it ? If they were so good you could give much better example than some Cherry Pick assist in 2 game which goal never happened. Both of them couldnt create anything and couldnt control the tempo or dictate the game. Both of them were good at chasing balls and pressing that’s it. That’s what Argentina produced best in 2014-18 and relied on them in 2 world cup.

        What are these 2 compare to Spains ( Xavi, Iniesta, Busi, Koke, Alonso ) or France ( Pogba, Kante ) or Germany’s ( Bastian, kroos ).

  8. Simeone has been coaching in Europe for how many years? 15? Can’t remember. Can you tell me one Argentine who flourished under his management? No one. He bought some Argentines but none of them reached their potential. All of them ended up below expectation because of him.

    I can understand some them he bought were quite average like Nico Gaitan, Sosa, Ansaldi. But the likes of Correa has world class potential. He is 26 now yes he finally looks better but had he had a better manager like Conte for example (look how the less talented Kulusevski flourishes under him), Correa would have been the next Aguero today.

    Correa is just a rotation player for Atletico despite scoring the most goals this season. Not only that, Simeone tends to bench him in crucial matches. I am sure if Correa had been playing for any Italian or English team that gives him 100% trust, he would have scored 20 at least by now.

    Then De Paul. This guy IS world class. Simeone likes someone who works hard and can defend. Does that fit De Paul? Yes, but he prefers all his other none Argentines to start over him.

    I remember Di Maria got offended when being the best CL final player and next season, Madrid started James Rodriguez over him in an important match. Di Maria ended up leaving. Can I mention the same thing about Emi Martinez? Who got furious being benched for Arsenal after being proven to be super good?

    I expect De Paul to be offended too. He has to know his value just like Di Maria did. De Paul was the all Copa America team member and one of the best among the 30 games unbeaten Argentina side. He does not deserve to be benched at all no matter where he plays.

    So Correa and De Paul, get your ass out of there asap! And to Simeone, stop buying any Argentines! Go buy English, Slovak, Slovenia, Portuguese, Uruguay, French, Spanish or Brazilian players. Stay away from our players. If you can’t use our best midfielder, you can never know how to use our players.

    If you check Rodrigo De Paul stats last season compared to this season, it is even worse than Messi’s last season compared to this season.

  9. Simeone may be fit with Atl Madrid, but nowhere to be the next Arg manger. His defensive style and ‘anti football’ did not bring satisfaction and excitement on watching football game.

    Mou could be like that but he gave result and win the CL !. Simeone did the same but never win the CL.

    Speedy recovery to Paredes. He is much needed at N/T

  10. Those who are saying de Paul and Correa had a bad game. Please tell was there any scope of playing good football with this shitty Simeone tactics. And who played well for Atletico?

    • The problem was playing Kondogbia. The guys lacks physical balance. His height is a disadvantage. Since that red card correa has changed. I am no longer seeing correa I knew a month ago. And that’s problem of changing winning combination. First it was Correa/Cunha then Felix/Correa. Now someone opting for Felix/Griezeman. I said long time ago, Diego Someone is not that good considering he is the highest paid football manager in Europe

  11. Hola, and Salam to all.
    Does anyone know when the new jerseys will be coming out?
    I hope we are not using the same jersey that has been in use for almost 4 years or more now.
    Also, I’m not happy with the parades injury, anyone have more details on it?

  12. Why is everyone so offended over Atletico’s style of play even to the point of taking it personal with Simeone? He’s not going to cater to critics or rival fans, he’s going to do whats best for his team. If the football blinds you then don’t watch it. It would have been utterly suicidal for him to try and be suddenly expansive against arguably the best team in the world in their home stadium in a game of this importance. There’s always going to be possession teams, defensive teams, counter attack teams, etc etc in football. Part of what makes football so unique is the different styles and tactics. I found this game very unique because both teams are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Personally I much prefer it when my team plays beautiful football but Im not going to get mad when the team I’m facing plays in accordance and response to my style and defends. 1-0 to a team like Man City is a very good result especially when you consider their vastly superior squad. Yes, in my opinion most of their positions are vastly superior.

    • I agree, man city unfortunately is the best club in the world arguably right now. It’s tough to get a good result against them even with ” great tactics”

    • Seem like Cholo is trying to save RDP energy for second leg like in round 16 againts United. Stupid as it sounds, it works against MU, so he goes for similar strategy. There’s no away goal rules so even 2-1 win could take the game into penalties.

      City only has 1 goal lead going into Atletico’s home, there’s a chance they might crumble like PSG. Afterall, we’re talking about team without choking history in CL.

      Dont forget lots of people here are EPL diehard fans, they’re secretly in love with City.

        • Yea and I mean we’re talking about team with full of choking history in CL that is City. Like PSG they also never win any despite being considered as favorite each year.

      • I agree I was thinking the same thing, I think De Paul is of much more use in the home second game than the first and can add a surprise element to the team. Sadly I think all of this id irrelevant because he’s on two yellow cards. If I’m not mistaking the current CL rules he should be suspended

  13. Simeone is an embarrassment. When he had average players he played this awful type of football. Now that he has world class players he still plays this garbage football. You can take the coach out of the barrio, but you can’t take the barrio out of the coach.
    On another note, I am watching Boca play in Copa Libertadores. This Boca team is a joke. Who can stand watching this garbage? Do they even have a player after Zeballos that’s worth watching. Damn dumpster fire. Worst than MLS

    • Diego Simeone is disgrace to football, Look the team he has and play like Sunday league, English media destroyed him tonight and rightly so.

        • What game mate no manager in the world will get away with this anti football in morden day maybe in 90s not now mate, Spanish press will destroy him too.

          • I repeat he will not give a shit. Spanish media will kill him cause it’s all barca or Madrid based, the only people he cares about r the atleti fans who support him at all costs. There’s a reason y his club pays him double of wat pep gets… trust. This whole comments section is a clear reflection of American/Brit social media opinions pure panic over nothing. They got an amazing result in Manchester all they need at home is 1 goal that’s it. Everyone get ur panties out of a bunch.

          • oh then why PSG didnt win the second leg?

            also, why City also has zero CL thropy just like PSG? cause they’re both different. CL choker.

            Simeone has a record of beating teams like Bayern, Barcelona and Chelsea in CL. Those team unlike City, has been CL champion.

            City is just PSG 2.0

      • English media destroy him because he eliminated their golden boy that is MU and Cry7. 1-0 means little without away goal rules.

        We’ve seen how PSG fare in second leg with only 1 goal lead.

  14. Juventus trying to sign Di Maria as a replacement for Dybala. Interesting.
    Di Maria has great energy left in him. Let him be in a perfect shape for the WC.

  15. Watching a..correa play. There is no way he should be above dybala.. we need dybala he can be a gotze to win us something in a blink of an eye

      • I never understood the hype with Dybala. No one restricted Dybala while he was playing in NT and scalonis comment shows that he doesn’t work well his tactics. If Messi is the reason as you say then Scaloni is wrong as Dybala will come handy once Messi retires.
        That being said he never convinced me to the hype.

        • Which tactics are talking about?
          So we go with go with useless Meza and Juaquin correa? Dybala can also play as a second striker, CF, RW,LW. He is also versatile. Doesn’t Dimaria play on the RW but people used to say dybala can’t play because he shares same position with Messi.

      • Dybala is great y’all its just he cant coexist with messi also had a string of bad lucks
        No one could prevent us from winning this WC if he could coexist with Messi and played like he does for Juve

  16. Otamendi is as expected struggling against a decent Liverpool side. Just imagine how he will struggle against top European sides in wc. Scaloni should start Romero lisandro Martinez cb pair before its too late

    • I hear what you are saying but while club teams especially top ones like Liverpool are well oiled machines, the reality is the national teams are not as drilled. Otamendi was solid against Brazil so I don’t think he would necessarily struggle that much. I could be wrong. Personally, I would not mind if Licha replaces him cause he’s a really good defender.

      • Otamendi has become slow because of his age. Counter attacking teams with fast players can trouble him specially considering we have another slow paredes in dm position that will make otamendi troubled by the fast counter attacks

        • Just remember with ith Demichelis we played 2014 world cup. Otamendi is way better.
          And in Argentina, its a system where everyone has his own roles.

    • LOL in a 10X shittier team than Pool Van Dijk would struggle too, dont compare a compact defensively beast Argentina to mid level Benfica.

      • Do you really think we are beast in defense?? I can still see some loopholes. Like conmebal teams are not great in set pieces. So we are still not properly tested in corners and free kicks that top teams like France, Germany, England will surely test us out. We struggle against fast technical wingers as we have weakness defensively in fullback position like dias destroyed both Molina and montiel in copa semis. I can see weaknesses even in dm area.

        • We have weaken for sure. Every team has their own weakness. No team is perfect. BTW, Otamendi is best in aerial threat, so he’s very important in set pieces and corners at both ends.

        • Anuparno: I can’t figure out if you are way too negative or been critical it’s good to be balance, yes we are entitled to express our opinion, a been realistic about it but please don’t f..king tell me every European team will beat Argentina or they are not been tested properly yet, let me tell you no team wants to face Argentina in world Cup they fear Argentina as much as you fear them. In my opinion Argentina has been tested under scaloni and passed the exam, that was vs Brazil copa final in Brazil, changed the mind set of this Argentina side. I know you want to see perfect Argentina nt but the won’t happen no team is perfect, best teams doesn’t always win a major tournament. The way I see it Argentina nt, they can take anyone so call superpower nations, give them as much threat they give us and probably beat some of them. Without been baise this Argentina under scaloni will make very good world Cup. – otamendi is good defender not a great defender Lately he has been superb for us, the reason scaloni can’t drop otamendi now is . He is beast in aerial dual no Argentina defender can come close to it , yes cuti Romero and lich martinez are better defenders than otamendi in my opinion But they are not as good as otamendi in aerial dual. I don’t think anyone talk sh..t more than me when comes to otamendi before but it’s fair to say otamendi has Strengths that others lack.

        • Otamendi is best for defence his experience is crucial. To some people speed is everything they do not see other aspect. They think like speed on wings is everything but that thing is easily anticipatable and good team easily adapts to it.

  17. Guido’s long passing is underrated, not saying he’s as good as Paredes at that but he’s perhaps better than we expected. Not to mention he is defensively solid and an aerial threat on set pieces.

    If Nico Dominguez is in good form by the Italy match he should be on the bench as Guido’s back up.

  18. Simione has no plans of scoring any goals today. So far Athetico has parked the bus! Everyone including Felix is defending near the box and City hasn’t allowed them any opportunity to counter attack!

  19. Praying for a speedy recovery, hope he comes back stronger.. 🙏
    well I guess this would be a good opportunity to try out some new midfielders..
    Call me crazy, but I think it would be a good test to put Licha Martinez in midfield if cuti and otamendi are starting in CB..I think he would be phenomenal in midfield

    • Griezmann without attacking impact nowadays a starter…really? Correa does easily his defending and teamwork and a real attacking threat.

    • Hopes de Paul gets atleast a full second half. But sad that Simeone is not starting our main man. This is I think for the 2nd time he made de Paul as sub in cl 😔

    • I am shocked that Simeone and Pochettino they both don’t know how to use Argentine players. They both considered the top coaches of Argentina in Europe. All of us wanted one of them to coach us before Scaloni was chosen.

      There is no way that Scaloni would bench De Paul in such an important match. And I don’t think what Atletico have are that much better than De Paul. For me this is an insult for De Paul and A. Correa. They both should go from Atletico. Let Simeone be happy with the non Argentines he has.

      Player as important as De Paul has all the right to be offended with this treatment seriously.

  20. Paredes is best deep lying play maker one of the best for me but Guido Rodriguez is also good,Argentina can also believe in him.

    • I would not say Guido is as good overall. But he is solid and brings different qualities like physicality and defence. Guido-Lo Celso and De Paul is balanced.

      In my opinion, for offensive play Lo Celso is more important. Due to absence of Lo Celso and Papu, we lacked creativity against Ecuador. Papu and Lo Celso can carry the ball forward while under pressure.

      Also Italy knows that Paredes is a key player, so they would focus on him. I don’t think they will bother much about Guido, so he is more likely be free to play his game.

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