Gio Lo Celso named Man of the Match in 1-0 Villarreal win vs. Bayern Munich


Gio Lo Celso was named as the Man of the Match for Villarreal in their 1-0 win in the Champions League vs. Bayern Munich.

Lo Celso was named as the best player on the pitch as he had a great performance in the Champions League. On loan from Tottenham Hotspur, he finished first in many aspects in their 1-0 win:

The Argentine created the most chances with five. In addition, he was also first in fouls received with three and the most duels won with eight of them.

Juan Foyth and Gerónimo Rulli also started the match for Villarreal. Foyth was one of the better players for the team as Rulli once more kept another clean sheet.


  1. Foyth is a good player that is progressing.
    He just needs to keep his nerves calm.
    He can get nervous and make mistakes but he is on his way to becoming a better player I hope

  2. Regarding Foyth, often times opponents on his flank are left frustrated by him. When in form he looks impenetrable and his ability to move the ball forward quickly and accurately is extremely well. The only thing lacking in his armory is supplying crosses into opponent’s box. In this particular department Montiel has a upper hand over him. Had Jesus Navas not been Spanish, Montiel would be starting ahead of him. Nevertheless Foyth’s and Rully’s performance this season is certainly going to give Scaloni and co a big headache now.

    • Montiel is not good offensively in River plate it was easy but Europian football is different ball game and after J. Navas he is sub.

    • For sure Scaloni watched the game of Villarreal yesterday. Beating Bayern is massive. I am not sure if Montiel will lose his spot now though.

      The reason is Montiel is proven. Foyth is still unproven for Scaloni. Montiel was one of the heroes of the Copa America final. He neutralized Neymar. So it is not that easy to replace him, although I agree Foyth has a superior season with Villarreal compared to him.

      There will be 6 more friendlies at least and 3 months more to go. Let’s see if that’s enough to convince Scaloni that Foyth is the better player. In the end I am sure Scaloni will take all Molina, Montiel, and Foyth to the WC as they likely will allow 26 players. I think Foyth will beat LM Quarta for the extra defender spot as he is more versatile can play both DC and DR.

  3. I didn’t see much of Joan Faith’s game before yesterday’s game. I was very impressed with Foyth’s game. It was defensively solid. Alfonso Davis couldn’t do much about it.Foyth did well in attacking. Lo Celso was awesome. However, he could have taken one or two shots himself. Low Celso also helped in defense. Rulli was also good. But the second leg will not be so easy. Bayern are still favorites.

  4. Because midfield is the engine of any team our success will depend on how Lo Celso, De Paul and Paredes perform. Lo Celso is a great player and had he been with us vs Ecuador the result may have been different. He connects with Messi really well too in terms of linkup play.

    • So true. Great midfield improve defense and attack. Look at Spain, they won world cup with Pique and Ramos in defense(both terrible defenders). Even italy in 2006 had great midfield and defense, not attack(They struggle vs Australia due to that).

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