Franco Carboni comments on Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United with Argentina


Franco Carboni spoke about Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United being with the Argentina national team.

Carboni was one of the seven youth players called up for the March World Cup qualifiers by Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni. As we reported earlier, Carboni commented on being with the team and selecting to play for Argentina. However, Carboni also spoke about Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United.

Alejandro Garnacho is born and raised in Madrid, Spain to an Argentine mother. He represented the Spanish youth national team before being selected for the Argentina national team. Garnacho gave an interview a few weeks ago in Spanish where he noticeably had a Spanish (from Spain) accent. Carboni had this to say about Garnacho:

“Garnacho told us he liked it a lot and that he wanted to come back to Argentina. He stopped talking in Spanish (accent) and started to talk a little (with an Argentine accent), even throwing in some swear words.”

This could be an indication that Garnacho would be more inclined to play for Argentina and not Spain.


  1. Anuparno you Don’t know about football ground.Bayern munchen and villareal both Stadium have same pitch field size with 105 x 68 m.go and search Wikipedia. You always talking negetive and bullshit.

    • What negative?? Villarreal is a Spanish side. We only care because foyth rulli lo celso play there. Bt everyone knows Bayern had a off day. 2nd leg will be very tough challenge for foyth specially. They will come hard. Remember Salzburg drew 1-1 at home thn blew away 1-7 in Munich. But i want foyth to perform well as he is far better defender than both Molina and montiel. He deserves a place in the world Cup. Munich match will be a good experience for both locelso and foyth even if Villarreal lost

      • You are like most nonsense spouting guy in this amazing forum…
        First Villareal had smaller field 🤣🤣🤣and Now bayern had day off ? Like they had 7 day off ( lost points in 7 game ) in Bundesliga and Lost to 5-1 against team like Frankfurt. Anyone actually doesn’t rely on livescore app can see the quality drop of Nagelsman team from hansi’s team…If Villareal can nearly score 3-0 in their own home and they are more than capable of winning or drawing in bayern’s home.

        Also your example of giving Red Bull’s scoringline is lame. It’s a team from austrain team who never did anything worthwhile in UCL when Villareal won Europa last season, Knocked Manu out this season and they also has a manager who won europa league 4 times and considered a experienced tactician in Knockout tie.

        There is zero relevancy comparing Red bulls’s leg tie to Villareal one…

  2. Guardiola suggested he would rather not take over as Brazil coach when asked by TNT Sports.

    “Brazil has very good Brazilian coaches who have to coach the national team,” Guardiola said.

    “There are very good Brazilian coaches. Debate closed.”

  3. I can’t wait for tomorrow game. 2 of my favorite players going head to head: Cuti Romero vs Emi Martinez.

    Aston Villa vs Hotspur

    I hope Emi will save 20 shots and Cuti will finally score the injury time goal to make it 1-0. Lol

    The Spurs need 3 points more than Aston Villa as they compete for the top 4.

    • Davies played his first game after long break so actual test will be in Munich in the 2nd leg. Bayern took Villarreal lightly which will not be the case in 2nd leg plus Bayern stadium is much bigger than Villarreal stadium so that will make foyth job 10 times tougher also we will see how lo celso performs there against top midfield of Bayern in a significantly bigger pitch. If both locelso and foyth both pass the Munich test thn rest assured nobody can stop Argentina in reaching final of wc after that its luck and ability to handle pressure

  4. Sometimes our assessment of a player based on club is not accurate as some players are built for certain system. So a X player may appear slow or old for defence with regards to a club but that may not be the case in NT. May be we should judge them based on their performance in NT. I do understand though the club form can be used as a parameter for initial selection.

  5. How is the situation of Enzo Fernandez?? Is he have any chance to be selected in wc squad?? Does lanzini and buendia can become lo celso and depaul sub or replacement if either of depaul and celso is injured or suspended for card accumulation??

    • In my opinion lanzini and Buendia are very good players, It’s up scaloni to take advantage of it and use them
      Buendía so good through and split passes plus he is good at Dribbling when he needs no afraid to find passes in tide space. As lanzini is good break the lines , quick acceleration , skillfull, usually scores wonder goals. Are they going to world cup? the chance both of them going is 15% one of them I will say 40% depend on how good they do from now on till November.

      “can become lo celso and depaul sub or replacement if either of depaul and celso is injured or suspended for card accumulation??”

      Yes lanzini can play, he plays midfielder in his club now days in fact he is more impressive as midfielder than nu 10.

      Emi Buendía can play if needed , he has all the attributes to be a box to box midfielder it’s up the coaching staff to try him play there but they won’t happen at least until world Cup if i been realistic.

      • When will wc squad be announced?? Im talking about the replacement in wc itself. There is a possibility that someone gets injured or suspended in a big knockout match and we have to be ready with the substitute

          • Im not talking about outside substitution. Im talking about players who will be picked in 26 member in the squad and will not be the starters. I think buendia and lanzini is must. I think enzo Fernandez can be a great substitute for locelso. Palacios and Dominguez is not good enough. If they substitute locelso and depaul in starting eleven due to injuries thn our midfield will become weak which is already above average to decent at best.

          • if we take both bundia and lanzini we will be a midfield of midget, with poland and denmark in mix we can not afford to have both in will be one CM who can play as DM, there one of Palacios or Dominguez will come and other would be a CM with offensive profile, there one of lanzini or bundia will come. there is no place for Fernandez as he has no exposure to european football. even with river his stats are ok so i don’t think Fernandez is going to world cup.

      • Yes lanzi and bundia are good players but both will miss the squad but if i am scaloni i will pick one for sure but so far he didnt put any trust in them so no chance but we need players like them when we 2 goals down to up the rhythem to create and score have some energy from bench is good. We trust that with papu now and hope for the best

        • bundia/lanzini are a better bets than macallister. so if mac allister is being considered for CM position i would rather have bundia or lanzini instead of him.

  6. – Argentina national team is in good hands. They finally have hired people who think out for the best of the team. Our ex players are doing a great job not only in the present but also securing the future.

    – Lo Celso and Paredes in my opinion will be legends when they finish their careers. Hope Lo Celso stays in Villarreal and paredes comes back fit.

    – I have a soft spot for Foyth and wish him all the best, seeing him play great fills me with joy.

    – We need Dybala to get his sh.. together.

      • I think foyth has a future. He just needs to stay calm. I always feel that he is nervous. Watch his next club match, he has been doing well but he has these moments of self doubt I think.

          • He lacked but now he is always calm with the ball and has the confidence to give a charismatic performance. Emery has done a wonderful work, he tried to rectify those flaws and without doubt Foyth improved a lot since the Copa America.

          • in world cup squad size is 26. so you will have 9 defenders. 8 has already secured their position. only the toss up is between foyth and quarta. and one would be blind to take quarta over foyth, as foyth can play in right back as well as centre back role and is miles ahead in quality.

    • out of 26 squad members, 20 players select themselves. the toss up is between 6 positions that are a goalkeeper : musso vs armani, a defender: foyth vs quarta vs perez, 2 midfield position for which palacios, dominguez, emi buendia,macallister,lanzini and pereyra are in contention, 2 forward position for which dybala, a correa, j correa,alario and lucas ocampos are fighting. this is a interesting headache for the coach , if argentina coaching staff resolves this puzzle then we would be carrying a very strong team to world cup.

        • he can play as winger as well as attacking midfielder. also identify the 26 player you will take to world cup. it is damn difficult to select all the choices we want to be in team as it is about balance as well

        • I don’t understand why he has not get any call up till now. He’s a good in air, good in tackling, good in passing, he’s leader for his club,..he has everything needed for a defender…

          • I think that coaching staff will bring senesi to the nt righ after world Cup not before no chance. otamendi will definitely go after world Cup, German pezzella won’t need him no more that will open the door likes senesi, medina N. Perez and foyth as cb. After qatar Romero and lich will be cb pairs for Argentina years to come .

          • senesi is a upgrade over pezzella . but i doubt whether he can be integrated with respect to chemistry needed with defensive partners before the world cup.

          • Yes it’s upgrade over pezzella at the same time I don’t think German pezzella is bad defender either, other than he is slow however I don’t see scaloni dropping him now.

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