Marcos Senesi could be called to Italian national team, uncapped for Argentina


Marcos Senesi could be called up to the Italian national team as he is uncapped for Argentina.

Senesi is being linked not only to several European clubs but also to the Italian national team. According to, the Argentine is being considered by Italy coach Roberto Mancini for their next call up.

Italy did not qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup but their next match is against Argentina at Wembley. If the defender is selected, he could make his national team debut against Argentina in June.


  1. Everyone want Sensi..But i also think like scaloni.. he is still not good enough for Argentina. He needs to prove himself with top european club.

  2. well i guess the player made his choice if that is true.
    good luck for 2026 world cup IF his new country will qualify.
    as about us i don t think we lost any world class CB.

    • I would rather put at least some responsibility to the selection team for constantly ignoring some particular players while giving ample chances to some less deserving ones – making those particular players less hopeful of Argentina call up. Say for example, Sensi, Benitez … you know better than me

  3. I hope this rumor intensify specially in Argentina press and scaloni compelled to callup senesi and in friendlies senesi performs brilliantly and pezella gets dropped from the wc squad

  4. We were discussing about Senesi in last threads…now this news..!
    Senesi has everything needed for a top defender. If he move to a good club in the top division and performing well for the new season…then nobody can block him going to the WC.
    I am against everyone who says it’s impossible for Senesi to be in WC team..just because he lacks team
    chemistry. We have enough matches before the world cup to test him.
    Romero was an instant hit for NT.. Senesi will be another instant hit for Argentina.
    Otamendi, Romero, Lisandro and Pazella. This is the 4 CBs currently. Tagliafico and Foyth can be used as CB in emergency cases. But still it’s better to test and make Senesi ready for the WC.
    As Otamendi and Pazella ageing and dropping their level, as Romero/Lisandro may get injuries..we should need atleast 2 quality defenders ready to take their place. Currently Lucas Martinez Quarta and Nehuen Perez is the backup . They both have undeniable quality. But, currently their level is not upto the mark. We should test Senesi for the upcoming matches. we can’t keep on ignoring a talent like him. CALL SENESI.

  5. 92% – Manuel Lanzini has completed 92% of his passes in the Premier League this season, despite an expected pass completion of 83%; this is the best ratio of any player in the division this season:

    83%>92% – Lanzini
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  6. Despite being a fairytale of a coach he is….. not calling Senesi is one of the things i loathed about Scaloni….other things being of course selection of Armani, Pezzella, and sitting back like a bunch of turtles after scoring just one goal….one goal is never enough, two goals is, just look at the germany side they shoved 7 up brazil’s yellow ass…..

    • That German squad was far superior than this Argentina side. Even our 2014 side has more fire power. Messi, higuain, dimaria, aguero all in their peak. Scaloni is doing right. Our midfield is mediocre defense has some weakness if we play too open thn we will loose our strategy is perfect. Scaloni is a good coach and every coach has their favorites even in 1978 the great menotti didn’t select Maradona and still won the wc comfortably

      • To clarify, are you saying GLC, PAREDES, and RDP = mediocre? If so, I couldn’t disagree more. I would argue those 3 are amongst the best mid trio of any NT team. Each provides a unique critical role.

          • I think France also not have a great midfield. Both spain and Germany having better midfield though i don’t believe any team right now has a great midfield they all r good to decent thats why Argentina has a real chance this year

          • france don’t have a midfield now. kante is not the same player and pogba is not performing.. rest are average. its france attacking power and defence which is overloaded. germany midfield is overrated and their defence is in shambles.england and spain are much better currently.

        • @choripan compare them with better midfields we have seen in world cups like 2010 spain and Netherlands midfield 98 france midfield 2006 Argentina midfield 74 Netherlands midfield 70 Brazil midfield. You will see this midfield is not impressive in comparison. Our current midfield lacks the wow factor they r just compact hard working bt lacks creativity and not much attack minded. I still don’t see those slick passing associated with great midfields

          • There is no point in comparing the current trio to players 10, 20 – 50 years ago. The proper comparison is against todays NT and you couldn’t name too many that are better.

            Also, comparing to one the all time best mids (Spain 2010) isn’t valuable either. That’s like comparing someone to Messi or Maradona and saying “they’re mediocre”. of course any player compared to aliens isn’t fair.

  7. Another tournament approaching and another batch of new members joining!
    Scaloni cant call every player some other country may or may not call to join their NT! by the same token, I hope he doesn’t overlook some who should be added…….that’s his job.

  8. I think senesi maybe called up in next match by scaloni bt pezella will still go to qatar. And there is also no time for building chemistry so senesi has practically no chance for this wc

  9. Like the typical Argentine managers, Scaloni is neglecting Marcos Sensei.If I had been in Scaloni’s place, I would have taken Sensei out of Otamendi.This old Otamendi will not work. At present, Argentina is the oldest team.It is because of these foul decisions of the Argentine managers that they repeatedly make things worse in the World Cup.Get ready for another disappointing World Cup. Scaloni should be kicked out right now. He’s a bad coach.I thought Scaloni was a good coach.Now it seems that he is far below the good coach.

    • 😂😂🤣 he just won copa America after 28 long years. He was unbeatable in wc qualifiers. Under him lisandro Martinez emi Martinez lautaro Martinez de paul cristian Romero Molina nico Gonzalez all made their debut. Let’s wait for the wc squad and see Argentina’s performance thn say he is bad or not. You can’t just throw all youngsters and expect them to win you titles. You also want experience.

        • That’s why experience is needed. Pressure of wc will be something else. If scaloni tried senesi in last 2 wc qualifiers thn the situation would have been different bt strangely he didn’t tried much. Again pezella and quarta played. Before wc we may play 5-6 games more out which surely in Brazil and Italy match scaloni would go with otamendi Romero or Romero lisandro cb pair so very less time to adapt for senesi.

  10. I have sent many posts to Lionel Scaloni on AFA – Selección Argentina (facebook) to call up 2 players, first Walter Benitez (goalkeeper/ OGC Nice (France)) before Benitez is called up by the Blues (France Senior National Football) and Marcos “The Gladiator” Senesi ((left) center back/ Feyenoord Rotterdam (Netherland)) before Senesi is called up by Italy Senior National Football.

    • Incredible. How come nobody’s thought of that before? We should also make a mundo online petition and see if that works. He certainly will call them up after this

  11. Interesting and too bad if it happens. Italy clearly don’t have many promising options in defense except Bastoni and Mancini. Romagnoli did not live up to expectations and Lovato’s progress remains to be seen.

    It would have been nice to have another left footed and ball playing CB like Senesi. Too bad like Ascacibar he is not part of Scaloni’s project.

    At the very least, I am hoping that players likes Senesi, Ascacibar, Zaracho, Enzo Fernanez are that far from the NT after the WC.

    It’s Argentina National Team and the competition is understandably fierce but I also get when some would rather see Senesi than Quarta in the final 26.

  12. Saad, if Italy want him to do defence duty means he is so good italians pride on their defence its unbelievable last 2 years he didnt get a single call when we were testing young guns.

  13. I really hope Senesi to represent Italy and Benitez gets his first international call up from France. It’s obvious Mr. Scaloni looks them down and never bothered to even give them a single chance, that’s why they deserve to play international football for other countries. I have been a Fiorentina fan for 25 years and I would be more than happy if LMQ would be left behind and Senesi took his place for the WC. To win the WC you need to use your best players, put a very good strategy in place, and have some luck when things get complicated. It seems we aren’t even ready to use our best players, so how the trophy could be ours? SMH

  14. I still dont know why Senesi is not included in Argentina squad! Every one getting chance except Senesi. He is our future and one of most promising player. We can not loose him.

  15. No chance. We won’t get senesi. It is a heavy loss if we loose him. Atleast he should be selected in place of LMQ. But till wc this is not possible. Scaloni had taken all the precautions and selected all the teenagers and avoided senesi. Why? . Is it possible for senesi to come back to argentina if he played only one game for Italy?

  16. Italian defense needs fresh young players as Chiellini and Bonucci are not getting any younger. They still have Bastoni, Romagnoli, but Senesi would be a welcome addition.

    In the past they naturalized Gabriel Palletta too from us but did not really work out. Also Matias Schelotto but also didn’t work out. The only one worked out was Camoranesi.

    Hope Scaloni won’t let Italy steal Senesi this time though.

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