Leandro Paredes of PSG undergoes surgery, out for two months, will miss Argentina match vs. Italy


Leandro Paredes underwent surgery as he is expected to be out for two months.

Paredes will miss two months and Argentina’s match against Italy in June as he underwent surgery on Thursday. As we reported earlier this week, he has a groin injury which required surgery.

The Argentine took to Instagram to post a picture and a caption. On his Instagram, he wrote:

“The surgery went perfectly. Now, I only have to think about recovering. Thank you to everyone for the love that you have shown during these days.”


  1. This may come as a bit of a surprise but as a backup to Guido for the matches Paredes is out I would recommend Ascacibar. He’s quietly having a good season at least from a statistical viewpoint with 4.01 tackles per game in the last 365 days (99th percentile for midfielders) and 2.36 interceptions per game. If anyone has watched him play let me know how he’s doing.

    • Actually his name was always there around 2018-19 but then he got injured…..He was very expected to at least be a part of the 23 men squad……He was being called white Kante

  2. This surgery is very bad news. I don’t believe he will be back to one hundred by world cup. And maybe never again. Not trying to be negative, but once u r cut open in the legs after the age of 21, it’s rarely the same.

  3. Fabrizio Romano: Villarreal are more than happy with Gio Lo Celso. The plan is to open talks with Tottenham to keep Gio also next season, as there’s no buy option included in the loan deal.

    • No hate anyone can take any job. Brazil has given so much to football. Even Pep said he will take Argentina coach job one day

    • This is a stupid rumor. Do you think Brazil’s corrupt coach will leave the job while Brazil is president of conmebol? They are sucking up as much money as possible.
      Sorry but this rumor was made up here in Mundo, as there is no way in hell this would happen.

    • He said in an interview a couple of hours ago that it was a false rumor and he’s not going to leave Man City for Brazil. 90% of football rumors are false and meant to make money. I believe he’s even visited Argentina before and highly admires Bielsa. He goes out of his way to mention River Plate and Gallardo in interviews. Argentines have done better under him than under Simeone

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