Argentina national team home shirt for 2022 Qatar World Cup leaked


The Argentina national team home shirt for the 2022 Qatar World Cup has been leaked.

Argentina will have a traditional sky blue and white home shirt but the lines on the front will not be the same as those on the back of the shirt. Leaked images by Footy Headlines show three thick blue stripes in the front of the shirt with two thick ones in the back and in the middle, two thinner lines.

Adidas will also have their new logo on the front with the three Adidas stripes on the shoulders and the AFA with the two stars on the front.


  1. May be i am late, do u guys watch the 2 golas of alan velasco and thiago almad both won goal of the week in 2nd week and 3 ed week
    2wolrdclass goals i hope they will improve this, its MLS but a learning curve

    • I watched his game…he’s played good. He almost had an assist..same time he had a mistake that would have costed a goal. He was full of running..and mainly concentrated on defense.
      Considering he played after 3 months…he has done very well. At times he seemed tired of running.

    • Yup, and no one is happier than I am because for a long time now I’ve been saying that Nico is THE most talented midfielder to come out of the primera in the last 5 years or so and I think (and hope) that he’ll become a staple in Argentina’s midfield in the years to come. Another hugely underrated midfielder is Matias Zaracho and I believe that he and Dominguez can fill in the hole that will be left by Celso and De Paul. Also, if Enzo Fernandez lives up to the hype then a midfield like this:


      could be a world beater, but I’m getting way ahead of myself, let’s just see what Argentina’s current midfield can do in the WC first.

  2. Everyone seems love with enzo. I read somewhere, where says his playing style similar with palacios and brazilian fred. I saw couple of clips where he looks very impressive. Honesty i feel advanced version of de paul. But before 2018 world cup everyone fall in love with meza and finally all are disappointed.

    • He is a very good player and in form. that is all for now. Depend on him and his work to evolve his talent into be an A class player. we can not know the future. for now he is promising. we will see in future. Meza ,Pavon and many others in begin was looking promising too BUT…..
      if we get disappointed from one player doesn t mean we should kill our hopes generally.
      Personally i never name anybody new Messi, new Ayala, new Maradona, new Batistuta etc
      but i never arrive and to the oposite limit. Patient is the key word and never think that everything is Black or white.

      • If if ask me I’ll tell only one player that I need in our team is new Roman, currently as I know they is no players who plays like Roman maybe Enzo is the one to replicate Roman but not in this World Cup but next in CONCACAF2026.

  3. I will be buying 100 jersey and flying over to Qatar on the eve of 2022 final in my private jet. I have made special arrangement to meet and congratulate Argentina NT after they lift the world cup 2022 trophy in the locker room. Can Mundo let me upload the pic of Messi and Me lifting world cup trophy?

  4. if i judge from this photos only i don t like so much this jersey. i prefer more 2018 jersey and the one we use in present.
    the design is not the best (especially back side) and blue look like more dark than as it should be. just maybe it is the photos that give this impresion and live will look much better.
    sure remind 2014 jersey but i prefer this one better that the one of 2014 to be honest.

  5. There is a story about how Barcelona went to El Monumental to scout Pablo Aimar and ended up being impressed with Saviola and taking him instead. It kind of reminds me of the Alvarez – Enzo situation now. Maybe one might be thinking more about the new City signing and then watches the game and is blown away by Enzo. In fact, I would argue that in the start of this season in Argentina Enzo has been more important and impressive than Julian

  6. Foyth is kind of battle tested player. Far better than others Argentinian Right Backs. He is delivering these performance since his move to Villarreal against every top team he becomes beast or may be we only watch high profile games.

    • i hope your customer to perform desent in Munich because if his club will humiliated then it will be difficult to promote him more after. in same time i don t think any of us here (especially me ha ha) intend to go to see Scaloni and tell him to include your customer in squad. Plus i don t think Scaloni or anybody from coaching staff reading the comments in Mundo. So i think is kind of empty all your dayly effort to promote Foyth.

  7. These are two cool concept Jerseys: the 1st in Gold (which would be a nice away jersey). The 2nd link would be a nice home Jersey.

    h t t p s ://

    h t t p s://

  8. Any one knows squad size of WC. 23 or 26 ? If 23. Then 3GK. 8 DIFF. 7 MID. 5 attcker. Out of 23. 20 players are certain untill injured…
    5 attckers… Messi. Di maria. Lautaro. (3). 2spot
    7 Midd.. Depaul. Parades. Locelso. Guido. Papu. Nico. 1spot.
    8defence. Romero. otamendi. Acuna. Taglafico. Molina. Montiel. Licha. LMQ/Pezzela…. No spot.
    3GK. martinez. Rulli/musso. Armani. No spot….. We have just 3 spot. 2 Striker. 1 DM. Options
    Simeone. Alario. A Correa. J. Correa. Dybala. Alvarez..
    For Mid.
    Enzo, palacious, Nico dominz. MacAllister. Lanzini.. So let see….. Thts my lits.

      • I don’t see any surprise in mid or FW or defense. And i don’t want any player from FW or Mid to miss due to injury. Because they are best player of Argentina right now…

      • Yes Foyth is must not taking him will be grave mistake. Foyth is versatile player he can play in RB, RCB,In DM even as a winger.

    • I don’t believe Armani has a sure spot. That’s unfair to in form GKs. Scaloni won’t do that.
      Currently it is Emi, Musso, Rulli.
      Nico is forward not midfielder. Tagliafico and Montiel form/level has been dropped so they are not sure now. Foyth and Medina waiting.
      If injury free… Alario will be always an option for super sub role.
      In midfield Allister has big chance at the moment.

    • one should take 3 GK + 9 defenders + 7 midfielders + 7 forwards
      on form 3 gk should be emi martinez,rulli and musso but never know if armani is adjusted for musso. 9 defenders should be Romero. otamendi. Acuna. Taglafico. Molina. Montiel. Licha,pazella and foyth. no spot in defence and is a balanced defence. for midfielders, these five are in Depaul, Parades, Locelso, Guido, Papu so two spots are still open. in forward Messi, Di maria, Lautaro,nico gonzalez and alvarez are fixed. so two spots are open there as well. out of 26 nearly 21 spots are fixed. i GK , 2 midfield and 2 forward spots are open.

  9. I like it!
    Happy that they have kept the sun by the neck and hope it will remain on future kits.
    Good that the back design is not on the front
    I was initially hoping for a kit similar to ’86. But this will do

    In September it will be revealed officially. Let’s see how it looks on our players

  10. People here who are saying its too late for Enzo Fernandez was saying some days back that scaloni should call senesi. Let me tell you a high class backip or substitute option is as vital as having world class 11.remember Brazil vs Germany semis in 2014 where Germany destroyed them 7-1 but one of the most important reason of that outcome that Brazil didn’t have good backups for every position. Neymar was injured and Thiago silva was suspended. Thats why believe we need proper backups for every position. Its a long tournament everything can happen. That’s why its better that both foyth and enzo Fernandez is given a chance to prove themselves. Enzo can substitute both DePaul or locelso with ease.

  11. Looks like an early design for the 2014 kit that was rejected in place of the final kit. Now they’re just reaching into the design graveyard. This kit lacks a spark or something. Kinda boring. Hope we see a different version soon.

  12. I think scaloni should select enzo for matches against brazil and itlay.. Look like only box to box mid after de paul…

    • I think he is the best thing we found after roman riquelme better than banega.i think again we are going to have the best midfielders in SA .Enzo And Almendra ARE World Class talents

      • Lo celso and de paulnare our box to box players what we need is backup e. Palcio was up to that but now he is more like defencive midfielder this is why scaloni tested mac alister he isnt that good either at the enzo can be a nice tricky option but we dont have enough time to test new talents it will be foolish now so we must presist with players who already been called to the squad who scaloni knows what to expect from them

        • Scaloni added 2 of our best player emi Martinez and Romero just before copa. Romero was not even called up before in squad also yes they were playing in Europe bt still Enzo Fernandez should be called. There is enough time to test him. Argentina will play Italy and Brazil in June. He can be called up to Argentina squad and let him train with other regulars thn after that we will play another 3-4 friendlies and there scaloni can give him chance plus there is 1 month camp before wc he can easily play. Atleast he can be good backup for depaul or locelso. There is still time left and not like our midfield has many backups.

          • u don’t leave a talent like Enzo behind that will be foolish. i watch this guy closely and he is exiting with one touch he opens up game just watch his first touches. Paredes is natural but slow DePaul reached this level through hard work running all day if he stops running he will not impress you the way things going at Atletico his confidence might not be high come the world cup. lo Celso is not really a CM he is converted CM Like Guardiola did with the two Silva’s so Enzo will complement all three. with Paredes, DePaul ,lo Celso , papu, Guido, Nico Dominguez , palacios and Enzo I think we will have one of the best midfield in the world cup

    • Enzo plays in the same area of the field of De Paul so I think he could be the much needed and wanted De Paul backup. Still, nobody matches De Paul’s hustle and physicality in midfield so I hope we aren’t in a situation where we have to use his backup apart from resting him.

  13. same website states we might get a purple and blue stripes as away jersey… Purple will be interesting as I had never seen any team wear it.
    For home I prefer a white and aquamarine stripes

  14. Guys what do you think about this concept jersey??? Gold, Sky Blue, and White with the names of the players and numbers Gold would be perfect for Copa American champions.

    h t t p s : //

  15. another amazing match from Enzo Fernandez a goal and an assist a shot from the center of the pitch heat the woodwork amzing player.but argentinos where the better team vera is doing good again

  16. The jersey is weird specially the back design is weird. Why don’t we using the jersey which we wore during Copa America win. That was lucky for us

  17. It’s good. Not great. But this is just the leak. I am happy about the black accents. I hope they let us wear black shorts again ! I hear the away jersey may be purple.

  18. Kind of adding on to my last comment, isn’t it funny how when you look at an old shirt or a shirt that looks like another shirt you get those memories and that feeling associated with what happened that year? For example when I look at the 2018 shirt I suddenly get in a bad mood. Its not a bad shirt but I just can’t stand looking at it. The 2014 shirt makes me sad and nostalgic, but this one, similar to the 2014 shirt yet of the year 2022 gives me hope. Maybe other people can relate 🙂

  19. I love the look of the tone of blue on this one. Like everyone else my first reaction to the front was to be reminded of the 2014 shirt. The back kind of throws me off though maybe I could get used to it like I got used to this year’s shirt. It gives me the sensation that Messi is getting a second chance in this type of shirt. I look at it and the image of Messi running after we qualified to the final shows up fresh in my mind.

  20. Let’s hope it brings more happiness than 2014…….I really like the navy blue that we played against Peru in the qualifiers…..vamos Argentina

  21. Just like ALWAYS, the Albiceleste home jersey is beautiful nonmatter what and just like EnganChe said, the black reminds me of the 2014 one.
    Unique pattern on the back with the Sun on top…I’m sold

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