Lionel Messi assists three times for PSG in 6-1 win vs. Clermont Foot


Lionel Messi had three assists for PSG in their 6-1 win vs. Clermont Foot.

Messi didn’t score but did assist three times for PSG. The first assist came from the edge of the penalty area where he passed it to Neymar who scored to give PSG the 1-0 lead.

The second assist was more difficult. A cross in to Messi as he controlled it with his chest and hit it off the volley into Kylian Mbappe who would score.

Another assist to Mbappe would be the third as he would run towards the Clermont back line, pass it to Mbappe who would score from the edge of the penalty area.

Despite his lack of goals, the Argentine leads the league with 13 assists.


  1. Tired to read comments here from those dumbass fans boys saying that Messi need to score or that kind of bullshit etc, they didn’t watch the game and made stupid judgement based on his number of goals. Messi is the 10 and has nothing to prove anymore and he’s above all these stats. If you are not happy with his number of goals, go to youtube and watch his vintage goals and make yourself happy.

    • Its not about proving something or as a fan being happy. Scoring is a habit. A player who was used to score 50+ goal and 30+ goals in league scoring 3 goals and u think all is okay?? If this continues this will affect him even in wc. If u watched the match just look on his expression even after winning 6-1 and providing 3 assists he was sad like he lost the wc. It does affect everyone he is also human. That’s why its vital that mbappe leaves and a new coach comes and situation changes a confident messi is a different level

      • Totally agree with you! He needs to get back to scoring form before the world cup. Yesterday he almost pulled the same goal he scored against AC Milan from just outside the box, but unfortunately was little wide. His body and mind is trying to adjust to the new environment, its just that he is trying very hard not to get injured that is what is holding him back!!

  2. Playmaker Messi still a dangerous enough, besides in the NT he would have many more willing passers to him if he finds himself in the scoring position. Think about it, Lo Celso, De Paul, Acuna, Molina, Di Maria, Paredes and even Lautaro would be more than willing to pass to Messi. Also, even as just a passer Messi has a vision that not many midfielders can rival today.

      • Yes ARG would have 7 legit goalscorers Lautaro, Alvarez, Messi, Dybala (i hope so, too much talent to drop him), Di Maria (big game player) Nico Gonzalez and Angel Correa…with occasionally goals from De Paul, Lo Celso or Papu from midfield…Acuna and Molina (like in Udinese) can score goals…we will be OK. Plus Joaquin Correa who is maybe our best transition player, he was great vs Verona in an open game, with spaces he is great, good sub material in special situations.

    • 2 times in a row he won the MOM award for Fiorentina. Seems like he really steps up after the sale of their best player, Vlahovic. Glad for him. LM Quarta though losing his starting spot for 2 weeks in a row already.

  3. Even when PSG scored 6 times Pochettino was not dare to substitute any of the front three. That says if he has anything to say in the team!!!

  4. Though im not happy with lack of goals bt i have to accept messi past his prime and mayb 2023 will be his last yr in top. Thn after that he will move to mls. But yesterday his movement looked sharp so he is slowly improving. He needs to start scoring to gain his confidence. Needs proper rest but there will be no rest this time as in summer Argentina will play back to back friendlies.

    • I compare Messi to Michael Jordan. His game might be different now compared to “the prime Messi”, but no way he declines. Just like Michael, the old MJ played different from the young MJ. But both version still looked the best in the world.

      Don’t be fooled by PSG Messi, that’s the half hearted Messi. The real Messi was the one that got the MOM award against Venezuela just a month ago. The one wearing number 10 against Venezuela is still head and shoulder better than all other footballers.

  5. Late on fire; the trio should shown it against Real Madrid at UCL. Don’t know the result is to save Poche ? Anyway, Mbappe and Neymar will move and new coach will come

    • @cleanball for you Real Madrid and Clermont is same?? 😐 remember germany won 8-0 against saudi Arabia in 2002 wc bt lost 2-0 to Brazil in final same way Portugal won 7-0 against korea in 2010 wc bt lost against spain 1-0 in round of 16.

  6. Messi at PSG

    Games: 28
    Goals : 8 + Assists: 13
    Total direct goal contribution: 21

    Just remember..this is a new club for him. Messi in decline..? Surely NO.
    7 more games remaining for PSG..this season. It will be a good ending for Messi.

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