Alejandro Garnacho to be included in Manchester United squad vs. Norwich


Alejandro Garnacho is set to be included in the Manchester United squad.

Garnacho will be included in the senior Manchester United squad for the first time as they host Norwich City in the Premier League. The Argentine was called up to the Argentina national team for the March World Cup qualifiers where he trained with the senior team and played a match with the U20 team.

The 17 year old was born in Madrid to an Argentine mother and had previously represented Spain’s youth teams. However, his allegiance appears to be towards Argentina.

He trained with the senior Manchester United team and per a report by Samuel Luckhurst, he will be included in Saturday’s team for Manchester United.


  1. Messi’s season ain’t bad but also not worth talking other than for the move and playing second fiddle to guys like Mbappe & Neymar bc they are younger and faster. I hope Mbappe leaves this summer and Neymar won’t get his season extended and Di Maria gets to stay. Messi will take over PSG next season as they will start playing him as their go to guy and Pochettino will find another club. Ten hag/Nagelsmann could be the likely candidates and don’t think Zidane will want to ruin his reputation and instead will take over France NT after Deschamps.

    Messi is not the problem. Us pointing figures is the same as the idiotic fans booing him for their shorty defense and the selfish ones on the left side like Neymar & Mbappe.

    If Messi wins the WC, not a single pundit can talk anymore rubbish about the greatest ever again.

  2. Mbappe neyemr taking penalty while messi has shortage of goal..what a fucking psg, fucking pochettino.. Messi also looks loser..Become best in the world you go psg to just assist to goal? Or going there to make friendship with Neymer? Or just go there to take de maria spot to end his psg carrier ? We watch match for goals not hat-trick assist.Opps totally can others take penalty..its painful.. He needs to be vocal and selfish what cr7 do always to get goals.

  3. Two goals scored by Messi.. called off. One assist to Mbappe goal… again called off. If it was rotation.. Penalty should have taken by Messi…but not. Neymar took the penalty that was in Messi’s fort. Numerous time Messi waiting near the right side penalty box …but no pass… Mbappe and Neymar going for the glory. Messi doesn’t even try to run in counters because..he knows they won’t pass him…
    Neymar and Mbappe wish to play left all the ball going through that side. With this 3 Messi will be always neglected and just a provider..that’s it.
    PSG should buy a real CF. Then Messi will be more involved. Otherwise Messi will be always pushed to right…and needs to pass to better positioned other options.

  4. Painful to watch Messi playing third fiddle to Mbappe and Neymar. Both are in good form while Messi beside having poor scoring run , he isn’t able time his runs into the box!! His incompatibility with PSG team mates is agonizing!! May be subbing him out will reignite the fire inside him.

  5. Granncho is not our next big prospect, our next big prospect is Luka romero, remember romero not geting minutes yet he is playing the top legues first team already for 2 seasons at 16and 17 years and what we see in garncho is at u23 team so no need to worry no need to hype i am happy as long as we have Luka

  6. Why Simeone not starting with de Paul? Is he out of form? No. Is there any other better midfielder than him? No. Is he like Suarez who past his prime? No. Then why? What is his tactics with de Paul?

    • Simeone managed to win today by the skin of his teeth but this season specifically other teams have figured out a way around his tactics and strategies. The only reason they won the league last season was Messi ran out of steam and Madrid choked at the end but this season truly reflects the current state of Simeone abilities. Yes, he made a midtable team a title contender and European powerhouse but now he has become quite predictive!! Regarding DePaul, Simeone doesn’t feel like he is a better fit than his other midfield players. Also, you can see that DePaul doesn’t have the freedom he has when playing for Argentina. Today he came in with 15 mins remaining and right away made good passes including couple long balls which is his strength. Correa made a pre-assist but failed to score , he was also being constantly ignored by his team mates even though being in a good position to shoot.

    • I am tired of this Simeone guy……he thinks koke is better than de Paul.
      Simeone will always be a loser like he always has been.
      If a coach is Argentine or not , if he is not going to play my national team world class starters, I am going to criticize them.
      Those river plate or uefalona fans shouldn’t interfere in our national team business.
      We are only loyal to one thing and that is argentina NT unlike them who also cares about their club.

      • By River Plate I assume you mean the club where half of the current national team players have come from? In what way is that “interfering” with the NT or has anything to do with Simeone?

        • what you try to find my friend. logic inside madness?
          don t. empty try. just because he said what he said we will not speak? or he have the authority to tell us if we will speak or not?
          we will say whatever we want and we will speak whenever we want.
          or we will “interfere” whatever that means when we desire.

  7. If Garnacho can’t recognize greatness of the one and only G.O.A.T LM10, he has no business representing the NT. He is better off playing for Spain

    • If Garnacho and coaching staff decide he should play for Argentina then he can, nothing else matters. He has the right to idolise and praise whoever he wants whether it is messi, ronaldo or lord bendtner. Praising messi should not be the criteria for national team selection.

  8. Argentine U 17 NT will play Brazil in the final of the international tournament in France. The team coached by Diego Placente beat Belgium 2-1 followed by a 3 nil win over Portugal and 2 nil win over France.

  9. I am happy with Garnacho saying CR7 the goat for the time being as long as he is committed to play for Argentina. If he serves us well, he would eventually know, who is the GOAT.

    • I feel you, but Messi and Diego are the symbol of Argentina’s excellence and knowingly this guy just for the sake of gaining attention posted against the two legendary icons and it’s a stain for AFA, if we don’t teach him a lesson.

      Also he was born in Madrid, Spain and the split personality disorder he suffers from, I doubt if he will ever feel the warmth of the Argentine shirt.

      Let us also not forget he’s a good prospect, but he ain’t any Messi or anywhere near him.

  10. The third man is impossible to defend. Impossible.” – Xavi

    analyses the art of the third-man run & who does it well in the Premier League, from Son Heung-min & Emile Smith Rowe to Alexis Mac Allister.

    Football matches don’t follow a script, but passing & movement patterns can be rehearsed & perfected.

    • This is where we discussing here before. The positioning of Allister and he always reach near penalty box in every attacking move. He’s very good in that. That is a much needed addition to NT. We need that kind of player in the team. If anyone better available, I am happy.

      • Lautaro. When you have so many attacking options thn u don’t want McAllister. We r Argentina not brighton ffs. We need more creators. We have enough defensive minded player that’s not gonna be a problem. We need a midfielder like pedri or de bruyne or even veratti. That’s why we may need enzo kind of player

      • Just because of position now we stick useless McAllister as false 9. Pliz I don’t want to hear that name again. Argentina have top class players who are miles better to play in that position. But you guys are still pushing McAllister? Excuse me

    • If you want the “third man run”, then no one is better than Delle Ali. This man runs more than all players and is everywhere. The problem is everything else about him is below average. So he can’t make Everton starting line up.

      If you are “that hard” to defend, you should give us good numbers. For example 20 goals/season at least like the prime Ali or Lampard for example. But if you score like 3 all seasons and 2-3 assists, I don’t think you receive the title of “hard to defend”. I mean “IMPOSSIBLE to defend”

  11. Don’t know about Garnacho’s allegiance but those who have even a second of a doubt about representing the Albiceleste have no place in the seleccion.

  12. Congrats to Argentina for reaching the final of the U17 world tournament in France. They’ll be playing against Brazil to determine the winner.

  13. We shouldn’t be much concerned about Garnacho, he is that sort of guy who’s rational mindset alters like the colors of a chamaleon. I won’t be surprised he puts on the Spanish jersey again. This boy got no dignity.

    If he can’t respect the two eternal genius that put Argentina the global Footballing superpower it is today, then I’m afraid his contribution is no longer required. I’m sure we will produce much more quality prospects in his position.

    Messi and Diego are the symbol of Argentina’s excellence, and if that wannabe Argentino can’t respect the two and hails the poacher as the Greatest just for media attention, it’s a stain for the La selección. If I’m not wrong this guy posted a story on his IG smooching his girl while Argentina recently played against Venezuela.

    It’s better to live like a Lion for a day then living like a sheep for hundreds of years.
    Garnacho need some lesson, if he can’t respect the Greatest legacy of Argentina. He is no more needed for service.

  14. As for CR7 MU themselves good luck with them. Don’t be so happy that they hardly won agains the worst team of EPL Norwich 3-2 as their next 3 out of 6 games are against Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal.

    MU is the only one who can challenge the Spurs in the top 4. Arsenal already lost 3 streak games and their schedule even worse. They will face Chelsea, Spurs (away), West Ham, MU, and NewCastle.

    As much as you guys might not like Cuti in the Spurs, I want Cuti’s Spurs to be the first team to officially make CR7 team to play in UEFA conference (shitty) league next season in his career. It would be great for CR7 career, the all time top scorer of CL, arguably the best CL player in history to play in UEFA conference league.

  15. Aquero should encourage Garnacho, he is just 17 yrs, not mature yet and bluntly spoke to media. He will learn from the mistake and grow up. No need to be harsh on him on his comments, when you played in a team and one player score a hattrick, it’s normal to give the player a praise as a respect. No need to blow up. He is just showing his respect to a teammate.

    Hopefully Garnacho will turn to be an excellent player as expected. Keep the dreams high

    • The dude idolizes CR7. The same as Mbappe idolizes CR7. Messi and CR7 are role models for a lot of players. If someone says their idol is the best (or goat), that’s normal I guess. I remember an Argentine young striker, I forgot who, he also said that Ronaldo teeth is the best striker in futbol history althoigh we also produced Batigol or Kempes.

      Garnacho was promoted to the first team and he saw his idol scoring an hattrick right before his eyes and he got all ezcited. The other day he also saw Messi was the MOM against Venezuela when he was in the stadium. So it is just good for Garnacho. It should pumps him up to be a great player watching 2 of the very special player performed.

  16. Now that Christina is being mentioned again let me give everyone a quick reminder.
    Here is why Messi is not better, but much better (stats are compiled through their whole careers)
    -Ratio Stats:
    Higher goal per games ratio
    Higher Assists Ratio
    Less minutes per goal
    Less minutes per goals and assists
    Less shots per goal (higher accuracy)
    Higher percentage of shots on target
    Higher free kick conversion rate
    Higher statistical average match rating
    -Total Stats: (even with a disadvantage of 149 games played)
    98 more assists
    more goals outside of the box
    same amount of free kicks scored
    179% more dribbles completed
    384 more key passes
    199 big chances created
    128 more man of the match awards
    The only places where Ronaldo wins is more total goals scored, and higher aerial stats, and penalties. These stats are made more impressive by the fact that he plays closer to or in the box much more and has 149 more appearances. The total goals scored stat is made irrelevant by the fact Messi has a better goals/game ratio. It is ridiculous to me that so many people still think this is a competition or try to push the idea that Ronaldo is on par with him.

    • Messi is much better. But Ronaldo is still one of the greats. I know alot of us here hate home, but man, we are lucky to have him playing at the same time as the greater Messi.

    • Messi just needs to get back to scoring form and he will shut everyone’s mouth!!All these soccer pundits and media only remember last few games. If your performance is superior in the last 5 matches then you are God!! As per these ESPN pundits ,if any other player makes 1-2 good and crucial passes a match along with a good assist or a goal, he is considered quality player. But in Messi’s case making plenty of crucial passes and couple assist every match means nothing if he doesn’t score. He is labeled finished and is done as a player!! Messi is trying very hard to avoid any injury which is one of the reason he is being held back. It is also why he doesn’t try to dribble past defenders and instead passes hoping to get a pass back but at PSG everyone wants to get their name on the score sheet!! Mbappe and Neymar take most shots at the goal and Messi only gets the left overs. For the most part he is found begging for a ball while standing still outside the box unmarked!!! Its painful to watch the way he is being treated at PSG. Yes his scoring has been poor this season but we also need to consider the number of times he hit the woodwork, 10 times so far, talk about being unlucky!! Leo must stop passing the ball when there is an opportunity to shoot , he needs to be selfish and should try taking direct shot at the goal, no more passing , just shoot!!! If we are to win the world cup Messi has to get back to goal scoring form!!!

    • Aguero did right..i know he is 17 year kid but no compromise here. And if he go with spain no problem for Argentina.. Argentina always produced World class attackers.

      • A photographer took a picture of CR7 giving Garnacho the match ball and he said something like “you’re the all the best” and Kun responded by saying “you only that because you have yet to play with the best “

        Not a big deal, at all

        • Well if thats the case with all respect to cr and grancho i like how aguero comments. And sooner or later messi gonna show him who is the GOAT
          Just wait until messi put his feet in Qater

          • Garnacho just buttering both of them. He called messi goat and his idol because he wants to be called in Argentina nt. And now he called cr7 goat because cr7 gifted him the match ball and he wants to remain in good books of cr7 as he wants to be in Manchester United 1st team

      • Problem was that he was dropping deep in the midfield to try create chances because midfield was bad. Allegri is the problem imagine not playing Zakaria but playing Danilo as midfielder was bad tactics.

        • This is true, dybala is having to take up responsibility in mid field which is not his role. It takes away from his game. I think he will be in the cup as a sometime sub, but barely play.

      • Clueless Allegri had Federico Bernardeschi and Zakaria on bench but decided to play Danilo who is a RB as CM.
        As a result Bologna easily bossed that midfield until referee shown 2 controversial redcards to Bologna players.

  17. Romero was flop of the match according to me. He lost balance at dangerous position resulting in Brighton’s goal. Meanwhile stubborn Conte is just an overrated coach especially playing useless players like Emerson Royal, Hojberg is mystery to me. I remember at Chelsea, he failed in his second season coz of sticking with likes of Bakayoko.

    • though mistake was attributed to romero . the goal happened because tottenham defence does not cover back and created a situation where romero was in 2:1 situation that resulted in goal. apart form that mistake it was an unblemished performance.

  18. Brighton vs Spurs is what I am afraid the teams that will face Argentina will play like. Brighton played like Switzerland of 2014. The hottest team in EPL Spurs had 0 shot on goal.

    Cuti played average. The only goal by Troussard was not due to his fault but it was his unfortunate touch that caused the goal. My rating for him 6.

    MacAllister also played average. Make simple passes a lot. My rating 6.

    • TOT Spurs under Conte is average team, when Haryy and Son is not having a good day or isolated, the team will underperform and lose, Cuti Romero is doing good but Mav Allistar is average, not much moving, no good dribble pass and one shot just too high from outside the box. Brighton take control the midfield. Good game and defensive work hard

    • Tottenham is always a counter attacking team. When the opposite team, whoever it is, plays defensively then spurs couldn’t manage to breakthrough. That’s why they got dominated by man United and lost 3-0 and they defeated a team like city twice and played well against liverpool. If spurs qualify for UCL then they cannot go to knock out with this play.

      • This is 100% correct observation. Yes the Spurs will find a problem against a team that sit deeps and rarely attack. Brighton today exactly did that. They won against Man City twice a ball possession team home and away.

    • I didn’t watch the match. How they played?? I see brighton has 52% possession so surely they didn’t park the bus. Btw spurs is not that good. You guys are overeating them more than they deserve. And Romero needs to improve i want to see him become a wall in the wc and he has a difficult job to cover up for Molina’s lack of defensive weakness aswell. DePaul will cover for messi

      • Molina is not average defensively. His problem is inconsistency in defending. He did well against Uruguay away defensively but again some errors against chile when clearing crosses. But anyway he is really an asset especially group matches in which Argentina often get troubled in attacking zone against defending teams. He has the time to improve.

    • Whoscored rating.
      Romero 6.2
      Allister 6.5
      Brighton controlled the match. Allister done well…but not great.
      It was a must win for Tottenham to make sure the Top4 finish. Now it’s in danger. I love that considering they kicked out LoCelso and Foyth.

      • The Spurs will make the top 4 that’s for sure. Their next 7 are against the bottom 11-20 (such ad Brenford, Norwich etc) except Liverpool and Arsenal at home.

        Arsenal and MU have much tougher schedule. Not to mention the Spurs have better goal difference.

      • And no MacAllister was not doing well. He was playing false 9. Before the introduction of Wellbeck, MacAllister was the only false 9 upfront, so all the excellent defensive stuff had little to do with him.

        Brighton most talented player is Troussard. Bissouma, Cucurella, and Lamptey are their next best players.

        And please don’t trust the whoscored rating that much. Sometimes they are correct sometimes they are awful. For example Cuti Romero was the MOM against Man City, but they gave him 6.02

        • Being false nine he wasn’t good at all. Likes of Cucurella, Caicedo, Trossard, Pascal Groß were excellent. I hope Scaloni doesn’t fall for that trap.

  19. Watch Romero and evaluate how good he is in defense; meanwhile watch Mac allister and see how he plays for the team – so many back pass and slow the game. TOT vs BHA

  20. That’s the reason scaloni called him up for senior team. Man U are not doing well and Christiano Ronaldo is not doing any favour to them. If Garnacho does something good then it may turn out to be great for his senior national team carrier. All of us are with you Garnacho.

    • Garnacho is too early to start at senior level and go to Qatar WC; he need to be developed first. Enzo, Alvarez, Buendia and Dybala are much deserved to be call

  21. Ufff today Romero vs macallister. Brightons manager thinks Romero gives respect to his fellow argentines. If macallister can stand against Romero in the first half then it would be good.

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