Lautaro Martínez scores, assists for Inter in 3-1 win vs. Spezia


Lautaro Martínez scored and assisted for Inter in their 3-1 win vs. Spezia.

Martínez was brought on as a substutute for Inter where he scored and assister their last two goals. With Inter leading 1-0, a cross sent into the penalty area found the Argentine who flicked the ball in off a voley and scored to give Inter the 2-0 lead.

With Inter leading 2-1, he would get an assist on the third goal.


  1. What a touch to finish the ball from Lauturo!!!!
    May look simple, but only marksmen and true poachers can handle this level of a pass with such finesse. I’m very happy about Lauturo and his progress

  2. Joaquin correa looks good when the team counter attacks and has space. Then he could be a good left winger and can cut inside the box and give a good pass or take a shot. Lautaro looks good when there is short pass option available in the final third. He also looks perfect in assisting there than finishing. So in these times our wingers should try to improve their finishing. Even lo celso and DePaul should improve it to not put more pressure on lautaro when 4 4 2 is not working. There by lautaro can play free with the ball. Lautaro is not like alario. We can find he is in good shape when more with the ball rather than hitting a goal.

  3. J Correa still earning minutes for Inter, so I think he will remain Scaloni’s number 1 back up striker. Scaloni really likes him. The only one who has a chance to be ahead of him is Julian Alvarez who scored a goal against Ecuador. Other strikers should be below them in pecking order.

    I am not a fan of J Correa but if Scaloni likes him that much, let’s hope he will improve his finishing at least.

    • finishing is inbuilt, i have rarely seen any one dramatically improve their finishing . pastore ortega and lavazzi had bad finishing and it remain so till they retire. only striker whom i have seen improved his finishing is benzama. for me finishing is the most important skill a striker should have. alvarez though inexperienced but has better finishing than J correa. running is not a substitute for scoring goals.

      • Benzema was always world class and if not been for CR7 , he would have been rated much better. That being said, CR + Benzema + Higuain scored 91 goals in one season.
        Benzema off ball movement is fantastic.

      • 100% being cold blooded under pressure, knowing where to be and that killer instinct is the #1 trait. Lautaro has this, Kun had it, Higuain has 2 of the 3.

        I agree that after Lautaro the one looking most clinical is Alvarez. I also really think Simeone should be in our bench before Correa, Dybala, etc. Simeone is a very well rounded #9 and his tenacity mirrors the playing style of Lautaro fitting the tactical system id we cant use him.

  4. Lautaro hasn’t even entered his peak yet. Usually a striker’s peak playing time is between 25 to 30 yrs. Next season he should enter his peak and hopefully carries it all the way into the world cup. His Argentine clubmate however hasn’t scored for quite a while now. Our number one backup striker not being able to score a single goal for couple months straight is very alarming. Scaloni is known for dropping underperforming players and J.Correa most likely will be dropped. Our teams need to decide a backup striker before the world cup starts and out of all of our forwards Dybala is the most clinical one and fully equipped to play as a pure striker but his pressing doesn’t exactly fit Scaloni’s game plan. We can’t afford to have two players putting in very little defensive effort in the playing xi. A.Correa hasn’t had much time on the pitch and deserves more time before we can write him off. A player’s ability can’t be judged based on two 15 mins substitute performance. J.Correa’s poor run of form might just give Alario and Simeone last chance to get back into the squad again. Regarding Alvarez, his timings when passing the ball and his runs still looks quite inexperienced but his scoring ability is definitely good and if he manages to score few more in the upcoming friendlies then he might endup being the first backup to L.Martinez.

      • Icardi’s chances of getting picked in the world cup depends on the 3 months leading to the world cup next season. Juve are after him and if he is able to move and score tons of goals there , he might force Scaloni to rethink about his striker preferences!! It also depends on our talisman Messi, Next season if he is still begging for someone to pass him the ball while he is standing still just outside the box and struggling to put simple balls into the net then our whole team will be dependent on Lautaro and that might enforce the team management to bring a proven goal scorer as a backup. But as of right now Icardi has no chance of getting back in the squad!!

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