Erik Lamela scores for Sevilla in 3-2 loss vs. Real Madrid


Erik Lamela scored for Sevilla in their 3-2 loss vs. Real Madrid.

Lamela scored for Sevilla for the first time since October 27 as he has reached five goals for the season. A ball into the penalty area found Lamela as he scored to give Sevilla the 2-0 lead.

There were three Argentine players in the starting eleven. Marcos Acuña and Alejandro Papu Gómez also started with Lamela as Lucas Ocampos was brought on as a substitute. Gonzalo Montiel remained on the bench.


  1. The Messi’s Messy situation:
    This is what happens when you don’t have a good professional agent and PR firm. Dad agent is the problem. If it was someone like Raiola or Jorge Mendes, they would have created a hue and cry about how no one is passing to Messi and he would leave and unhappy at PSG. They would have also made sure, that the contract mentions he is the top dog in the club, gets #10 shirt and takes all penalties and free kicks. Yes, they had to do things in a rush because once again Dad agent didn’t see how Barcelona and especially Gerrard Pique is planning to screw him up. Pique sanctioned his exit and today news came out his company Kosmos is making 4 million each year for next 6 years for moving Spanish super copa to Saudi Arabia. People like Pique and all are like snakes. Messi should have hired Jorge Mendes when things started going bad after 2015.

    Off course, the second reason is Messi is too nice of a guy.

    • Well it could be but remember no PR can stop from creating history negative or positive. CR have good PR but his tenure in Juventus is considered as failure due to lack of UCL trophy. If Messi win CL with PSG, it will be successful if not failure even if he score 100 goals and i believe Messi knows that. In fact, Messi was considered as failure in Argentina until copa win last year despite scoring tons and having most MOTM and Player of the tournament. I still think PR is irrelevant, it might skew things in temporarily but not permanently.

      • I am not saying PR and agents can cover for actual footballing aspects of the game. Just stating that in today’s world it is needed and not irrelevant, whether we like it or not. Even for the best footballer in the history of the game.

  2. Atletico Madrid is interested on Lautaro and Im sure Simeone will improve Lautaro from being a hot head into a super hot head. He’d test Lautaro’s temper by benching him in all big matches.

    Simeone will makes every Scaloni’s squad a bench rider!

    • Simeone doesn’t believe in Argentine players. It’s better don’t go there. We all know how be ruined Luciano Vietto. Now he’s doing same with DePaul. Correa would have been a super star in any other team.

      • DePaul will never be ruined. He shows his class in 90% of the games. It’s better for him to not start every game coz it reduces the probability of getting him injured.
        On a positive note, I would like to say Simeone has made DePaul more defensively aware and disciplined. And talking about his offensive ability, it’s in his DNA, so it will never be ruined.

  3. Its sad to see Messi’s Legacy getting tarnished at PSG, It looked like a good move from outside, But now it looks like a catastrophe. Anyone with football knowledge knows that Messi is far above any footballer now playing, Its not that he have to prove anything at club football level either, But still its sad to see his reputation being tarnished at PSG, it should have been better for him to go to Man City where Pep knows him inside out. He would have utilized better there.

    Anyway lets hope Messi does save all his fire and desire for winning for the WC that will seal his legacy forever.

    • Sadly now messi needs to perform at psg now as even wc win will not save his legacy without strong performance in psg. Thn haters will say he can’t perform in other clubs and he was carried in wc by his teammates. So a better season is a must

    • He’s only interested in the WC thus year , and you could see it from his perfornance at Copa America and WC qualifier that the NT is the only thing that matters to him now.

      • Not true. See the match against the Marseille you will see how frustrated messi was. We can’t post pictures otherwise i could show u the pictures. Only his fans try to make the situation light by saying he doesn’t care about psg he only cares about world cup and bla bla. Knowing leo a champion doesn’t think like that. He always wants to win wants to score. He is improving day by day. Once mbappe leaves and he establishes good chemistry with nuno mendez u guys will see a different messi at psg

        • Mbappe is mini Cr7, U cant expect players like him to share the cake. Neymar meanwhile has a very good rapport with Messi, One of the key reasons Messi signed for PSG was him, Messi and Neymar the Chemistry is always there, Its just that the Mbappe is stuck between these 2, I would rather glad to see Mbappe leave to RM where it would be a perfect match for his ego.

    • I was asking the same question. I looked into Yt and All I found he is banging Goals from Distance taking Advantage of Sloppy Argentine Goalies of Domestic league. Nothing more. He wont be scoring these goals in Top level though so I dont understand what use he will be offering. When people started to hype a CM in this forum and I honestly was expecting to see a ” Maestro” type. Not Shooting Merchant.

      • Long shooting is just a bonus. His touch, passing, tackling and position is top level. U know he is a special player when top teams like real madrid, Manchester United and Manchester City is interested in him. They r regularly sending scouts to watch him play. Palacios was talented but injuries and lack of minutes in Bundesliga stopped his progression. If one talented player is playing at Argentina league doesn’t u only have to pick negatives and compare him with flop players. 1-2 players flopped doesn’t mean everyone will be flop. Long shots are not easy atleast he can hit those long range shots with force and test the goalkeeper otherwise maximum players 90% times miss the target from long range.

    • Are u nuts? Do u have something call Brain cells? What made you think like if some players flopped, then the entire generation will flop? Pathetic and disgusting analysis.

      What u guys want from the supporters? Give up and behave like losers and lick those Brazilian’s and Europeans’ arse. If you can’t remain optimistic GTFO from this forum, no one is willing to hear about your naive and pessimistic views.
      However, I sincerely believe guys like you won’t be missed here.

      • I am a big ARG fan….and I was just saying he might not turn out as good just like a lot other ARG talents before thats all………..I dont mean to be pessimistic or say bad things about ARG by any means……I remember the same hype going on about Palacios in this forum……So I was wondering thats all…..if you want to blame someone blame brown he is infamous for his comments

          • @AlbicelesteYMessifan
            When I did I said Someone flopped and Next generation will follow it ? Come on 🤡. Qoute me. When did I licked Europeans or Brazilians either? Are you halluconating or just simply handicapped ? Your anger and Out of depth comments needs to be controlled kid. This beautiful forum doesn’t deserve to lose its Quality cause of idiots like you….Gtfo here

  4. Everyone talking about ” Enzo Fernandez” in this forum. I am wondering how good is he cause I don’t follow Argentina’s Domestic league. For me a CM who doesnt have good ball control, agility and passing ability, Is useless. I don’t care if he can shoot like Roberto Carlos, Good in Long Balls or Defends like Biglia. We already have these types player in the sqaud already. Someone who can boss the possession and be the man to link defence to offence is what we lacks. A Thiago, Pedri, Dejong or Luka Modric types of player. The Maestro. We havent seen a good CM since Veron I think. Even if he wasnt that good for National team.

    • Who said he doesn’t have ball control or passing ability. I also didn’t watch him play live but watching some videos he looks good he has decent 85% passing accuracy and he has the most duels won most recoveries in river plate team. There is a reason why many European scouts rate him high

    • The goal was just a penalty but still it was a good performance, he was also a part of the second goal in a great exchange of passes. Today he didn’t shine to the level of the previous two games but still put in a lot of defensive effort and was among the best on the field

  5. Why Alvarez not included in the playing 11? The subject is slowly moving from Julian to Enzo Fernandes I think. I am worried that city loan out Alvarez to some small club😔

    • He had a muscular injury during the warm up for the game so he was spared. You can tell there is a big difference when he doesn’t play because even when he doesn’t score his running, defending, pressing, and shot creation is almost irreplaceable right now

      • Can we see a 4-3-1-2 in wc with alvarez and lautaro as 2 strikers with messi behind and thn 3 midfielders?? What you think?? Will it work??

  6. Scaloni should consider Lamela, he is not finished yet and deserved the chance to be call up. Understand that chance is thin as he is also a glass material, beside the N/T is already 90% built-up with good chemistry and unit. Except injury, the players for Qatar are already in the Scaloni list

    • It is so sad that our main back ups except Papu are only good in predictable football. Like palacios macallister Guido pezzella tagliafico Nico are. These players won’t give any wonders. But only good in defending the lead that made by our mains. But back ups needs to be some more good in attack wise. Our most main players are injury prone.

  7. Oh man, I almost forgot about Lamela. I used to have such high hopes for him and thought he would be an asset. He is not worse than most midfielder we have on our bench, but he fell off the radar over a year ago.
    Let’s see if he can bring back the attention to himself , as I really think he has some serious skill.

  8. Messi passing vs Marseille was phenomenal as usual, he is on his playmaking and passing peak clearly, 2 offside goals, 1 offside assist after great dribbles, very unlucky match.

    • It’s a matter of time for Messi to bang in his fair share of goals once one or either of 2 ball hogging selfish dudes go out of PSG.

        • I dont know why u guys says he is overrated he scores some crucial goals he is good with his both feets and probably the best header currently in our setup will be him. He can dribble, he good to intercepte balls, he is good at duels he will be at our box when opposition makes a corner. He is good at attack and defence.
          a fast lean built workhorse who 2 season ago had a superb season. Sadly not geting the support he deserve at his club.
          Hopefully he will comeback and prove u guys wrong

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