Argentina U17 lose to Brazil in Mondial Football Montaigu final


The Argentina U17 team lost 2-1 vs. Brazil in the final.

Diego Placente’s team made it to the final of the U17 tournament and lost to rivals Brazil. It was the final of the Mondial Football Montaigu.

Argentina started off the tournament with a 2-1 win vs. Belgium with Agustín Ruberto scoring. After that was a 3-0 win vs. Portugal with Alan Ovelar, Luciano Romero and Gianluca Prestiani scoring.

Another win, this time 2-0 vs. France with Alejo Sarco and Agustín Ruberto scoring. Here were the players in the squad:

Franco Jaroszewics
Froilán Díaz

Dylan Gorosito
Ulises Giménez
Tobías Palacio
Thiago Dowd
Facundo González
Luciano Romero
Juan Villalba

Camilo Rey Domenech
Mariano Gerez
Kevin Gutiérrez
Ciro Armoa
Valentín Lucero
Bautista Dadín

Gianluca Prestiani
Alejo Sarco
Agustín Ruberto
Santiago López
Alan Ovelar

Here was the starting eleven for the final:

Froilán Díaz; Gorosito, Palacio, González, Villalba; Gutiérrez, Rey Domenech, Lucero; Ovelar, Ruberto, Prestianni

It was Brazil who took an early 1-0 lead after only two minutes. However, a great goal by Ruberto drew Argentina level. Brazil would scoring shortly before half time. The final can be viewed below:


  1. First Brazil goal was a freak goal, the second Brazil goal was a penalty. Brazil physically taller and stronger. Argentina team looks technically better, good pressing but some naive loss of possession. No.15 with dyed hair looks very skillful. right at the end of the whistle, Argentine players ran after Brazilian players and there was a big fight. They handed over a cup to Argentine no 6, don’t know if it was runner- up cup or an individual one. Lot of promise in the way the Argentine kids played despite the loss.

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