Watch: José Mourinho pays Diego Maradona tribute before AS Roma and Napoli match


José Mourinho paid tribute to Diego Maradona on Sunday.

Mourinho, currently managing AS Roma, paid tribute to Diego Maradona as he visited a mural of his prior to Roma’s match against Napoli on Monday. The AS Roma coach is seen walking and placing flowers in front of the mural as both men were good friends.

When Maradona passed away in 2020, Mourinho had nothing but kind words to say:

“Maradona the world knows, the world never forgets. I made sure that my son knows a lot about him, even being born after he was a player. I know my son will make sure when he is a father he will not let his kids forget.

“It was a bit similar with [Alfredo] Di Stefano; I never saw him play football, but my dad made sure I knew a lot about him. With these generations, we have players of our generations, and in my generation was what everybody knows.

“Then there’s Diego the guy. That one, I miss. I feel sorry that I didn’t spend more time with him, I would have loved to. I think his family, his friends and colleagues are very privileged to know him well and spend time with him.

“I know him well enough and in my big defeats, he would always call me. In my big victories, never. But I will miss Diego, and I am very sad but I have a smile because with him, every minute I spent with him was to laugh.”


  1. People are worried about Messi’s scoring form and rightly so if we judge by his PSG form but i think that is blessing in disguise for Argentina. With out spot light, Other teams may not mark Messi heavily and it would be better for Argentina. I still remember in 2013 when every one thought Messi was finished and some part of Barcelona wanted to sell Messi to build team around Neymar. After difficult 2013-2014 season, Messi arrived in 2014 World in bad form but he was great in the tournament. I still think Messi lack of goal scoring form is due to lack of service in PSG as both Neymar and Mbappe wants to score and none create chances unless it is long ball. Verrati only control the tempo hence Messi is farther from goal. Yesterday match should be proof when he got chance he scored but it was offside. My point is no need to worry and Messi have experience and ups and downs to be able to overcome current situation and arrive in Qatar in good mentality. I still think POch is the reason why Messi looks so bad in PSG.

    • Messi will always be marked no matter what his form is. His lack of goals may make him more hungry but he is also unlucky this season. This will be a good practice for him because French league is pretty tough defensively. I hope god is saving all the luck for him for the world Cup because we need luck to win. Each and every team who won wc previously was lucky. U need good team bt also some luck to advance

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