Lautaro Martínez scores twice for Inter in 3-0 win vs. AC Milan


Lautaro Martínez scored twice for Inter in their 3-0 win vs. AC Milan.

Martínez scored the first two goals of the match as they have reached the final of the Coppa Italia. Both goals were first time finishes.

The first goal was a cross into the penalty area as his volley beat the goalkeeper to give Inter the 1-0 lead. The Argentine would make it 2-0 with a Joaquin Correa pass as he would dink it over the goalkeeper.

Now on 19 goals this season, Lautaro has scored as many goals this season as he did all of last season.

@mundoalbiceleste Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter! #LautaroMartinez #Lautaro #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ Vamos, Vamos Argentina – La Barra Buyanguera

@mundoalbiceleste Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter! #LautaroMartinez #Lautaro #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste


  1. I’m not surprised by his first goal as I have seen his reaction time is good and when the direction is accurate , it will result in goal. This is similar to goal against Liverpool FC.
    What made me happy is the second goal where he chips the ball at the right time. I haven’t seen Lautaro composed Infront of goal. If he can add composure as his attributes, he will be deadly Infront of the goal.
    Some one mentioned he is young which makes me hopeful as forwards tend to wise upon age.

  2. Foyth now after playing good defensively is now also contributing in attack also. I don’t know what he has to do more to get selected for the wc

  3. I just saw the highlights of Villarreal.
    Foyth had a very sturdy day with some choice moments… plus a very superb assist from midfield line. A few more games like this and he may get the starting spot. Molina and Montiel have done what has been asked by the coach for a year now tho, so it will be hard to replace them. Also lo celso had some good moments and kept oncoming midfield honest.

    Also did u guys see the “after maradona” documentary trailer on fifa site???
    Our dear admin, please post this soon!

  4. Foyth with an excellent run and assist, He should be called and tried as RB, not Montiel.
    If scaloni still wants to call any river plate then it should be enzo fernanadez, not the legend Armani.

  5. What a volley! The kind of goal scorer we needed in 2014 final.

    Lautaro has great goal-scoring stats with the NT. Scores every other game. In a perfect world, it would be great to have a backup who scores for NT on the games Lautaro doesn’t score lol

    I can see Lautaro fitting in Liverpool as Firminho’s replacement or Mane/Salah if they leave (also Man City). Otherwise, he should stay in Milan (no Atletico Madrid).

  6. Even without Lukaku, Lautoro can score. He is underrated striker. Let’s remain underrated and shine at Qatar 2022. Then, he will be leaving Inter and join big team for sure.

  7. emiliano,ladeshma,rulli

    lisandro,otamendi,romero,acuna,molina,tagliafico,foyth, palomino/senesi

    Rdp, GLC, ENZO, guido, paredes, lanzini/gomes, a.correa

    messi, dimaria , lautaro , julian alvarez, nico gonzales, (23man squad)

    alario,baundia,ocampos (26 man squad)

    • R u kidding me …alario…
      The bench warmer of Leverkusen
      No way .
      Dybala is 100000000000000 times higher than any day any time …
      So alario instead of dybala
      Is just a joke of the century

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