Lionel Messi injured with Achilles tendon, will miss PSG’s next match


Lionel Messi has an Achilles tendon injury and will miss PSG’s next league match.

Messi suffered an Achilles tendon injury will miss the next league match vs. Angers. The club reported it on Tuesday and more tests will be done on him in 48 hours.

He has now missed 10 (will be 11 in the next match) league matches with PSG this season. Either be it due to COVID, Argentina national team or injuries.


  1. Some of the supporters here said… Lautaro is playing good last season because of Lukaku.
    Lukaku left, but Lautaro is playing better than last season and at the same time Lukaku is struggling at Chelsea. This guy is best CF in the world…I wish a top attacking team sign him. Real, Barcelona, Man City..etc.

  2. My boy Lautaro is back with a double in Milan Derby. J Correa wonderful assist the second one .First goal was fabulous volley from Lautaro. You can say whatever you want Joaquín Correa but he is very good player wonderful dribbler make unsettle the defenders.

  3. Ledesma is on fire! 🔥 Anybody noticed, how he saved against Barca?? Just superb!
    He surely deserves regular NT call. Scaloni must stop Armani drama & mustn’t spoil a valuable gk spot in WC!

  4. Lautaro scored a bullet against Milan…the same type of goal…many thought…he had just got lucky before…
    It was seen…he’s requesting the ball put in there…when the ball reached…boom…goal…!

  5. People are concerned about Enzo Fernandez because of what’s on his compilation videos. I have actually watched a couple and the videos out on him right now are terrible, most of the clips are months old with mostly little “skills” or goals, I see much more from him in a single game than in those compiled videos. There is a reason you don’t judge midfielders based on these videos because they only show what people want to see in order to get views which are goals. After all, he isn’t top in the league for goals or assists, he’s in #8 for G+A combined. He is top in the league for passes completed in the final third and opposition, second for big chances created and chances created (Ojeda is 1st), third for accurate passes per game (with the exception of one other player in #6, all the others in the top ten for this metric are defenders), has 2.5 key passes per game, is first in the league for touches (up to #8 the rest are defenders), and he is top for passes attempted. He’s good in long balls, chipped passes, passes between the lines, and through balls. He can hold the ball up under pressure and often dribbles out of pressure. He also helps defend. Whenever he can go forward he does. His only weakness I can think of is speed but that is pretty irrelevant and unnoticeable for a midfielder. I wouldn’t use compilation videos to evaluate him. He has all of the characteristics of a useful midfielder for a big team and the incredible long shots are only a small part of his game

  6. There is still lots of time before the world cup. Let’s just hope all of our key players are injury free and in good form by then.

    Curious where Paredes and Di Maria would go in the summer. I have a feeling Spain, Italy (or Portugal for Fideo) might be their next destination. Couldn’t care less where Icardi would end up.

  7. Many key Argentina players are losing form before the world cup isnt a good sign. Emi Martinez is the shadow of himself compare to last season. De Paul is warming the Bench in ATM, Otamendi was just piss poor against ATM, Messi isn’t 60% of the player he was compare to his Copa America performance. Di Maria has suffered from deadly injury and missing the action for months…Christian Romero’s performance in Tottenham is okayish but not the level when he won the serie A best player award. We should be consider ourselves lucky that WC will be kick off in November rather Than June. Hopefully All the them will find their Form before November.

    • Emi Martinez will be okay. It was always tough to sustain that amount of form for long duration. Romero also performing good. Serie a and premier league is not the same quality difference is massive. So he can’t play that good in premier league. Yes otamendi is a concern and i feel lisandro should start over him. Messi is the same as Copa just psg is not the right place for him and dimaria will leave psg and he is right now fit i think. Then there is locelso, foyth, acuna who is in good form. Nico Gonzalez also improving. Thn there is emergence of 2 super talented river players Julian Alvarez and enzo Fernandez we will be okay just hope our main players stay fit during the world cup

    • Man seriously I can tell you don’t really watch futbol. Maybe just read news:
      1. Emi Martinez might not be the best goalie of EPL this year but his performances in all Copa America plus World Cup qualifiers have been better than all other goalies combined in the entire world. Not even close.

      2. De Paul warming the bench. I agree, that is not good.

      3. Otamendi Benfica is a quarter finalist of CL. That is already beyond expectation. They were supposed to be eliminated in group stage.

      4. Cuti is OK??? Lol. With all due respect sir, I hava watched 100% of Cuti matches in the Spurs shirt this season. After his injury (since February), this dude has been the best defender of EPL. Not even Van Dijk is better than him. Almost always among the Spurs Man of the match nominees, almost always EPL team of the week, and at least 3-4 times MOM for the Spurs.
      (Don’t just read they give bullshit rating)

      5. Di Maria has a MILD injury and just missed the action for a couple of weeks only. He played against Venezuela less than a month ago and he was on the PSG bench yesterday. He had a mild injury only and is available already.

      The bottom line is we are totally fine sir.

      • 1- EMi of last season would make a lots to saves that AV conceded today. He even ate blunder goals which he won’t be conceding in last season. A bad defence is true stage to show a GOAL keeper’s best ability. He has a lot of shots coming but not enough saves. He isn’t even top 5 in term of savings. No one asking him to make cleansheets. Which is misleading. He dropped the level and only bias fan will deny it.
        3- Otamendi was horrible against Liverpool and Prove the point he will be a liability against Fast Paced attacking players like he was 4 years ago against France. Plus he also gotten 4 years older. Lisandro is a better choice.
        4- You can’t tell he is better than VVD when all EPL commentaries makes fun of his Aggressive playstyle. He is known as player who can’t win duels cleanly without fouls. It’s ridiculous you compare him with VVD. Yes Whoscored stats is more reliable than Your Trust me bro. He isn’t playing that great. Even a Mediocre Aston Villa side almost dominated them in few days ago and failed to score cause of lack of finisher. Lorris made like 5 world class save. I wouldnt that happening if VVD played for Tottenham.
        5- Di maria find himself injured in Crucial games for Argentina and He fitness is a concern cause he is the best attacking player for Argentina. Even when he will back, He will probably warm the bench cause the front 3 are already occupaid by M-N-M…Can’t really tell how much of good shape he will be going in World cup

        Well if world cup happened in June, then argentina wouldve gone in really poor shape. Nowhere near the copa America 2021 when all key players were in top form or regular starter.

        • Romero is basically a younger less matured VVD or Dias in his first season in the Premier League (still extremely mature for his age as a defender). If he isn’t as good as them now he is absolutely on the path to reaching that level. Defense also has to do with structure and collective form, replacing Van Dijk with Romero would have changed almost nothing in the Aston Villa game. You also can’t use his aggressive style to compare him to other players, having a different style to another defender doesn’t make you worse. “He can’t win duels cleanly without fouls”, whether that’s the case or not he wins duels consistently so it hardly matters. Romero and Martinez have completely revolutionized our backline so it is futile to worry about their “weaknesses”. There isn’t too much of a reason to worry about the other examples as well because Di Maria, Paredes, and Tagliafico will probably move before the WC

          • @olive I disagree. Defense is a team effort. Romero actually played not much with Argentina only 10 appearance. In between we played against Uruguay, bolivia, equador, Columbia, Paraguay in copa America and we did fine. Even latest wc qualifiers we played without him. So he may make us strong bt not necessarily he revolunized our defense.

        • Say whatever you want, not because I am a fan of Cuti or Argentina, but since February, no EPL defender performs better than Cuti Romero. Don’t forget that they have the best record and the best goal differences too since February. Perhaps that tells you something.

          If you think that this Cuti is not yet Cuti of Atalanta, then you were watching Nuno Santo’s Cuti. Yes that version of Cuti was nowhere near the real Cuti, but this Cuti of February-until now is the best defender of EPL. The team record saying it, the individual record saying it, the individual defensive record saying it. And no unlike what you said, most English commentaries praised him every match. The Spurs fans give Cuti a nickname of “rolls royce defender” meaning a defender of the highest possible class.

          Update yourself bro.

          Btw quite funny you said a couple of weeks Di Maria injury as “deadly injury and missing action for months”. It already shows a lot how much futbol you follow.

          • Cuti Romero is already there with the best defenders in the world right now. he has been superb form since he came back from his injury
            It’s my opinion I don’t think van Dijk or Ruben dias are batter than cuti. To me Romero is complete defender but the problem is he plays tottenham while van Dijk and dias play elite teams. Did Romero have weaknesses yes, he is way too aggressive at times which leads him to get silly yellows other than that he is fantastic defender.
            I Won’t swap Romero with van Dijk neither dias. Come to tottenham support praise for Romero. It Won’t change anything because they re over emotional based game to game I remember how they used praise lo celso in earlier Mourinho regain like they used label him next modric and the rest is history.

      • Many key players play their best futbol: Cuti Romero, Lo Celso, Guido, Paredes (before injury), Nico Gonzales, Molina. These players have been playing their best futbol in their career in recent weeks.

  8. Good thing WC still far away. Hopefully this will gives him a long rest.

    Balon is pointless at this point as he has collected 7 of them. The closest CR with 5 and he’s sure as hell wont win it this time either.

    Nobody’s catching him. Mbappe already 2 years older than when Messi won his first.

  9. It was to be expected. With age his speed will decrease and the body becomes less flexible. All the tackles he was able to avoid in his twenties due to speed and agility are now hitting him resulting in more injuries. To stay fit for 7 top matches in a 4 week period will be a challenge. Hopefully Scaloni will use him wisely.

    • Age isnt the main factor, its the miles & playing time that really counts. Messi played countless matches for 16 years straight , most of the time as starter and rarely being subbed , at some point its going to weakened your body. In past few years alone he’s been carrying a sinking ship on his back.

      Di Maria & Benzema are around the same age, so does Papu . Zanetti was 35 when he won treble in 2010. In comparison, Messi is still 34 today.

    • I think the most important thing would be for him to have a rest. Like rattlehead said Benzema is the same age and is the most in form player in the world. Maybe a mild injury that keeps him out for precautionary reasons is a good thing for him to rest. Barcelona completely burned him out. I also don’t think he gives two craps about PSG and is probably focused on being at his best level for the national team — he already won the CL multiple times, but not the world cup. There is nothing special or new to him he can accomplish at PSG.

  10. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Its getting worse from being bad, I just hope he will be ready and Match fit for the WC, nothing else matters as of now, A great WC is what we need from Messi, he deserves it.

    Anyway he don’t need to do anything more this season which is done and dusted, PSG will win it even without Messi. Just take rest. Only thing is He wont be in top 20 Player in the 2022 Ballon D’or which will be an embarrassment.

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