Argentina vs. Brazil on June 11 at MCG in Australia confirmed


Argentina will play Brazil on June 11 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

After several months of speculation, the match has been confirmed. It was announced by the Victorian government on Wednesday that the match will be played at the MCG on 11 June.

This would be a repeat of their World Cup qualifying match from last September which was stopped after five minutes due to COVID protocols. More than 95,000 fans are expected for the match. The state tourism, sport and major events minister Martin Pakula had this to say about the match:

“To have two of the most successful football teams in the world return to the MCG to continue their longstanding rivalry reinforces our position as one of the world’s great sporting cities and Australia’s event capital.

“Football is known as the world game and a match of this calibre will put millions of eyes on Melbourne and attract thousands of visitors to Victoria.

“Certainly our expectation based on the discussions we’ve had, is the players like Messi and Neymar will be here.

“We can’t be 100 per cent certain about that. But we’ve been told this is an important preparation match for them in the lead-up to the World Cup and we’d expect both teams to send very strong squads.”

For Argentina, they play Italy on June 1 at Wembley in London, England prior to flying out to Australia for this match. The last time these two teams played in Australia was back in 2017 where Argentina won 1-0 with Gabriel Mercado scoring.


  1. Dybla should be in squad he is playing good in Juve.He is an asset.Top 5 in Argentina squad for World Cup.

    Foyth is best RB for Argentina. Recently his passing has become more smooth and he is becoming a quick passer of the ball.

  2. Any info on marcos senesi ? Will he choose italy or argentina ? It will be shame if scaloni choose LMQ and pezzela and not senesi ….. And he choose italy i hope they just convinced him and select against italy and brazil and let see how he performs….

  3. This is a BS match vs Brasil. Money making scheme for conmebol and Fifa. It won’t make a difference for points in qualifiers and nothing much to gain. Maybe a bit of experience, and a good show.
    I of course will watch, but I agree with what Cox4 said:
    It would be nice if our main starters boycotted and we sent a second team to Australia as a message to Fifa and Brazil”
    It would be good experience for our second team.
    But….Understand that playing against Brazil is never a friendly, even if they print the word friendly on the jerseys and on the foreheads of the coaches, it always gets rugged.

    • I agree. This is a disgrace, only $. A south American qualifier should be playeds in S.A. If its not, then do it in EU where the vast majority of the players are to make their life easier, but still, screw that, they play in Argentina or Brasil like it was intended to.

      This game is a liability ti get our starters injured for no gain.

      Scaloni should start all our youth players. Treat it like a competitive friendly. Let Messi in on the 70th min just to please the fans.

      • I’m slightly biased as I will be watching it from stands to bid adieu to our legends in Messi and Di Maria.
        It won’t matter for me of they start or not, as long as my beloved albiceleste plays.

        BTW, if you speak of $, then spare a thought for FIFA who organised a world cup in Qatar in November.

    • He needs minutes. Mayb some rest can help him rejuvenate. Dimaria was fantastic in copa final bt that’s because he didn’t start in the whole tournament that made him fitter and hungrier than ever

      • Modric is now past his prime you will realize that in the world cup. Lewandowski is not a runner or hardworking striker. He is more like a poacher so Lewandowski being in his 30s will never be a problem. Only Benzema suddenly playing great in 30s thats a surprise

  4. Xavi wants Lisandro Martinez as long term replacement for Jordi Alba…! Report says.. Martinez already searching house in Spain. Big chance…he’s going to Barcelona…!

  5. a lot of people may dislike alario bcs he hasn’t complete gametime.. but i see alario as must included or needed player. he may not be stereotype player who gives a lot of pace.. but he can be very useful as team player.. if his play seen rightly it can be seen .. he play with short passes and always watch for it’s teammates cool and calm . his finishing is not bad .. and he is very very strong in air….
    alario is player who is updated version of higuen.. and better one..
    sometimes you have look for the player who play for the team.. he has experience playing in german league
    in my list.. in forward.. after messi,dimaria,latuaro,julian alvarez,nicogonz, alario comes last.. if 26 man squad then.. he is 24th important player in team..

    think about some of matches if there is need air strength .. Nico gon, alario , otamendi , can be huge thread for the opponent..

    messi freekick goals are exequsite .. but i think there is some set pieces like corner, distance freekick those should be taken other player like paredes, dimaria,Rdp etc .. messi distance freekick doesn’t comes in good result..

    • If Alario not injured, regularly playing for the club and scoring goals…he will be going to the WC. He’s different type of option. We should have variety in our attacking options.

    • Alario is the updated version of higuain?? 😂😂😂 higuain was a world class striker. He scored 297 goals with club and country. Scored 31 times for Argentina and 5 times in world Cup including the winning goal against belgium in quarters. He also scored a hattrick in 2010 wc. He choked in the finals but at his peak he was fantastic playing for some top clubs like real Madrid, Juventus, napoli etc. And ur comparing with a nothing player like alario who has achieved nothing.

      • yeah higuan world class player choked very important moment of game that cost a world cup.. this world class player goal ratio per 90 minute 0.43.. while alario 0.67 when most of the time he plays as substitute .. ar don’t need a world class player who cost a world cup .. ar needs nothing player who can brings quality in a team.. and he shows it match against germany.. came as substitute got a goal and assist a goal ..

        people like you gives such kind of laugh .. like you people are only expert in football like those espn pundits .. AR don’t need a player who is world class can’t prove it in very important game . i think higuen didn’t only choked in worldcup .. he also did in copa too

        • That was a friendly and germany played their kind of B team. Higuain played against some of best defenders not like alario who plays in a farmers league

        • And also alario not even considered by scaloni as a substitute 😂🤣😹 he scored 40 goals in 122 appearances in a Bundesliga. Thats 1 goal per 3 match 😂🤣😹😹 he is not even a starter in Bundesliga lol

          • yeah that B team given 2 in the early … yeah german league is a farmers league. i can understand your iq from laugh .. i don’t need to say anything you laugh is better define you

          • Some players doesn’t need clubs legacy to perform in NT. You mocked alario showing his goal ratio and his club. Then just look at the goal ratio and the teams played by Klose in his career. So comparing Higuain and Klose who is the legend? May be who knows with one good wc alario going to be more than Higuain atleast in the NT colours.

  6. AFA and Brazilian FA should have pushed to schedule this match in Europe but it looks like the offer they received was too good to reject! Unnecessary travel!!

  7. Foyth is getting better and better.He should be in place of Montiel.Also Foyth’s versatility will suit national team.

  8. All discussion aside, the WC is still many months to go but the way some around here put it, you would think its next month.
    How players are NOW has little bearing how they’ll perform in November as long as they’re healthy before the tournament where enough time is given to get back into the flow of things.
    2nd, how the players are playing with their clubs NOW is not as important as how they’ll perform when the season is over and they start training and playing with the NT.
    Nothing is going to change with Messi and PSG, he’s already given up on playing up to his full potential and if you wanna criticize him, do so once he starts playing for ARG and that goes for other players as well.

  9. No one in our squad or in the Brazilian squad plays in Australia or elsewhere in Oceania. It is just unnecessary travel for all. Not very sustainable. A gig in Europe just after the Italy match would have been much better. Less travel, more rest.

  10. Things that changed after Copa America in my views.


    1. Cuti Romero Injury; missed matches
    2. Dimaria Injury; missed matches
    3. Montiel being benched often
    4. Messi dip of Form (only in goal scoring) in Club level. I am not too concerned beacause he is still scoting for NT. (That matters the most)
    5. DePaul not being used wisely in Atletico
    6. Emi Martinez … Wait he is Dibu I am not concerned at all.
    7. Otamendi is few months older.
    8. We still did not figured out a confirmed back up for Lautaro. (Maybe a surprise in Qatar??) A rising star???


    1. Lautaro Scoring. And I mean he is finishing outstandingly well. (This could win us the cup) sorry Kevin, you were wrong about Lautaro. I sed it before and i ll keep saying it. No one can finish better than him atm in NT.
    2. GLC in form. The best move he could have wished for before WC. So do we.
    3. Foyth is knocking on the door. (Very good for the team and good headache for Scaloni)
    4. Nico Gonzales is doing much better.
    5. Alvarez is blending in NT (Better than Copa)
    6. Enzo is a great prospect. Lets see what Scaloni and co. does.
    7. We have a bunch of not good but great back up keepers (I cannot believe I am saying this. This is Argentina)
    8. Acuna is playing awsome as usual.
    9. Ocampos is not at his best yet but better than the time Copa was played and he was not included.
    10. Molina is on steroids? (Maybe I am exaggerating a bit here but yes he has grown a lot)

    • Tagliafico is now benched at Ajax.
      Licha Martinez has become much better and is now a starter at Ajax.

    • It is better to mention alario than ocampos. When ever he got the starts he scored goals for Leverkusen. He is not at all in a bad shape. Just he is not getting the ideal time. As a striker he would always be an asset for Argentina. Just look at ocampos. He played good in Sevilla but he couldn’t even make a good move in the qualifiers. Atleast give alario one chance as a starter in friendlies. He is the only proper striker remaining in scaloni radar. I think he can make the finishing from the creative assists.

    • Who can be nico Gonzalez replacement?? I think we need 1-2 good left wingers who can create, score and also defend. There we don’t have enough great players.

  11. I thought Brazil team gonna be Average after 2018 world cup consider lots of Senior players gonna be old but Out of nowhere they started raining Talents like Vini, Antony. Rafinha, Eder Militao, Martinelli, Rodrygo, Evalinson and also Fabinho who was bossing Midfield against Manu last night…Its scary how good this Brazil team can get with the mix of Old Vet and New Blood. I think the only bottlneck will be overrated Neymar who will be guaranteed a spot for superstar status but end up disrupting the team with his showbotting and lack of seriousness. If Brazil bold enough to kick this Fraud out of the lineup then they might end up doing something Extraordinary.

    • Yeah Brazil may have full of super star players , Argentina have team and that is what matters most. I grew up Argentina players playing big clubs but not win anything till unfancy man called Lionel Scaloni came and built solid hard craft team. Weather you like or not Brazil will never want to face Argentina in world Cup in fact no team wants to face Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina.

      • I dont care about Brazil. Yes they are good but they will be very wary to face us. We are a better team. I have a feeling there would be a South American Semi Final in Qatar.

    • Mr Brown sugar and Anuparno should be posting on Brazillian football sites. An ultimate Brazillian ass kissers lol

      They got Robinho, Kaka, Adriano, R9, Ronaldinho, R Carlos , Lucio etc etc back then and didnt pass quarterfinal in 2006 & 2010. Those players are 10 x more talented than what they have now.

      • 2010 team sucked. It wasn’t even more talented than 2018. 2006 was Golden Gen but They were aged and dried out…Something similiar happened to Spain 2014…
        2022 will be by far the best squad brazil will be going to world cup since 2006.

      • @rattlehead u r Argentina fan doesn’t mean u always say Brazil is poor. Things doesn’t work like that. Its futile to compare 2006 and 2010 squad with current one as in those times other countries were also quite strong. Germany was strong back then there was dream Spanish side 2006 Argentina side was fantastic Italy was like a rock so it happens. You accept or not Brazil is a strong side and the game against them will always be tough. I still remember 90% mundo members were not expecting Argentina win in copa final that included roy nemer. 1 close win doesn’t make us superior. That too without their no. 9 jesus. With the addition of vinicius junior, dani alvez and fabinho or even Coutinho they r stronger than last year if we face them in semis that will be practically our toughest match in the world cup no doubts about that

  12. It’s an important game in sense for try out / friendly game; no tension as all the supporters will be in holiday mood – although have to travel around the globe, from London to Melbourne. Scaloni and Tite will try out new experimental player. N/T need a quality friendly game, against europe ( Italy is good ) and African / Asia ; Japan or Iran will be a good option.

  13. Just for money? Why do they still have to repeat this match?
    I don’t like it, all the way down in Australia. Maybe good experience, but I don’t think there is much to gain.

      • The Italy vs Argentina is also pretty much a friendlies at this point. Italy didnt even reach the WC so you really think they’d care about this kind of thropy? lol

        I’d bet 90% of their squad already booked hotel at Malibu.

    • money talk my friend. in same time AFA went to CAS against fifa. i don t know what happened or when the trial will take place but it will be nice if our starters boycott the game and we send to Australia our second team. as message to fifa.

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